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Whataburger’s Delicious Treat for National Burger Day

Today, May 28, is no ordinary day. It’s National Burger Day, and burger aficionados everywhere are in for a treat. Whether you’re a fan of classic cheeseburgers or prefer something a bit more adventurous, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Texas-born burger chain Whataburger is making sure you celebrate in style with its enticing offer. No need to break the bank because they’re giving away free burgers! Yes, you read that right. Free burgers are up for grabs, and all you need to do is download the Whataburger Rewards app. Available for both iOS and Android users, this app is your ticket to burger bliss.

Here’s how it works: simply sign up for the Whataburger Rewards app today, and there you go! You’ll receive a delicious Whataburger completely free of charge. It’s as easy as that. But wait, there’s more. If you’re already a loyal member of the Whataburger Rewards family, don’t worry. Instead of a free burger, you’ll have the chance to earn triple points on any orders placed through the app today. That’s right, triple points!

With over 1,000 Whataburger locations participating in this tempting promotion, there’s no reason not to enjoy a juicy burger today. Whether you’re a seasoned Whataburger fan or trying it for the first time, there’s something undeniably satisfying about sinking your teeth into a freshly made burger.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this incredible offer. Download the Whataburger Rewards app now and claim your free burger or earn triple points on your orders. National Burger Day only comes once a year, so make sure you make the most of it.

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Written by Brian Nagele

Brian attended West Virginia University, then started his career in the IT industry before following his passion for marketing and hospitality. He has over 20 years experience in the restaurant and bar industry.

As a former restaurant owner, he knows about running a food business and loves to eat and enjoy cocktails on a regular basis. He constantly travels to new cities tasting and reviewing the most popular spots.

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