Where To Get a Great Burger in Houston

Finding the best burgers in Houston can be challenging, but with my list, you can choose from several proven locations.

juicy delicious burgers at houston restaurants

Whether you are looking for an elaborate venue or a cozy restaurant, there is something here for you.

There are dozens of burger places in Houston that offer robust flavors and an enhanced dining experience.

Some restaurants have dozens of options, add-ons, and welcoming atmospheres to help you enjoy your meal.

The Burger Joint

Multiple locations
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The Burger Joint is a favorite for diners in Houston looking for a delicious and memorable burger.

When I went there, The Burger Joint had these burger options on the menu:

  • Classic
  • BBQ
  • Mexi
  • Opa!
  • Kimchi
  • Chili Cheese
  • Fire
  • Mushroom
  • Smoke Stack
  • Veggie
  • Impossible

The Burger Joint crafts each burger with only the freshest ingredients.

All burgers – aside from the Impossible Burger, which is plant-based – use 100 percent Angus beef that is never frozen.

Additional toppings are always natural, fresh, and made to perfection.

Unless otherwise specified or requested, all burgers are made medium-rare.

Hubcap Grill

1133 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008
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Hubcap Grill offers dozens of burger options, ranging from classics to elaborate varieties.

They offer more than 15 types of burgers, some with as many as four burger patties.

The restaurant has dozens of add-ons to choose from. If you are looking for a burger loaded with cheese and bacon, knock yourself out.

How about a burger tossed with barbeque sauce? Hubcap Grill has something for you.

The Texas BBQ Burger is my favorite and includes fried onions, plenty of barbeque sauce, and jalapenos.

Lankford’s Grocery & Market

88 Dennis St, Houston, TX 77006
Phone: 713-522-9555
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Lankford’s Grocery & Market is more than just a storefront.

Here, you can order an Angus beef burger that uses only fresh natural ingredients.

There are 17 burgers on the menu, and with the option to substitute the Angus beef for a plant-based burger or succulent grilled chicken instead.

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The bacon cheeseburger from this location is a modern take on a classic burger and scratches the itch when looking for familiar and bold flavors.

Stanton’s City Bites

1420 Edwards St, Houston, TX 77007
Phone: 713-227-4893
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Each burger from Stanton’s City Bites is made from half a pound of meat and topped with delicious ingredients.

Whether you are looking for classic lettuce and tomato toppings or a burger loaded with house chili, Stanton’s City Bites has everything you want in a burger.

There are 13 burger options for your choosing.

I tried my hand at the monster burger, including bacon, cheese, monster sauce, pickles, and onions.

While the flavors were perfect, I wasn’t able to finish it – which just meant that there’s more for later!

Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack

5230 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: 713-661-1622
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Located just under the freeway in Westpark, Bubba’s has been serving delicious food for over 30 years.

With a dog-friendly policy and huge HD TVs for entertainment, this place felt like a warm, familiar second home.

Bubba’s sells hot dogs, a black bean burger for vegetarians and vegans, and plenty of your favorite sides.

Their burgers include mayo, mustard, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickles.

You can exchange the beef patty for a bison patty for a bolder, unique flavor.

Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen

1743 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: 713-871-8883
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Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen receives a shipment of fresh burgers every day, and each burger has unique and bold seasonings.

Each burger is a blend of short ribs and skirt steak directly from a distributor in New York. This location offers three kinds of burgers:

  • Steak Burger
  • Impossible Burger
  • Veggie Burger

Each burger comes with fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings.

The impossible burger was grilled safely and perfectly during my visit and had a unique and addictive flavor that will have me coming back.

Killen’s Burgers

2804 S Main St, Pearland, TX 77581
Phone: 281-412-4922
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Nobody in Houston does burgers like Killen’s.

They nailed the classic burger joint ambiance and I walked in thrilled to sink my teeth into their Texas Burger.

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There are several other burger options on the menu, rife with add-ons and sides to make your meal as hearty as you want it.

There is nothing like the RC Ranch Burger from Killen’s Burgers.

Ranch plus wagyu beef and classic toppings may be my new favorite combination!


406 Texas Ave, Kemah, TX 77565
Phone: 281-942-9334
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Having been restored and looking better than ever, Tookie’s offers four signature burgers, all tuned to have their distinct flavor profiles, ingredients, and add-ons.

Whether you are looking for a burger with a single patty or multiple patties, Tookie’s has a signature burger for your tastes.

The DBL Meat Tookie’s Cheeseburger is grilled to perfection and comes with a side of onion rings – Tookie’s specialty.


1014 Wirt Rd #220, Houston, TX 77055
Phone: 281-501-9773
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The restaurant is located just along the interstate highway, a couple of blocks from the IKEA.

Using the true Texan way of grilling over wood.

BuffBurger offers a wide selection of burgers with different and unique combinations that left me addicted.

The Texan burger is delicious and uses crispy onions, barbeque sauce, and bacon to create an interesting flavor profile I won’t forget.

I loved the perfect roundness of the bun which highlighted the color and freshness of the ingredients.


5353 W Alabama St Suite 110, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: 832-408-0860
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Embodying a hybrid Japanese-American philosophy, burger-chan lets you customize your sandwich and offers not only Asian flavors but classic options as well.

This location also offers fish sandwiches, hot dogs, and plenty of other options.

The falafel burger at this location is locally-made and has a quality taste.

I’ll make sure to try the “cute” burger the next time I visit.

It’s a smash burger with all the classic toppings paired with their house-made thousand island sauce.

Christian’s Tailgate Bar & Grill

Multiple locations
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Burgers at Christian’s Tailgate Bar & Grill are served with fries, onion rings, or any other side on the menu.

All their locations give off a warm, familiar vibe that helps whet the appetite.

Their classic ingredients include toasted buns, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions.

Order some bacon as a topping or on the side for a delectable mouthful.

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When you’re there, try the chili burger for a hot, all-beef burger smothered in spicy and delicious chili. Highly recommend.

Flip ‘n Patties

1809 Eldridge Pkwy Suite 108, Houston, TX 77077
Phone: 832-243-5061
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Flip ‘n Patties is more than a burger joint, but a humanitarian effort as well.

It’s a fusion of Filipino and American cuisine with a menu that brings together the best of both worlds. Grab the classic burger with a side of lumpia.

They have rice meals available as well.

I had the Amboy burger when I was there. It was an interesting combination of American cheesy bacon and a Filipino-style patty in a white bun.

FM Kitchen and Bar

1112 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007
Phone: 832-804-6006
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FM Kitchen and Bar features a comforting atmosphere with dog-friendly patios and industrial-chic design at each location.

Each of their five burger options comes with a flavorful “shhh” sauce that brings out the bold taste of the meat underneath.

My choice was The Cooper, which included bacon, queso, and tomato.

If I wanted a spicy option, I would try the Green Chile Cheeseburger which is topped with poblano pepper and Oaxacan cheese, among others.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Multiple locations
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Hopdoddy Burger Bar is a burger with a sophisticated interior design.

Not only does the joint have classic options, but it also carries variety for those who want to dabble in intense flavors as well.

The Bidi Bidi, for example, is a burger topped with a black bean spread, cotija cheese, chipotle aioli, guac, and other toppings that make for an interesting flavor combo.

The El Diablo burger had my tastebuds burning from the intense habanero and pepper jack cheese, but I recommend it.

Pappas Burger

Multiple locations
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Rooted in the classic American vibe, Pappas offers mouth-watering burgers with seasoned and fresh-cut fries.

There are five signature burgers available at Pappas Burger, and each has a unique and signature flavor.

Pappas Burger’s Mushroom Swiss Burger was one of the best I have ever had.

The grilled onions paired well with the sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

For a vegetarian option, try the Veggie Burger.

It’s got almonds, cranberries, mozzarella, and other hearty vegetarian ingredients.


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