Starbucks Oleato Olive Oil-Infused Coffee Launches Today 

Starbucks’ latest coffee flavor is one you might not expect: olive oil.

starbucks oleato line of drinks
Source: Starbucks

On March 23rd, Starbucks lovers in the United States can try a sip of this new olive oil-infused coffee line, which Starbucks has dubbed “Oleato”, meaning “with oil” in Italian.

The Oleato line of drinks was an idea from former CEO Howard Schultz, who just stepped down from his position last week. While visited Sicily last summer, Schultz saw Italians drinking olive oil as a daily ritual and began sipping olive oil with his coffee. From there, he decided to bring the combination to Starbucks.

Starbucks first launched its Oleato line in Italian locations, and now they’re coming to select locations in the United States. On March 23rd, they’ll arrive at Starbucks Reserve Roasteries and select Reserve Cafes in NYC, Chicago, and Seattle, as well as the location in Pike Place Market, Starbucks original storefront. 

On Monday, March 27th, a larger number of locations across Los Angeles and Seattle will be able to try Starbucks olive oil coffee drinks.

Later this year, Starbucks plans to bring the new line of drinks to Japan, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

Starbucks Oleato Line of Drinks

The Starbucks Oleato line includes a few olive-oil infused coffees, based on classic coffee drinks already on the menu. 

The drinks include the following:

Oleato Caffé Latte: Starbucks blonde espresso infused with extra virgin olive oil and steamed oat milk.

Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew: Starbucks cold brew topped with lightly sweetened extra virgin olive oil infused cold foam.

Oleato Iced Shaken Espresso: Iced shaken espresso with toffee nut syrup and oat milk infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil.

Customers can also order the new golden foam, a foamy mix of sweet cream and extra virgin olive oil, on top of their drinks, or they can add an extra press of extra virgin olive oil to a drink as add ons. 

Most of the drinks feature oat milk, aside from the golden foam which contains dairy.

At Starbucks Reserve locations, customers can also order an Oleato Iced Cortado, or an espresso martini with golden foam. 

For serious Starbucks fans, the roasteries will offer an Oleato Tasting Experience.

The olive oil used in all of Starbucks Oleato drinks is from Sicilian olive oil producer Partanna.

Starbucks Oleato Reviews

Starbucks has not yet shared the Italian response to the Oleato drinks. So far, reviews in the US are mixed. Some reviewers felt the drinks were too rich, while others think this is a great new innovation for Starbucks.

Others in the market think that the idea is too niche to become a part of everyday orders for US customers. 

We can’t wait to hear more about this creative new coffee line from Starbucks. If you’ve tried the Oleato drinks, tell us what you think in the comments below!

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