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White Castle’s Special Treat for National Slider Day

May 15 marks an exciting day for burger enthusiasts across the nation as White Castle gears up to celebrate National Slider Day. As a tribute to its iconic Original Slider, White Castle is offering a delightful treat to its loyal customers – a free Original Slider, without any conditions.

Cravers can partake in this delicious offer by simply snagging a digital coupon from White Castle’s social media platforms or by entering the promo code “SLIDERDAY” on the app. It’s that easy!

This annual celebration isn’t just about freebies; it’s about honoring the legacy of the humble hamburger. White Castle, America’s first fast-food hamburger restaurant, has been at the forefront of delivering affordable, delicious burgers since its inception in 1921. Priced at just $0.05 per Slider back then, White Castle has remained committed to offering value and convenience to its customers throughout the decades.

The Original Slider, with its signature 2×2-inch size and irresistible flavor, holds a special place in the hearts of burger lovers. Time magazine even hailed it as “the most influential burger of all time” in 2014. And while the Original Slider continues to steal the spotlight, White Castle has expanded its Slider repertoire over the years, introducing options like the Cheese Slider, Chicken and Waffles Slider, Panko Fish Slider, and even the Impossible Slider for those craving a meat-free option.

So, whether you’re a longtime Craver or a newcomer to the Castle, National Slider Day is the perfect opportunity to taste the iconic flavors of White Castle’s Original Slider. Join in the celebration today and experience firsthand why White Castle has been a beloved burger destination for generations.

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Written by Brian Nagele

Brian attended West Virginia University, then started his career in the IT industry before following his passion for marketing and hospitality. He has over 20 years experience in the restaurant and bar industry.

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