Where to Get Amazing Sushi in Indianapolis

From jazz to sliced bread to the Indy 500, Indianapolis has a lot going for it. Top of that list is world-class sushi in Indianapolis.

a delicious serving of sushi and maki rolls in Indianapolis

You probably don’t associate fresh sushi with a landlocked Midwestern city like Indianapolis. I know that I didn’t until I discovered there were so many sushi spots in Indianapolis, from Westfield to Whiteland. Whether you crave sashimi or California rolls, nigiri, or inarizushi, you can find it in the Hoosier state’s capital. I have a soft spot for crunchy tempura shrimp maki. Not everyone offers it, which is why I look for sushi restaurants with diverse offerings. I find that the larger the menu, the more likely I’ll find the sushi I’m craving. That’s why I chose the following places. These are the best sushi spots in Indianapolis!

Sushi Bar

911 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 317-257-7289

Sushi Bar could easily take the title of best sushi restaurant in Indianapolis. They serve up the freshest ingredients. They use traditional Japanese recipes in a lot of their dishes, but they also have fun and surprise guests with new rolls and Bento boxes. The restaurant itself is welcoming. It has a massive patio at the front and warm Japanese-inspired wooden decor inside. It’s located in Broad Ripple near the intersection of Guildford Ave and Broad Ripple Ave. The giant patio with Japanese lanterns will give the place away.

FortyFive Degrees

765 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 634-4545
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It’s a sushi restaurant. It’s a bar. It’s an upscale hangout. I’m not going to lie: FortyFive Degrees is one of the trendiest sushi restaurants in town. The interior is absolute urban chic. They have carpeted floors and sophisticated lighting. The angular bar is stocked with liquor of every variety. FortyFive Degrees has an excellent sushi menu that includes different types of sushi rolls; the regulars and a few restaurant originals. For instance, the Indy Roll has shrimp tempura, mango, and jalapeno wrapped in sesame paper. Their FortyFive Roll includes spicy crab, cream cheese, and avocado. They’re located along the Massachusetts Ave strip between N Park Ave and N College Ave.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

2721 E 86th St STE 100, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: (317) 489-3151
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Take a trip back to the nostalgia of 1960s Tokyo at the Blue Sushi Sake Grill. The first thing that stands out when you enter is the amazing decor. Artwork from classic Japanese cinema adorns the walls (including Godzilla), and the dining room is warmly lit by spotlights and Japanese lanterns. The food is the best part of Blue Sushi. The sushi menu is large and varied. They have everything you could ask for, from salmon to classic maki to cooked rolls. They have an extensive vegan sushi menu, as well. You can find Blue Sushi Sake Grill in the Ironworks Hotel on E 86th St, just south of the N Keystone Ave exit on the 465. 

Sushi Club

7230 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46214
Phone: (317) 248-8103
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Sushi Club made the list thanks to its sushi bar. You can browse the maki and nigiri on display and choose what you want. They operate on a pay-per-roll basis, so you can eat as much or as little as your heart desires. When you look at their menu, our recommendation is to make a beeline for the “Chef’s Special Rolls” section. There, you can order the chef’s top pick sushi roll dating back to 2017. The restaurant itself is unassuming and low-key. That is, if you’re not looking for it, it’s hard to find. It’s located west of the Speedway at the intersection of 10th St and N Girls School Road. There’s a McDonald’s next door and a Walgreens directly across the road.

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Watami Sushi All You Can Eat

10625 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46236
Phone: (317) 855-3635

Watami Sushi is one of the few all-you-can-eat sushi spots in Indianapolis. It’s part of the Watami Sushi chain, but the location at Pendleton Pike is a fan favorite. The interior is trendy and colorful, with Japanese umbrellas hanging upside-down from the ceiling. The menu isn’t that large, but it’s varied enough. And if you get tired of eating sushi (if that’s even possible), they offer edamame, chicken wings, and other dishes as part of their all-you-can-eat menu. Just make sure you don’t leave more than five pieces of sushi on your plate. Otherwise, they’ll charge you for them. Watami Sushi can be found in Indian Creek Commons plaza, off Pendleton Pike. It’s northeast of E 56th St.


7201 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: (317) 259-4171
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If you head north to Washington Township, you’ll find Sakura Japanese Restaurant. It’s a small little building sitting all alone. It looks like a bungalow with a big red and yellow sign on the roof. The interior is casual. This is an informal restaurant more akin to a sushi diner, which makes it perfect for relaxing. The menu is exceptional. There’s a wide variety of rolls to choose from, from a ‘Rock N’ Roll’ to a ‘Texas Roll.’ But if you only want one sushi roll, make it the soft shell crab roll. It’s Sakura’s most popular sushi dish, and for a good reason because the pile of crab spilling out of the top is enough to fill you up! Sakura has been in the same spot since 1986, on the east side of N Keystone Ave north of E 72nd St. 


148 S Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: (317) 972-4180
Visit Website

Head to Mikado’s and immerse yourself in Japanese culture. The restaurant is stylish, decorated with Japanese bamboo, grasses, and latticed ceilings. The food is served on Japanese-inspired dishware. They have a diverse menu, including Hawaiian BBQ, so there’s something for every taste. But of course, you’re there for the sushi. So, make sure to try their Mystery Roll, which is the chef’s choice. If you love sushi with a kick, go for the Tiger Eye. The roll contains a delectable mixture of smoked salmon, jalapeno, and tempura. Mikado is located downtown Indianapolis, at the intersection of Illinois St and E Georgia St. There’s a seven-story parkade directly next to the entrance.

Asaka Japanese Restaurant

6414 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250
Phone: (317) 576-0556
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This tiny Indianapolis sushi spot does Japanese cuisine with flair. They have an extensive sushi menu, including a ‘sushi happy hour.’ Asaka also has the largest selection of sake and rice wine in the city, all of it imported from Japan. If you plan to visit during happy hours on weekends (5:00 pm – 7:00 pm), it’s best to make a reservation. It’s worth the extra effort, though, so you can enjoy specialty concoctions like the Demon roll. The restaurant itself is scaled-down and casual. It’s a fun place to visit. You can find Asaka Japanese Restaurant in the Castle Run Shopping Center in Castleton.

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Mori Sushi

231 S College Ave suite200, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 964-0139
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Mori Sushi features world-class Japanese cuisine, including sushi and ramen. The menu is large with a lot of variety. There are some unique rolls on the menu, including the ‘cute roll,’ which includes cheese and crab, and the ‘firecracker roll’ with deep-fried jalapeno, cheese, and spicy mayo. The restaurant is casual and well-decorated. They have a definite dark-wood/white accent theme with cozy decor around the walls. This is another downtown sushi restaurant located near the intersection of S College Ave and Bates St.

Sushi Boss

803 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 955-2677
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Sushi Boss has something that no other sushi place in Indianapolis has: they let you create your own sushi rolls! Let them know what you want in your roll, and what toppings you want on your sushi, and the chefs will assemble it before your eyes. If you’re not feeling adventurous, you can take one of their signature rolls that have names like ‘That One Roll’ and ‘OMG Roll.’ Sushi Boss is modern and sleek. The restaurant is small but colorful. They’re located in a small plaza off W 10th St, along with an Arby’s. Make sure you’re heading eastbound on W 10th because the westbound lane doesn’t have access to the parking lot.

Watami Sushi

1912 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317) 991-3355
Visit Website

This is the second Watami Sushi on our list. That’s because the chain makes great sushi and is popular in Indianapolis. The restaurant has a sushi bar with all-you-can-eat sushi. You can also order sushi and sashimi a la carte. Check the website for daily lunch specials. The restaurant is decorated with upside-down Japanese umbrellas and little porcelain Japanese figurines. It’s laid back and casual. This Watami Sushi is located on Broad Ripple Ave near the intersection with Evanston Ave. 

Ichiban Sushi Bar & Sammy’s Asian Cuisine

8265 US-31, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: (317) 883-1888

Not far from Southport and the city limits, you’ll find Ichiban Sushi Bar & Sammy’s Asian Cuisine. They have an eclectic mix of Japanese-inspired food, including sushi and hibachi. There are salads and noodles as well. They even have a kids menu. Inside, you’re greeted by a low-lit restaurant with a striking bar in the center. The restaurant is located in a plaza along the US-31 northbound, north of County Line Rd.

Kasai Sushi Bar & Kitchen

965 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Phone: (317) 352-0370
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Kasai offers authentic Japanese cuisine rolled by hand to order. They have all of the favorites: California roll, Boston roll, Shrimp Tempura roll, etc. They also offer some unique deep-fried rolls, such as the Snow Mountain roll that features tempura-battered banana and cream cheese wrapped in soy paper and then deep-fried in more tempura. Kasai is an unassuming sushi restaurant, yet inside you can immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Book an exclusive private table, and you’ll get your own room with low-seating and curtains. Kasia is located in Warren Park, at the intersection of 10th St and Shadeland Ave.

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Wasabi on 82nd

5025 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250
Phone: (317) 594-1188
Visit Website

Wasabi on 82nd is the only restaurant on this list that includes a reward program. Earn 5% towards an order with every purchase. They also have one of the most authentic Japanese menus in the city, with items like octopus sunomono and grilled squid in their own house dressing. Wasabi has a large selection of bento boxes and a la carte sushi for every taste. If you enjoy a little sweet taste with your sushi, you’ll love Wasabi’s Mango roll. We bet that their special house mango sauce will have you ordering a second round! This is a great restaurant for a date night or a less-than-casual get-together. It has a relaxed interior but is not the kind of place you wear jeans and a t-shirt for. You can find the restaurant in a plaza along the eastbound lane of E 82nd St.

Sushi House

11647 Fox Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46236
Phone: (317) 823-0878
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Don’t let its plain exterior fool you—Sushi House has a massive selection of specialty rolls. You can order uniquely named rolls like the Mexican Roll (shrimp, jalapeno, and cheese) and the Money Train Roll (spicy tuna topped with seaweed). You’ll likely find it difficult to choose from all the sushi options since they also offer dinner sushi combos and party platters with more than 90 rolls. But we’ll make it a little easier on you; their Godzilla Roll is a fan favorite. It’s hard to go wrong with deep-fried spicy tuna, cream cheese, and avocado! Sushi House also has some of the most comfortable seating in Indianapolis, with large plush chairs in a well-lit and comfortable restaurant. They’re located in Admirals Cove near the intersection of Fox Rd and Oaklandon Rd.

Tegry Bistro

6010 W 86th St #140, Indianapolis, IN 46278
Phone: (317) 802-7848
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Tegry Bistro offers a fine dining sushi experience for those who prefer something more sophisticated. Their sushi menu is large and includes bento boxes as well as a la carte offerings. They have some unique rolls, such as the Inside-out Spider Maki (avocado, fish roe, cucumber, deep-fried crab, eel, and spicy mayo). The interior of the restaurant is stylish and upscale. They have comfortable seating and dim lighting. Find them off the westbound lane of W 86th St, east of the i-465.

Ocean World Sushi

1206 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Phone: (317) 848-8901
Visit Website

Finally, one of the best sushi restaurants in the city is Ocean World Sushi. It is owned by certified sushi chef George Sato, and he brings some of his traditional family recipes to his restaurant. Chef Sato is all about presentation, as you can see with dishes like the Jewelry Roll and the Lobster Tempura Roll. Ocean World Sushi is a fine-dining establishment with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is well-known in the community for its charity and community-building work. Find them in Pickwick Commons near the intersection of W 86th St and Ditch Rd.

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