Google Analytics for Restaurant Marketing

What is the big deal with Google Analytics?  Do restaurants need to bother with all the data and headaches?

Of course you do!  Analytics and data make us smarter marketers and enable restaurants to spend their hard earned money wisely.  This should be a key element in every restaurant’s marketing plan.

The key benefits of using Google Analytics for a restaurant are:

  1. Tracking the source of private party request leads
  2. Tracking paid campaign success or failures
  3. Retargeting an audience
  4. Measuring the source of your best traffic
  5. Understanding your website visitors and potential customers

In this quick video, I walk through some analytics data for our friends at Steam Pub.  The ah ha moment is figuring out cost per lead on baby showers is $15, birthdays are $35 and rehearsal dinners are less than $4!  That is the best use of analytics for restaurant marketing.



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Written by Brian N

Brian has been an influencer in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years. He not only loves to eat and drink at restaurants on a regular basis, he also knows the business inside and out.