Indianapolis Pizza Spots You Have to Try

Known as the Circle City or just plain “Indy,” Indianapolis is almost literally at the center of Indiana, with plenty of parks, museums, schools, and great shopping locations. Perhaps you will take a tour of the gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (aka Newfields) before driving downtown for a walk around the Circle Monument.

a delicious serving of pizza from an Indianapolis pizzeria

You might not immediately think of pizza when it comes to Indianapolis, though. Still, the Circle City has plenty to offer in pizza variety. Sometimes, I crave a simple thin crust, and other times I am looking for a doughy combo of cheeses and sauce and toppings, all of which I can find somewhere in Indy. If Indy has different types of incredible pizza to offer, then let us take a look at the best Indianapolis pizza places and satisfy our craving for our favorite pizza type.


13190 Hazel Dell Pkwy Ste 180, Carmel, IN 46033
Phone: (317) 844-2550
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You will find all the usual pizza place trappings at Pizzology, including pizza, wings, breadsticks, and even gnocchi. They pride themselves on sourcing all their fresh ingredients from farms that align with their fresh and wholesome philosophy on hand-tossed pizza, called the “Pizza of Principle.” Although craft pizza sounds snazzy at Pizzology, it is actually still quite casual. No one expects you to dress up nicely or bring a hefty wallet. All you need is an appetite for freshly sourced ingredients and for trying fantastic pizza flavors. 


Multiple Locations
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Bazbeaux’s is a favorite pizza place among Indy’s locals, known primarily for its inviting atmosphere and incredible pizza variety. Despite the restaurant’s European origins, it displays pizza from all over the world, including Greek, Hawaiian, Mexican, Bayou Chicken, etc. I think it is one of the best places for thin crust pizza, especially if you go for the BBQ, which has barbecued chicken, red onion, green pepper, and substitutes regular pizza sauce for barbecue sauce.

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

Multiple Locations
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Despite the uppity name, Jockamo’s Upper Crust Pizza is as laid-back and family-friendly as they come. Like any good pizza place, they have a wide variety of pizzas, sandwiches, and appetizers, not to mention their specials for delivery and carryout. For instance, you could get a 12″ one-topping pizza, 3 Stix, and two 20-ounce Pepsi products for a $16.50 bundle. If you love a lot of cheese on your pizza, you are in luck. Several of their pizza varieties have plenty of cheese and extra ingredients, so you will truly get your money’s worth. Do not worry; they have salads to balance all that out.

Pearl Street Pizzeria & Pub

65 E Pearl St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 638-3110
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People love stopping by this place before a game at Lucas Oil Stadium or Bankers Life Fieldhouse. On that note, you can expect to find some excellent specialty pizzas and even some local microbrews, not to mention some pre-game excitement. You could even stick around to watch the game over your pizza, with plenty of TVs and bar space. Pearl Street Pizzeria and Pub is also just two blocks from the Monument Circle so that you can stop by there for pictures or a dessert at Rocket Fizz or the South Bend Chocolate Company. 

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Giorgio’s Pizza

9 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 687-9869
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Probably the most famous Neapolitan pizza place in Indianapolis, Giorgio’s Pizza has plenty of warm, saucy cuisine, from pizza to calzones, hot or cold subs, breadsticks, salads, pasta, and even pizza rolls. If you only have room for a slice or two, you can get a single slice anywhere between $4 to $6. The atmosphere is still pretty laid back, although you can expect to see plenty of Neapolitan artwork and memorabilia scattered throughout. 

Napolese Pizzeria

Multiple Locations
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Napolese is the kind of place where you take a nice date with your SO, or if you want to splurge on some particularly fancy pizza. They bake their pizzas in a stone hearth, and you can pair your pizza with an excellent wine if you wish. What I like best about Napolese Pizzeria is you can start with a plain pizza and add as many cheeses, meats, and other toppings as you want. It might get a bit costly compared to other make-your-own pizzas, but it is well worth it for that stone hearth taste. 

Brozinni Pizzeria

8810 S Emerson Ave # 240, Indianapolis, IN 46237
Phone: (317) 865-0911
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Brozinni Pizzeria prides itself on bringing a rich taste of New York to central Indiana. Their garlic knuckles, which are breadsticks tied in a knot and drizzled with amazing garlic butter, are probably their most famous menu item, alongside their other varieties of breadsticks. If you are craving other classic pizza place items, like calzones, hot sandwiches, pasta, and cookies, Brozinni has an impressive lineup for a reasonable price. It is fun perusing the pizza menu because every specialty pizza’s name references a famous street or location in New York City. It might be a pleasant taste of home if you are from the Big Apple.

King Dough

452 N Highland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 602-7960
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King Dough is great for going on a casual date or out with the family. You can either sit inside, where you might have a full view of their brick oven, or outside under their giant, artfully decorated trellis. Their pizzas are a little smaller at 14 inches, but they are hand-tossed, and the extra-toasty fans out there can request a well-done pizza. Don’t worry: King Dough is not so casual that it does not offer fantastic drinks too. You can choose from a wine or brew menu, which provides wine and unique brews.

Some Guys

6235 Allisonville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317) 257-1364
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Some Guys’ pizzas are loaded. Topped with all kinds of cheese and vegetables, you will definitely get your money’s worth here. The salads are much the same way, though they indeed come with a lot more cheese and dressing than perhaps is healthy, but still. You will also find plenty of pasta and breadsticks at Some Guys. Favorites include fettucini soaked in vodka sauce, tri-colored tortellini, and shrimp scampi in fettucini.

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Ale Emporium

8617 Allisonville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46250
Phone: (317) 842-1333
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Like Pearl Street Pizzeria, Ale Emporium is all about sports enjoyment alongside pizza, wings, bar food, and brews. As a bonus, there is space for live entertainment every Saturday and Sunday. The Fishers location has lunch specials from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., when you can get a regular pizza slice for $4 or a large slice for $6. Add breadsticks to the deal, and you now have a $6 or $8 deal, respectively. The drinks deals are too lengthy to list here, but trust me that they are worth checking out for the sheer number of fabulous choices.  

Byrne’s Grilled Pizza

5615 N Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: (317) 737-2056
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Byrne’s Grilled Pizza is the first pizza place I have ever seen to offer a breakfast pizza. They make pizzas with toppings like bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado, sausage, peppers, and onions. It is an ingenious, not to mention delicious, idea worth checking out next time you are craving breakfast for lunch or dinner. You can even get coffee or tea with it. As if that was not awesome enough, they have an all-you-can-eat pasta deal every Sunday for only $12, with a $3.50 extra charge for meatballs or chicken added to your pasta. You’ll definitely enjoy their Tuesday special if you are a wine lover, which slashes wine prices in half. 

Goodfellas Pizzeria

Multiple Locations
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You will find an excellent Roaring Twenties atmosphere at Goodfellas, especially if you enjoy a drink in their Wiseguy Lounge, modeled after the famous hidden speakeasies of Prohibition. Their New York-style pizzas come in three sizes (12-inch, 16-inch, and 22-inch). No matter what kind of pizza you get, though, I suggest getting one of the delicious sides. The Buffalo Chicken Cheese Spread and the Pesto Bread are some of my favorites off that menu. 


1134 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317) 820-5100
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Like Napolese Pizzeria, Diavola is another wood-fired pizza place strictly themed after pizza’s Italian home. It might take you a little longer to peruse the pizza menu because all the cheeses and sauces are so purely Italian, and there are cutely themed names to draw your attention immediately. Still, the atmosphere is sophisticated and cozy, and the pizza is delicious. If you walk past the kitchen, feast your eyes on the giant pizza oven. On one side of the outdoor eating area, you will also spot an Italian Vespa. Do not try to take a ride on it, though, since it is there to enhance the Italian atmosphere. Despite the dainty name and atmosphere of the restaurant, they do not make dainty pizzas. The dough is hefty and thick, with plenty of sauce and cheese. The pizzas are only 13 inches, but they pack enough toppings on there to make a nice meal. 

Manhattan Pizzeria

6225 W 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254
Phone: (317) 552-2141
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With a name like that, you can certainly expect all the New York-themed food. Manhattan Pizzeria is also just as casual as any New York-themed restaurant, with little wooden booths to enjoy your whole pizzas or single slice. Plus, the pizza assembly line is within full view, so you can see the pizza getting prepared and enjoy the kitchen’s ambiance. There is outside seating, but the inside has a little more character, with paintings and silhouettes of famous New York landmarks, like the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and of course, the Statue of Liberty. It is probably one of the better pizza places just to get a slice or two because they are cheap (between $2 and $4). Plus, if you do not want to peruse a whole menu of salads, pasta, calzones, and other foods, this is the perfect place for you because pizza is their only menu item. 

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Magoo’s California Pizza

4919 W 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254
Phone: (317) 293-4411
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Magoo’s California Pizza may look like a standard pizza place, but just wait until you try their garlic pizza sauce. You may never look at pizza the same way again. They have a hefty lineup of starters, burgers, and calzones on hand, but their pizza is still their specialty, especially at pretty affordable prices. The specialty pizzas are especially popular. Plus, you can make your pizza “spicy” at no extra cost if you like a little extra heat. 


Multiple Locations
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Now, this is the place to go for deep-dish without going all the way to Chicago. Giordano’s boasts a full deep-dish menu and a full bar of fantastic drinks, as well as a relaxed atmosphere the whole family can enjoy. Giordano’s also has thin-crust or extra-thin tavern-style pizzas in case deep-dish isn’t your thing. You can also choose from among the restaurant’s starters, pastas, sandwiches, and lunch combos for a quick pick-me-up. Their meal combos are pretty awesome, too, with combos including pizzas, drinks, salads, and desserts.  

Puccini’s Pizza & Pasta

Multiple Locations
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Puccini’s Pizza and Pasta has won several accolades over the years, including the coveted “Best Classic Pizza in America” Award at the 2012 World Championship of Pizza. Relax; the pizza is still friendly and casual enough for a Friday night out with your date or the family. Puccini’s is probably most famous for their Campfire pizza, made with sweet onion marmalade, fresh rosemary, gorgonzola, and smoked sausage. Incidentally, that was the pizza that won them the previously-mentioned award. 

Greek’s Pizzeria

Multiple Locations
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You would not think that “Greek’s” and “Pizzeria” would go together, but they make some pretty lovely, casual pizza for the Indy area. They make their pizza sauce using extra-virgin olive oil and plump, vine-ripened peeled tomatoes, so it does have the slightest Greek touch. They also have “Pizzas with a Purpose,” one called “Jillian” and another called “Otto.” When you purchase a Jillian, a portion of that sale is donated to a children’s charity. With Otto, a part of that sale is donated to a local animal charity.  

Arni’s Restaurant

4705 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: (317) 571-0077
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Arni’s is one of the largest pizza establishments in Indy, capable of seating close to 500 patrons at a time. The two sons of Arni Cohen, the original owner, now own and run the place, helping to establish their family restaurant among pizza lovers. While Arni’s does serve pizza, it comes with its share of nachos, wings, breadsticks, burgers, and entrees. Every pizza is 10 inches, so you might need to order several to fill a table of guests. Nonetheless, there are many varieties to choose from, most of which are drizzled with zesty ranch. 

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