Pink Sauce: The Latest Food Trend Taking TikTok by Storm

You might have seen videos of individuals creating and consuming a bright pink sauce if you’ve recently spent any time browsing through your social media feeds. This popular condiment, also known as “pink sauce,” has taken TikTok by storm, with countless individuals uploading their own interpretations of the recipe.

But what is pink sauce precisely, and why has it gained such a following? This page will discuss the history of pink sauce, the ingredients that go into it, and some of the ways you can use it.

What is Pink Sauce?

The condiment pink sauce, commonly referred to as “secret sauce” or “fried sauce,” has its roots in Latin America.

Although some varieties may contain extra ingredients like garlic, paprika, or hot sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise are commonly used to make it.

A creamy, tangy sauce is the end result, which is ideal for dipping fries, chicken nuggets, or other fried items.

Despite the fact that pink sauce has been around for a long time, there are a number of reasons for its sudden rise in popularity on TikTok.

For starters, the sauce’s vivid pink hue is eye-catching and makes for an engaging film.

In addition, regardless of prior cooking expertise, anyone can make it at home thanks to the recipe’s simplicity.

Finally, because of the sauce’s adaptability, it may be used in a wide range of foods, from salads to burgers.

How to Make Pink Sauce

The fundamental recipe for pink sauce can be easily modified at home, and there are endless variations available. Here is a straightforward recipe to get you going:


1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup ketchup

1 tablespoon pickle juice (optional)

1 teaspoon garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste


1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, ketchup, and pickle juice (if using) until smooth.

2. Add the garlic powder and stir to combine.

3. Taste the sauce and season with salt and pepper as needed.

4. Serve immediately, or store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.

Different Variations of Pink Sauce

One of the great things about pink sauce is that there are endless variations you can try. Here are just a few ideas:

Spicy pink sauce: Add a few dashes of hot sauce or cayenne pepper to give your pink sauce a spicy kick.

Chipotle pink sauce: Swap out the ketchup for chipotle sauce and add some adobo sauce for a smoky, spicy flavor.

Sriracha pink sauce: Add a generous amount of sriracha sauce to your pink sauce for a tangy, spicy flavor.

Vegan pink sauce: Use vegan mayonnaise instead of regular mayonnaise to make a plant-based version of pink sauce.

Ways to Use Pink Sauce

There are many more ways to enjoy pink sauce, despite the fact that fries and other fried meals are frequently associated with it. Here are some suggestions:

Burgers: Use pink sauce as a burger topping in place of ketchup or mustard.

Tacos: Drizzle pink sauce over your favorite tacos for a creamy, tangy flavor.

Salad dressing: Use pink sauce as a salad dressing in place of traditional dressings.

Grilled chicken: Brush pink sauce onto grilled chicken for a tangy, smoky flavor.

Sandwiches: Spread pink sauce onto your favorite sandwiches for a flavorful twist.


What is pink sauce made of?

Pink sauce is typically made with a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, although some variations may include additional ingredients like garlic, paprika, or hot sauce.

Where did pink sauce originate?

Pink sauce is believed to have originated in Latin America.

What foods can I use pink sauce with?

Pink sauce is a versatile condiment that can be used with a variety of foods, including fries, burgers, tacos, grilled chicken, and sandwiches.

Is pink sauce healthy?

Like most condiments, pink sauce should be consumed in moderation. While it does contain some fat and calories, using it in small amounts can be a flavorful addition to an otherwise healthy meal.

Can I make pink sauce vegan?

Yes! You can use vegan mayonnaise instead of regular mayonnaise to make a plant-based version of pink sauce.

How long does pink sauce last in the fridge?

Pink sauce can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.


Even though pink sauce may be the newest culinary craze on TikTok, its appeal is well-earned. It makes sense that so many people want to try producing it themselves given its versatile flavor, creamy texture, and acidic flavor.

Pink sauce is a delightful condiment that can provide a pop of color and taste to various different types of foods, whether you like a traditional recipe or want to try out some new versions.

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