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What to Serve with Pizza as a Side Dish

Pizza is one of the best and most versatile foods. If you’re low on money and time, you can order a quick one from your favorite pizza chain.

three thin crust pizzas laid on a wooden table

I always keep a couple of frozen pizzas in the freezers for those nights when I just can’t. You can also make your own pizza dough and a gourmet pizza at home!

Is pizza a complete meal? If your pizza isn’t hitting all the food groups or will not be enough to feed everyone your partner invited over for the big game, never fear. You need the right side dishes! 

Whether you’re looking for pizza side dishes for a kid’s birthday party or a healthy lunch for one, I’ve got you covered with recipes for some of my favorite pizza side dishes.

Whatever your favorite pizza toppings are, these side dishes will pair well to complete your meal!

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