Top 8 Magnetic Knife Strips To Organize Your Knives

Keep your kitchen knives safely and conveniently stored with these knife magnets.

Magnetic knife holders are a great way to keep your knife collection organized and easily accessible without taking up any counter space.

knives on magnetic knife holder strip

If you live somewhere that does not have a large kitchen, it could be hard to find the space for an entire knife block. You also want to avoid storing knives in drawers, as it can be unsafe.

There are plenty of options for magnetic knife holders. You’ll want to keep in mind the number of knives you need to store and the space you have to place your knife holder.

Below are eight of the top magnetic knife holders on the market today. These options vary in price, color/finish, size, and placement options.

While you can keep most of these knife holders on a wall, I think some are better on a counter.

Best Magnetic Knife Holders

Check out these sturdy magnetic knife strips to keep your knives safely stored and organized.

Ouddy 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

Ouddy’s 16-inch magnetic knife holder is top-quality stainless steel and has a powerful magnet.

It has a sleek, space-saving design that accents nicely with any kitchen decor. It is easy to install with mounting hardware. 

I find that this knife holder will not rust or lose its magnetic charge.

You can affix it to any wall, allowing you to choose where the best place in your kitchen is to store your knives.

It can hold other metal kitchen items like whisks, spatulas, stirring spoons, and ladles. I’ve found it’s perfect when kept over the stove, so I can grab what I need when I need it.

Schmidt Brothers Acacia 18-Inch Magnetic Wall Bar

Schmidt Brothers Acacia 18-inch magnetic wall bar offers a wooden finish rather than stainless steel.

This is an excellent alternative for those who prefer a natural finish in their kitchen over metal. It still boasts a robust magnetic strip of all shapes and sizes.

On average, this wall bar holds up to eight knives, but I limit myself to five to prevent overcrowding. Depending on the type of knives you want to fit, you can store quite a few.

The mounting hardware comes with this knife holder and you can place it anywhere in your kitchen.

It pairs well with Schmidt Brothers’ Bonded Teak or Zebra Wood knife collections, as those collections have wooden handles.

Norpro 18” Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bars

Norpro 18” aluminum magnetic knife bar is another great option with a metal finish. It grips knives securely and releases them easily.

This knife strip features permanent extra strength magnetism, meaning it will not lose its magnetic charge.

It offers a longer length to allow for extra space if needed, but I’ve never needed more than the 18”.

Installation is easy with included screws. This knife bar only weighs around one pound, so just about anyone can install it with ease. While it is 18” long, it is only 2” tall, making it simple to place anywhere on your wall.

Norpro even suggests hanging it vertically along the wall as a different way to save space, which works great for me.

WooDsom Customized Magnetic Knife Strip

WooDsom offers multiple types of magnetic knife strips. From their commercial collection to beachfront collection, you’ll likely find one that fits your needs.

If not, they also make custom orders to fit any particular needs of your kitchen.

Simply fill out their custom order form on their website, and their team will contact you to make your perfect knife strip a reality.

My last kitchen was small but had high ceilings, so getting a custom strip was practically a necessity, and WooDsom always impresses with their quality.

WoodSom’s knife holders manufacture their strips in the USA and craft them from various wood types. You can preserve their natural state with a light coating of mineral oil.

They make their beachfront strips using driftwood, a material not seen often! These strips are a fabulous way to keep your cutlery safe and on display, no matter the dimensions of your kitchen.

Wine Country Craftsman Grapevine Magnetic Knife Rack

Wine Country Craftsman’s Grapevine magnetic knife rack is a stylish way to display your knife set in your kitchen.

They’re handcrafted from retired Napa valley grapevines in California. This rack omits a rustic elegance unique to California wine culture.

Wine Country Craftsman dry the grapevines for up to two years before they fire, hand-cut, sand, and seal the racks with natural mineral oil. 

Out of all the knife racks I’ve tried, I’ve yet to see one as attractive as those from Wine Country Craftsman.

The magnets in this knife rack pull 15 pounds each and can hold your largest knives. It comes in two sizes: small (12”-16” long with five magnets) and large (18”-28” with seven magnets).

The crafter is also open to custom orders if you need something larger. This rack is an excellent addition to a wine enthusiast’s kitchen.

Berghoff Magnetic Ash Knife Holder

BergHOFF magnetic ash knife holder is just under 16” long and sports a solid magnetic strip.

Berghoff makes their holder out of ash wood, providing a natural finish in your kitchen that I find works best with a minimalist look.

Its magnetic strips will hold your knives without fail. This knife strip is a terrific option for homeowners looking to save some counter space and want a simple way to display their knives. 

You should only wash this knife holder by hand only, and it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

You can mount this strip directly to your wall using the included mounting materials—the beautiful light color compliments nearly any kitchen space. 

Dalstrong Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall

Dalstrong’s double-sided magnetic blade wall is a different way to store your knives.

Rather than hang or mount this knife rack on the wall, it can be easily stored in smaller spaces on your countertop.

This knife block boasts two sides of magnetic space to keep your knives organized and out of drawers. 

My current kitchen has two sets of large windows, so it’s got limited wall space but plenty of counter space. It sits perfectly on my kitchen island, convenient when I don’t want to go back and forth to grab a new knife.

It uses premium, extra-strength magnets and Dalstrong crafts it with a polycarbonate cover. The base is heavy metal to ensure it will not tip over any additional weight.

This block stands at 14.5” tall and can hold up to 10 chef knives. You can purchase one of three colors: Vadar Black, Sequoia Brown, and Frost White.

Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

Dalstrong’s Dragon Spire double-sided magnetic walnut woodblock is a creative way to display your knife collection.

It is a handcrafted walnut wood block with six columns, embedded with premium, robust magnets on both sides. This allows you to store up to 12 knives of varying sizes with this display.

It’s simple enough to clean and hygienic as there is no place for bacteria, dirt, or debris to accumulate.

Dalstrong offers a lifetime warranty for this product on defects. To remove the knife from the block, simply twist the handle and pull it away from the wood.

While I do love the design of this product, I find it’s a touch frustrating when I want to grab a knife quickly. 

Best Magnetic Knife Holders

  1. Ouddy 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder
  2. Schmidt Brothers Acacia 18-Inch Magnetic Wall Bar
  3. Norpro 18” Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bars
  4. WooDsom Customized Magnetic Knife Strip
  5. Wine Country Craftsman Grapevine Magnetic Knife Rack
  6. Berghoff Magnetic Ash Knife Holder
  7. Dalstrong Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall 
  8. Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block 

Final Thoughts

Any kitchen with a set of cooking knives needs a safe place to store them. Storing them in drawers not only puts you at risk of injury but also dulls and damages your knives.

In homes with young children, you should keep knives out of reach of little hands. A magnetic knife strip is a perfect way to organize and store your knives.

In the long run, your home will be safer, and your cooking will be more efficient.

No matter what type of aesthetic your kitchen has, there is a knife strip out there for you. From stainless steel to natural wood and wall-hanging to counter-sitting, a little bit of research will get you to find the best magnetic knife holder for you.

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