Top 8 Damascus Knives for Your Kitchen

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Damascus knives have become one of the most popular knives available, from pocket to kitchen knives. Damascus knives deserve their popularity because of their durability and the stunning patterning on their blades.

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People know these blades for keeping a sharp edge, perfect for a kitchen knife that sees heavy usage. The knives also feature beautiful and unique patterns that seem to flow like water across the blade, adding to the style of any kitchen.

Named after the Syrian city, modern-day Damascus is based on an ancient steel working technique from the same region.

The original technique for producing Damascus steel has been lost to time, but contemporary techniques have been able to recreate comparable results.

The best Damascus kitchen knives offer superb functionality and style in one package. Below I will be discussing some of the best Damascus kitchen knives currently available for sale and how they compare.

Best Damascus Kitchen Knives

Read on to learn more about some of the finest Damascus knives available to add to your kitchen’s cutlery.

Enso Chef’s Knife With Sheath 8-Inch HD Series

The first entry on this list is the Enso HD Series 8-Inch Chef’s Knife.

This Enso knife features a double bevel edge, allowing versatile use of either hand. The blade has a good weight and is well balanced.

The handle is not authentic wood but is a material known as micarta. Micarta provides a similar look and texture without the danger of splitting that wood has.

The knife comes sharp out of the box, and its VG-10 steel core helps retain the cutting edge through heavy use in the kitchen.

Overall, the Enso Chef’s Knife With Sheath 8-Inch HD Series is a solid knife that can handle a heavy workload and is worth every penny.

Letcase 8-Inch Damascus Steel Japanese Knife

The Letcase 8-Inch Damascus Steel Japanese Knife is one of the most beautiful knives on this list.

For style, the Letcase Damascus kitchen knife is a top choice.

The knife is made of 67-layer Damascus with a VG-10 steel core, creating superb patterning and strength in the blade.

The blade is slightly curved, letting chefs use it effectively for chopping, cutting or slicing.

The handle is made of solidified wood, which prevents cracking and removes the potential of the wood rotting. The handle also comes in several color options, each stunning in its own right.

Shun Classic Blonde 8” Chef’s Knife

The Shun Classic Blonde 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is an understated beauty of a knife.

Compared to some of the other entries on the list, this knife may fly under the radar, but it is one of the most functional.

The Shun holds the shape of a traditional western chef’s knife but retains a Japanese style weight and profile.

The handle is D-shaped, following a Japanese design that allows for better gripping.

The blade is formed from 69-layer Damascus, polished into a subtle but breath-taking patterning.

Zelite Infinity 8-Inch Damascus Chef Knife

The Zelite Infinity 8-Inch Damascus Chefs Knife has a professional elegance. The knife blends the best elements of Japanese and Western chef knife design.

Each component in the blade comes together for superb functionality.

The blade is heavy and durable, made with 67-layer Damascus from AUS-10 stainless steel. The knife is a full tang design, making for a stable grip with no wobble when cutting.

The balance on the knife is good, allowing for finesse when cutting.

The knife is double-beveled, perfect for cutting with either hand. The blade is sharpened at a 12-degree angle, making it extremely sharp out of the box, and was finished with the 3-step Honbazuke Method.

Enowo Damascus Chef Knife 8 Inch

One of the more affordable entries on the list, the Enowo 8-Inch Damascus Chef Knife is exquisite and highly functional.

This Enowo chef knife is made from 67-layer Damascus with a VG-10 steel core, for a strong and durable cutting edge.

The blade is slightly curved and tapers into a point, making it versatile for the preparation of most dishes.

The handle is G-10, a high-density glass resin fiber. The G-10 material creates a smooth and stylish design.

The knife is full tang with three rivets in the handle, adding durability. The handle is incredibly ergonomic and prevents fatigue even after using the knife for extended periods.

KYOKU Daimyo Series 8″ Japanese Chef Knife VG-10

The KYOKU Daimyo Series 8-Inch Japanese Chef Knife is a beautiful Damascus knife.

The knife features a brilliant Damascus patterning and a hammered finish, making it exceptionally stylish.

The blade is formed of 67-layer Damascus with Japanese VG-10 as its core, cryogenically treated for strength.

The KYOKU is sharp and has a hollow-edge design to prevent food from sticking to the knife, making for a clean cooking experience.

The handle on this knife is full tang and can endure heavy use. The blade is overall well balanced and easy to use for long periods.

Master Maison 8″ Damascus Steel Executive Chef Knife AUS-10

The Master Maison 8-Inch Damascus Steel Executive Chef Knife stands out for its shape and Damascus patterning.

The set comes with a sharpening stone, a washing cloth, and a wooden box to store everything.

The blade of this Master Maison knife is made from 67-layer Damascus and AUS-10 steel, creating a durable cutting edge that resists corrosion. The Damascus patterning on this knife is exceptionally stunning.

The handle on this knife is wood and has a full tang design with three rivets. The blade holds up well against continual use in the kitchen and does not disappoint.

Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Gyuto

The Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Gyuto is what it says it is. The knife is in the traditional Gyuto design and features a stunning hammered Damascus finish.

The knife is made of 46-layer Damascus with a VG-10 steel core, sharp and durable all around.

It comes with a Saya sheath made of magnolia wood, adding to the style of the knife even when not in use.

The handle is in a traditional Japanese Wa-style, octagonal and ergonomic, and suitable for use in both hands.

The handle is made of lightweight wood, preventing the build-up of fatigue when using it for long periods.

What is a Damascus Knife?

A Damascus knife is made of Damascus steel, a form of steel known for its durability, flexibility and beautiful patterning. Various types of knives can be made from Damascus.

Damascus steel was first created in the Near East during the middle ages. The original techniques used to produce Damascus steel have been lost but historians know they were dependent on trace impurities within the raw materials used.

Several techniques exist to produce the modern form of Damascus steel. Each of these techniques attempts to emulate the lost original Damascus technique. Regardless of the technique used, Damascus will always get made through the layering of steel, which occurs during the forging process.

It is through the layering process that the Damascus patterning gets created. The layering also increases the flexibility of the metal. Depending on how one forges the steel, they can create different patterns on the blade.

The main draw of Damascus, beyond its beauty, is its ability to retain a cutting edge. Damascus knives can hold a sharp edge for longer than other types of knives, meaning that they require less upkeep to remain sharp.

When buying a Damascus knife, the number of layers a knife has is less important than the type of steel used in its construction. Good knives will be made from either VG-10 or AUS-10 steel.

Best Damascus Kitchen Knives

  1. Enso Chef’s Knife With Sheath 8-Inch HD Series
  2. Letcase 8-Inch Damascus Steel Japanese Knife
  3. Shun Classic Blonde 8” Chef’s Knife
  4. Zelite Infinity 8-Inch Damascus Chef Knife 
  5. Enowo Damascus Chef Knife 8 Inch
  6. KYOKU Daimyo Series 8″ Japanese Chef Knife VG-10 
  7. Master Maison 8″ Damascus Steel Executive Chef Knife AUS-10 
  8. Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Gyuto

Final Thoughts

Whether I am looking for functionality or style, I cannot go wrong with a Damascus kitchen knife. While Damascus knives can cost more than plain knives, the durability they bring to the table is worth the price.

When I pick out a Damascus kitchen knife, the crucial factors to consider are the weight of the knife and my style preference.

I always keep in mind which hand I will be using the knife with, as some handle designs are better suited for one hand over the other.

Damascus blades are all comparably strong and durable, meaning that what makes the best Damascus kitchen knife comes down to taste.

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