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27 Seafood Pizza Recipes to Try

Seafood is a mainstay in many cuisines and cultures. Though many people love eating seafood as the main course, adding it as a topping to salty and savory meals like pasta, pizza, or stews is another use of the food category. 

Seafood Italian Pizza on wooden table

Seafood might not seem like the kind of ingredient you want to include on your pizza, but these top seafood pizza recipes might change your mind!

Some are savory options, while others lean into specific worldly cuisines, but they are all excellent options. This list will break down the best seafood pizza recipes and what makes them so delicious!

What’s Your Favorite Seafood Pizza Topping?

Try these seafood pizza recipes and tell us which is your favorite! You can experiment with different types of seafood and a wide variety of flavors to mix up your typical pizza night.

For other creative pizza ideas, check out our favorite mac and cheese pizza or sweet pizza recipes for dessert!

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Written by Brian Nagele

Brian has over 20 years experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. As a former restaurant owner, he knows about running a food business and loves to eat and enjoy cocktails on a regular basis. He constantly travels to new cities tasting and reviewing the most popular spots.