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What Are the Differences Between Del Taco and Taco Bell?

Unveiling the Distinctions: Del Taco vs. Taco Bell | Discover Menu Variations, Taste Profiles, Pricing, and More

One of the most well-known Mexican-inspired fast food restaurants in the US is Taco Bell, followed by Del Taco. Both restaurants provide a range of Tex-Mex cuisine, but they differ from one another in some significant ways. The way Del Taco and Taco Bell handle ingredients is among their key distinctions.

Taco Bell restaurant food court customers ordering

Del Taco takes pride in employing high-quality ingredients, like slow-cooked beans and hand-grated cheddar cheese.

The use of inferior ingredients and additives in Taco Bell’s meals, such as maltodextrin and soy lecithin, has drawn criticism in the past.

However, Taco Bell has worked to raise the caliber of its products and provide more natural options in recent years.

Their menu options are another significant distinction between the two chains.

Taco Bell is renowned for its inventive and imaginative menu items, including the Doritos Locos Tacos and the Crunchwrap Supreme, even though both restaurants serve traditional Mexican fare like tacos and burritos.

Contrarily, Del Taco emphasizes affordable options like their Buck & Under menu and provides a greater selection of burgers and fries.

Menu Offerings

The menu options at fast food restaurants can really make a difference.

Del Taco Fast Food Location

Here is a comparison of the Del Taco and Taco Bell menus.

Taco Bell Menu Offerings

Taco Bell is renowned for its distinctive and innovative menu selections, which have won over customers.

taco bell menu

The most well-liked menu selections include:

  • Doritos Locos Tacos: A taco with a shell made out of Doritos chips
  • Crunchwrap Supreme: A large flour tortilla filled with beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream
  • Quesarito: A burrito with a layer of melted cheese inside the tortilla
  • Mexican Pizza: A pizza with a crispy tortilla shell, beans, beef, cheese, and toppings

The Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme and the Bean Burrito are just two of Taco Bell’s many vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Additionally, they provide a breakfast menu that includes dishes like the AM Crunchwrap and the Breakfast Crunchwrap.

Taco Bell’s menu selections are distinctive and imaginative overall, with an emphasis on Tex-Mex cuisine.

Del Taco Menu Offerings

Traditional Mexican cuisine is a bigger focus on Del Taco’s menu.

Del Taco restaurant in Columbus

The most well-liked menu selections include:

  • Tacos: Soft or crispy tacos with beef, chicken, or fish
  • Burritos: Bean and cheese, chicken, or beef burritos
  • Quesadillas: Cheese, chicken, or beef quesadillas
  • Nachos: Nachos with beef, chicken, or beans

The Buck & Under menu, which has products like the Mini Cheddar Quesadilla and the Value Taco, is another section of the value menu that Del Taco offers.

A Beyond Meat menu featuring vegetarian and vegan alternatives is also available.

Overall, the menu selections at Del Taco are more conventional and emphasize Mexican flavors.

To sum up, both Del Taco and Taco Bell have distinctive menu options with various themes.

Del Taco’s menu is more conventional and focuses on Mexican food, whereas Taco Bell’s is more imaginative and emphasizes Tex-Mex flavors.

Ingredients and Quality

Del Taco and Taco Bell differ from one another in terms of the food’s quality and ingredients.

Taco Bell Restaurant in Finland

Fresh ingredients and a wide selection of menu items are two things that Del Taco takes great pride in.

Taco Bell, meanwhile, is renowned for its distinctive flavors and inventive menu choices.

Del Taco makes use of fresh ingredients including slow-cooked beans, hand-grated cheddar cheese, and marinated grilled chicken.

Additionally, they provide consumers with a “Buck & Under” menu that offers affordable selections.

While Taco Bell is distinguished from other fast-food companies by its seasoned beef, which has a distinctive flavor of its own.

Additionally, they have inventive menu items like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Doritos Locos Tacos.

Regarding food quality, both businesses have experienced difficulties and setbacks. When some of Del Taco’s lettuce tested positive for E. coli in 2011, they were faced with a food safety issue. coli.

When their lettuce was contaminated with E in 2006, Taco Bell likewise experienced this problem. coli.

Both restaurants have made efforts to raise food safety standards and guarantee that their components are both fresh and wholesome.

Overall, Taco Bell offers distinctive flavors and inventive menu selections, whereas Del Taco emphasizes fresh ingredients and affordable choices.

Depending on their own preferences for the caliber and flavor of the meal, customers can select the chain they want.

Pricing and Value

Taco Bell and Del Taco both have menu items that are reasonably priced.

Exterior view of a Del Taco restaurant in Irvine

Although Taco Bell’s menu prices are often a little more than those of Del Taco, the latter offers larger serving sizes and higher-quality ingredients.

For instance, Del Taco’s Epic Burritos cost about $6 but are packed with goodies like hand-grated cheddar cheese, fresh guacamole, and slow-cooked beans.

Contrarily, Taco Bell burritos cost about $4 and are often of a smaller size.

A wide range of discount menu items are also available from Del Taco, including their $1 Mini Quesadilla and 69-cent discount Taco.

These products are ideal for clients seeking an economical and speedy snack. A discount menu is also available at Taco Bell, with dishes like the $1 Beefy Fritos Burrito and $1 Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito among them.

One thing to bear in mind is that depending on where you are, different menu items may have different pricing and values.

For instance, Del Taco’s prices could be more expensive if there is a higher cost of living. It’s a good idea to always check the menu pricing at your neighborhood restaurant before ordering.

Overall, both Taco Bell and Del Taco provide budget-friendly and delectable menu choices.

Although Del Taco may be a little more pricey, they provide larger portions and higher-quality ingredients.

Contrarily, Taco Bell offers a greater selection of bargain menu options and typically lower costs.

Locations and Accessibility

Del Taco clearly loses out to Taco Bell in terms of accessibility and location. Eat Pallet estimates that Taco Bell has 7,772 locations in the US, compared to Del Taco’s 592.

Exterior of a Taco Bell restaurant in Miami

As a result, Taco Bell is now more easily reachable by customers all around the nation, giving it a more practical choice for people looking for fast food.

Del Taco does, however, have a significant following in the western United States, particularly in California.

Del Taco has less physical locations, but has been growing recently, with plans to open additional outlets in a number of states.

The brand, which has locations in 16 states, is constantly looking for franchisees to create new ones, according to the official Del Taco website.

Both Taco Bell and Del Taco make it simple for consumers to have a quick lunch on the road by providing drive-thru choices at the majority of their locations.

Both businesses also provide mobile apps that let consumers order beforehand and skip the line, which can be useful during busy times.

Overall, Del Taco is still a viable alternative for individuals in the western United States and is actively growing its reach even if Taco Bell has a greater footprint across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Del Taco Mexican Restaurant

What is the difference between Del Taco and Taco Bell?

Del Taco and Taco Bell are both fast-food chains that serve Mexican-inspired cuisine. However, there are some notable differences between the two. Here are a few:
Menu: While both chains offer similar items like tacos, burritos, and nachos, Del Taco has a wider variety of menu options. Del Taco also offers items like tamales, quesadillas, and burgers, while Taco Bell has a more limited menu.
Taste: Many people prefer the taste of Del Taco’s food over Taco Bell’s. Del Taco’s food is often described as having a fresher taste and using higher-quality ingredients.
Price: Del Taco is generally more affordable than Taco Bell, with lower prices for many menu items.
Atmosphere: Del Taco’s restaurants are often described as having a more casual, laid-back atmosphere compared to Taco Bell’s more fast-food-like atmosphere.

Which is healthier: Del Taco or Taco Bell?

Neither Del Taco nor Taco Bell are known for being particularly healthy options. However, both chains offer some healthier options on their menus. Del Taco offers items like grilled chicken tacos and bowls, while Taco Bell has a “fresco” menu with lower-calorie options. It’s important to note that both chains also offer many high-calorie, high-fat menu items.

Is Del Taco only in California?

No, Del Taco has locations in several states across the United States, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Michigan. However, the chain is most heavily concentrated in California.

Why is Del Taco not as well-known as Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is a much larger chain than Del Taco, with more locations and more widespread brand recognition. Additionally, Taco Bell has been around for much longer than Del Taco, having been founded in 1962 compared to Del Taco’s founding in 1964. However, Del Taco has a dedicated fan base and has been expanding in recent years, with plans to open more locations across the country.

Taco Bell fast-food restaurant in Valencia


In conclusion, both Del Taco and Taco Bell provide a variety of fast food items with a Mexican theme, but there are some significant distinctions between the two restaurants.

Compared to Taco Bell, Del Taco has fewer locations but a greater selection of food on the menu, such as street tacos, tamales, and their renowned Del Scorcho sauce.

For those who choose plant-based options, Del Taco also has Beyond Meat selections.

However, Taco Bell is more widely known and has a greater number of outlets. The renowned Crunchwrap Supreme and Doritos Locos Tacos, for example, can have items added or subtracted.

This restaurant is well recognized for its customizable menu selections. Del Taco does not have a breakfast menu, however Taco Bell does.

Both chains provide reasonably priced selections, with Taco Bell being slightly more economical altogether.

The price difference, meanwhile, is insufficient to have a substantial effect on the whole eating experience.

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