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Wetzel’s Pretzels’ Newest Drink Creation: Orange Dream

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, a renowned snack haven is stirring up nostalgia with a refreshing twist. Wetzel’s Pretzels recently unveiled its latest creation, the Orange Dream drink, reminiscent of the beloved flavors from the vibrant era of the 1990s.

With a playful nod to the iconic creamsicle, this new concoction features a delightful blend of sweet orange citrus granita topped with a creamy soft whip. Priced at $6.99, the Orange Dream is now gracing the menus of participating Wetzel’s Pretzels locations across the nation for a limited time.

As part of its anniversary festivities, Wetzel’s Pretzels is not only unveiling this delectable drink but also teasing a lineup of ’90s-inspired menu items throughout the year 2024. From boomboxes to rollerblades, each offering aims to evoke the spirit of the decade when Wetzel’s Pretzels first made its mark.

Enthusiasts eager to enjoy a taste of nostalgia need not wait long to dive into this citrusy delight. The Orange Dream drink invites patrons to immerse themselves in a journey through time, relishing every sip as they reminisce about the simpler days of the ’90s.

Whether you’re a loyal fan of Wetzel’s Pretzels or simply seeking a flavorful escape from the mundane, the Orange Dream drink promises to transport taste buds on a captivating trip down memory lane. So, seize the opportunity to relish in this limited-time treat before it fades into the annals of nostalgia once more.

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