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32 Shrimp Pizza Recipes To Try

Homemade pizza provides a rewarding and interactive way to make a romantic dinner for two or a fun family meal. While shrimp is not the most popular pizza topping, shrimp and pizza go together better than you may think.

Seafood pizza

This crustacean is a versatile ingredient which pairs well with Asian, Italian, and American flavors.

These 32 shrimp pizza ideas can include sophisticated ingredients like bok choy or roasted red pepper pesto, but others feature more traditional flavors.

The recipes included here span skill levels too, with recipes taking less than 20 minutes to others which require multiple homemade ingredients.

We describe these shrimp pizza ideas to help you choose the best recipe for your next weeknight meal or special event.

Shrimp pizza ideas may not be the first thing you consider when making homemade pizza. However, shrimp makes a versatile and tasty pizza topping.

Shrimp pizza ideas span from Thai flavors to traditional Italian, as well as All-American flavors like spicy Buffalo shrimp and BBQ shrimp pizza. Cooks of all skill levels can find shrimp pizza ideas to fit their next menu.

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Written by Brian Nagele

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