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What is Hirami: A Culinary Delight from Japan’s Rich Food Heritage

Hirame sushi is a variety of sushi prepared from the flatfish hirame. It is a well-liked sushi option in Japan and is starting to become more well-liked elsewhere in the world. Hirame is a shiromi fish, or fish with white flesh, and it has a gentle, somewhat sweet flavor.

aburi hirame sushi in a black plate

Hirame is frequently served as nigiri sushi, a style of sushi that consists of a tiny ball of rice topped with a slice of fish or other component.

Hirame has a solid texture and is frequently eaten with soy sauce or wasabi. Since the fish is in season and at its freshest during the winter, hirame sushi is often served then.

Hirame is a tasty and distinctive alternative that is well worth trying, despite the fact that it may not be as well-known as other sushi fish varieties like tuna or salmon.

Hirame sushi is a meal that everyone should try, whether they are seasoned sushi fans or are new to the genre.

What is Hirame Sushi?

The ingredients for hirame sushi, a classic Japanese dish, are olive flounder and hand-pressed sushi rice.

Aburi Hirame sushi - japanese food style

The fish has a chewy texture and delicate, mild flavors; it is normally served uncooked.

Popular in Japan, hirame sushi is frequently offered in sushi restaurants all around the world.


Hirame sushi’s origins can be found in the Japanese Edo era (1603–1868).

Japanese Hirame sushi , Engawa Flatfish

Sushi was becoming more and more well-liked during this time, and new varieties were being developed.

One of these novel varieties of sushi was called hirame, and thanks to its distinctive flavor and texture, it immediately gained popularity.

In the waters near Japan, a flatfish species known as hirame is frequently encountered.

The fish is renowned for having a moderate flavor and a crisp, springy texture that make it ideal for sushi.

During the fall and winter when the fish is at its freshest, hirame sushi is typically offered.

The fish must first be cleaned and fileted before making hirame sushi. On top of hand-pressed sushi rice, the fillets are then cut into small slices.

Then, soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger are added to the sushi platter.

Overall, hirame sushi is a tasty and distinctive meal that sushi enthusiasts all around the world adore.

It is a wonderful addition to any sushi feast thanks to its delicate flavors and chewy texture, and its fascinating history only increases its appeal.


There are various hirami sushi varieties, each with its own presentation and cooking style.

Aburi Hirame sushi, Flounder fish sushi

Here are a few of the most well-known:

Nigiri Hirami Sushi

A little ball of sushi rice topped with a slice of hirami, which is either lightly seared or raw, is referred to as nigiri hirami sushi.

Hirame sushi - japanese food style

The hirami is generally coated with soy sauce or ponzu sauce, and the rice is typically seasoned with some vinegar and sugar.

Wasabi and pickled ginger are frequently provided on the side when serving nigiri hirami sushi.

Gunkan Hirami Sushi

A little ball of sushi rice wrapped in a strip of nori (dried seaweed) and topped with a filling of hirami and other ingredients is known as gunkan hirami sushi.

Engawa Sushi (Aburi Hirame sushi, Flounder fish sushi

It is simpler to eat since the nori acts as a vessel to keep the filling in place.

Uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), and negitoro (chopped tuna belly with scallions) are a few common fillings for gunkan hirami sushi.

Maki sushi (rolled sushi), temaki sushi (hand-rolled sushi), and chirashi sushi (sushi rice topped with a variety of ingredients) are further hirami sushi types.

Sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw fish eaten with soy sauce and wasabi, can also be made into hirami sushi.

Overall, hirami sushi is a delectable and adaptable variety that may be eaten in a variety of ways.

Hirami sushi is certain to sate your appetite for tasty, fresh sushi, whether you want it raw or lightly grilled, alone or with extra additions.

Serving and Eating

The most common kind of hirame sushi is nigiri, which consists of a little ball of sushi rice topped with a slice of the fish.

engawa sushi

Before serving, the sushi chef may brush a small bit of soy sauce on the fish and sprinkle a small amount of wasabi between the rice and the fish.

Use chopsticks to pick up the sushi and lightly coat it in soy sauce when eating hirame sushi.

A modest amount of grated ginger is frequently added to soy sauce to give it more flavor.

To enjoy the variety of flavors and textures in the sushi, it should be consumed in one bite.

Hirame sushi is frequently offered on a sushi platter along with other varieties of sushi like tuna, salmon, and eel. Additionally, pickled ginger and wasabi are frequently provided on the side.

It’s crucial to take the delicate flavor of the fish into account when combining hirame sushi with other dishes or drinks.

Drinks that are light and energizing, like sake or green tea, are frequently advised since they enhance the hirame’s delicate flavor without competing with it.

Hirame sushi is a tasty and delicate meal that is best appreciated while paying close attention to the flavors and textures of the fish and rice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engawa sushi Japanese Fluke Fin sushi in japanese restaurant

What is hirame sushi?

Hirame sushi is a type of sushi that features hirame, a type of flatfish that is also known as fluke or olive flounder. Hirame is highly appreciated as an ingredient, especially for the preparation of sushi or sashimi. Hirame sushi is typically served with wasabi and soy sauce.

What does hirame sushi taste like?

Hirame has a mild flavor and a firm, springy texture. This makes it an ideal ingredient for sushi and sashimi. Hirame sushi has a light, delicate taste that is not too overpowering.

Is hirame sushi healthy?

Hirame is a healthy choice for sushi lovers. It is low in calories and fat, and high in protein. Hirame is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium.

How is hirame sushi prepared?

Hirame sushi is typically prepared by slicing the hirame into thin pieces and placing them on top of a small ball of sushi rice. The sushi is then garnished with wasabi and soy sauce.

Can hirame sushi be eaten raw?

Yes, hirame sushi can be eaten raw. In fact, raw hirame sushi and sashimi are the two most popular presentations.

What are some other types of sushi that can be made with hirame?

Hirame can be used to make a variety of sushi dishes, including hirame nigiri, hirame sashimi, and hirame maki. Hirame can also be combined with other ingredients to create unique sushi rolls, such as the rainbow roll.

Aburi Hirame sushi, Flounder fish sushi, Japanese food

Hirame sushi, also known as olive flounder, is a traditional Japanese meal that consists of hand-pressed sushi rice topped with the fish.

It is a well-liked variety of nigiri sushi that is offered in many sushi establishments in Japan and other countries.

Hirame is popular among sushi lovers because of its chewy texture and delicate, mild flavors.

Hirame is a kind of white-fleshed fish known as shiromi, and is renowned for its mild flavor and firm, springy texture.

It can be eaten cooked or raw and is frequently used in sashimi and sushi. Hirame is a healthy option for sushi lovers because it is also high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Overall, hirame sushi is a tasty and nutritious food that is loved by many people all around the world.

Hirame sushi is unquestionably something you should taste, whether you adore sushi or are just seeking to try something new.

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