19 White Fruits To Eat

White fruit is a lesser-known category of fruits that often go overlooked in favor of their more vibrant and colorful counterparts.

Dragon Fruit On old Wooden Table

In this article, I’ll explore various white fruits and share some of my favorites.

From the juicy sweetness of white peaches to the delicate texture of lychees, these fruits offer a unique and subtle flavor profile that’s perfect for summer snacking.

More specifically, I’ll discuss what each fruit tastes like, why I enjoy them, and the best time to enjoy them. So, if you want to expand your fruit horizons, keep reading!

White Mulberries

White mulberries are small, round fruits with a pale cream color and a slightly sweet flavor that resembles a cross between a fig and a raspberry.

Fresh mulberry in wicker basket on wooden table, closeup

They’re also great in baked goods like muffins or used as a topping for ice cream.

Whenever I eat white mulberries, I feel like I’m indulging in something decadent yet healthy at the same time.

Baobab Fruit

Baobab fruit is a unique fruit that is native to Africa.

open baobab fruit as new natural food

It has a rugged, coconut-like shell and a soft, powdery interior with a tart and tangy flavor, similar to citrus fruit.

I love the versatility of baobab fruit powder, as I can add it to smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal to boost flavor and nutrition.

White Currants

White currants are a type of berry closely related to red currants and black currants but are less commonly found.

White currant with leaves in a bowl on a gray background

They are small and translucent with a pale yellow or white color and have a juicy, slightly tart flavor similar to grapes.

They pair well with yogurt and granola for a nutritious breakfast.

White Watermelon

White watermelon is a variety with a pale green rind, similar to a “normal” watermelon, but with white interior flesh instead of red flesh.

I enjoy it as a hydrating and nutritious snack on a hot summer day.

It’s also perfect for making a refreshing watermelon salad with feta cheese, mint leaves, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.


Bananas aren’t ever white on the outside, but they’re known for their distinctly white flesh.

banana peel on wooden background,

When they’re ripe, the flesh has a creamy texture and sweet flavor that’s perfect on its own or sliced onto a bowl of oatmeal.

I also love making banana bread with overripe bananas for a sweet treat.


Cherimoya is a rounded heart-shaped fruit with a bumpy green exterior and creamy white flesh that’s sweet and tangy, with hints of tropical flavors like banana, pineapple, and papaya.

closeup of some custard apples

I enjoy it chilled on its own or as an addition to smoothies, salads, and desserts.

Cherimoya is also known as “custard apple” because of its creamy texture and flavor.


Coconut has a hard brown outer shell and a snowy white inner flesh high in healthy fats and minerals.

Ripe half cut coconut on a wooden background

I like to use it in various dishes, from savory curries and stir-fries to sweet desserts like coconut ice cream.

I also use coconut oil for my skin and hair, making it one of the most versatile white fruits!

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruits are known for their red exterior and interior, but there are versions with the same spiny, dragon-like exterior but a sweet white flesh with tiny black seeds inside.

Tropical Fruits,Healthy dragon fruits

It has a mild yet inviting sweet flavor that’s perfect for adding to smoothie bowls alongside other fruits like pineapples and mangoes.


Lychee fruits have an inedible shell and a creamy white flesh that’s sweet and sour with a hint of floral aroma.

Fresh lychee on the tree

It’s a great snack, but I like to add it to salads and parfaits for a burst of flavor.

I also appreciate lychees in drinks, like tea and cocktails.


Whenever I’m in Southeast Asia, I get my hands on mangosteens, a unique tropical fruit with a thick, purple exterior and sweet white flesh.

Mangosteen Ready to eat fruit

The potent yet inviting flavor combines sweet and tart, making it the perfect dessert-like fruit to eat.

Noni Fruit

Noni fruit, also known as “Starvation fruit” for its role in times of emergency, is a small, tropical fruit with a bumpy, greenish-yellow exterior, a white fleshy interior, and a pungent, cheese-like aroma.

fresh noni fruit

The fruit has a unique, sour taste that can be strong and earthy. Despite its intense flavor, I enjoy the noni fruit for its high nutritional value.


Pineberry, also referred to as white strawberry, is a rare and exotic fruit with a unique combination of white-pink flesh with red seeds and a slightly tart taste similar to a pineapple.

Ripe fresh pineberries in a pink Cup in a rustic style

They may look a little whimsical, but I love to eat pineberries as a sweet snack or pair them with whipped cream or yogurt for a delicious dessert.


Rambutan is a small, round fruit native to Malaysia with a fuzzy red shell and sweet-tart white flesh.

Rambutan fruit harvest from the garden

I love rambutan for its unique flavor and texture; the juicy flesh is sweet and slightly sour, making them a perfect snack for craving something exotic.

White Peaches

White peaches have a velvety-smooth texture and sweet, somewhat intensely tart flavor.

Fresh peach with slices on blurred greenery background

They’re perfect for eating alone or serving with other fruits like strawberries and blueberries.

I also love to bake white peaches with a drizzle of honey for an easy yet delicious dessert.

White Blackberry

White blackberry may sound like a juxtaposition, but it’s actually a natural fruit similar to its more common black counterpart, except it has a slightly sweeter and milder taste – and, of course, a white color instead of the blue-black color you’re probably used to.

White Blackberry fruit with leaves

It adds the perfect texture and mild sweetness to smoothies, so it’s ideal for people who dislike overly sweet drinks.

White Guavas

White guavas are a unique variety of guava with a creamy, white-fleshed sweet, and slightly floral fruit.

Fresh guava on wooden background

I like to enjoy this unique fruit on its own or add it to summer salads and smoothie bowls for a subtle sweet flavor.

Chinese White Pear

Chinese white pear is a sweet and juicy fruit with a crisp texture and a distinctive bell shape.

Chinese white pear on a wooden background

It has smooth, pale yellow-green skin and soft, white flesh that is fragrant and mildly sweet.

I love to enjoy it fresh, sliced and chilled as a refreshing snack or sliced and added to a charcuterie board for date nights.

It also makes a great addition to desserts like tarts or sorbets.

Bosc Pears

Bosc pears are a type of pear characterized by their elongated shape, golden-brown skin, and sweet, juicy white flesh.

Bosc pears or brown pears on a cutting board

They have a slightly grainy texture and a delicate, honey-like flavor with spice notes.

I love to enjoy Bosc pears in the fall when they are in their peak season. In my opinion, they’re the perfect accompaniment to sharp cheese.

White Transparent Apple

White Transparent apples are an early-season variety of apples with an almost translucent appearance and sweet, juicy white flesh.

White Transparent apples in the dark brown wicker basket

They are excellent for cooking due to their sharp taste and fine flesh.

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