The 18 Best Sandwich Spreads To Try

Sandwiches make easy lunches, dinners, or even snacks to hold you over until your next meal.

Egg salad sandwich with cucumber, chive and cream cheese

The filling options for sandwiches are endless, as you can use deli meats, cheeses, vegetables, or anything else you can think of that you’d want between two slices of bread. 

While the filling is the star, condiments are a great way to add more flavor profiles to your sandwich.

Mayonnaise might be a spread that comes to mind with sandwiches. However, there are plenty of other spreads available to take your sandwich to the next level, ranging from cheese spreads to different mustards and relishes. 

Sandwich Condiments To Try 

Here are some of the best sandwich spreads to try the next time you make a sandwich.


If you’re a vegetarian or want a veggie-based sandwich, hummus can be the perfect addition to things like veggie melts and general veggie sandwiches.

Spread some hummus on your bread and build your sandwich with cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and cheese if you want it.

I love hummus because it’s a great plant-based protein.


Smooshing avocado down into a spread is a great way to add some healthy fats to your sandwich.

It’s also a good source of potassium, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Avocado goes well with veggie-based sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, egg sandwiches, and grilled chicken. I like spreading it on a classic turkey sandwich with some bacon.


Mayonnaise is most likely one of the popular choices for sandwich spreads, as it is rather light, adds a slight creaminess, and gives your sandwich a little fat and saltiness.

You can use mayonnaise on almost any sandwich, and it will taste good, but my favorite ways to use it are on veggie sandwiches, club sandwiches, and BLTs. 

Pesto Sauce

Pesto sauce is tasty on pasta, but it’s also a good sandwich spread.

The basil-based sauce goes well with turkey, ham, tomatoes, cheese, and grilled chicken.

You can spread the pesto sauce on your sandwich or drizzle it.

I recommend making a sandwich with fresh mozzarella, fresh sliced tomatoes, and pesto sauce on ciabatta bread for classic Italian flavor. It’s so delicious!

Fruit Jam or Preserves

There’s nothing better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s a classic food combo!

This, of course, is the easiest way to use fruit jam or preserves on a sandwich.

However, you can use this for other sandwiches too. Fruit jams and preserves go great on ham sandwiches, as it cuts the saltiness of the ham and can balance the sandwich.

Another idea is to use fig preserves and prosciutto on Italian bread to make a sandwich. 

I like to try different flavored jams on sandwiches, and I found that blackberry jam is one of the best.


Butter works best as a barrier to prevent the bread of your sandwich from getting wet and soggy.

It also adds some more flavor to your sandwich. A common way to use butter on a sandwich is with ham and cheese.

This sandwich is prevalent in places like France, but I made it at home once, and I loved it. It’s even better if you toast the sandwich.


Aioli usually consists of mayonnaise, garlic, and other things like olive oil or lemon juice.

Using this creamy spread on turkey, BLT, ham, and shaved steak sandwiches is best.

There are multiple types of aiolis as well, such as chipotle, lemon, rosemary, truffle, and more.

I enjoy spreading some garlic aioli on my roasted turkey sandwiches. 

Cheese Spreads

Cheese spreads are a nice addition to sandwiches to replace sliced cheese or add to them if you’re a cheese lover.

You can make delicious cheese spreads at home, or you can find one at your local grocery store.

I like to use strong cheese spreads, like cheddar, and add it to all my sandwiches. These spreads tend to go well with all types of meat.

Truffle Spread

Truffle spread typically consists of truffle mushrooms, olive oil, and herbs and looks similar to pesto.

My favorite way to use this spread is on grilled cheese, as it adds some earthiness and works very well with the creaminess of the cheese.

Another great way to use it is on a ham or prosciutto sandwich with some spinach. 


Mustard is a favorite for sandwich spreads, as it adds the perfect amount of tanginess.

It usually works best with lunch meats like turkey or ham and cheese.

I always go for a turkey and cheese sandwich with some mustard, lettuce, and tomato. Yellow mustard and dijon mustard are my favorites, but there are many kinds of mustards to use.

Hot Pepper Spread

If you like spicy things, a hot pepper spread is a perfect way to bring some spice and acidity to your sandwich.

You can use this spread on any sandwich ranging from veggie and egg sandwiches to lunch meat sandwiches, such as turkey, chicken, ham, or salami.

I also love adding some of this spread to Italian grinder sandwiches.

Almond Butter 

If you’re not the biggest peanut butter fan or you’re allergic to peanuts, almond butter is a great alternative.

You can use this with jam or simply eat a plain almond butter sandwich. I like almond butter better than peanut butter because it has a nuttier taste. 

Almonds are also a great source of vitamin E, fiber, biotin, and other minerals that can help keep your body healthy.

Barbecue Sauce 

Barbecue sauce is a great addition to a sandwich if you want some smokiness, acidity, and sweetness.

There are also plenty of flavors for you to try, including honey, spicy, bourbon, hickory, garlic, and many others. 

My favorite way to use barbecue sauce is on a grilled chicken sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and tomato. It’s also great to put on a pulled pork sandwich.  

Cashew Butter 

Another nut butter option to replace peanut butter is cashew butter, which offers a very mild flavor compared to other kinds of nut butter.

This soft nut butter also has a natural sweetness, so you’ll find that you may not need to buy a sweetened version. 

Pair this nut butter with jelly or jam, fruit, or eat a cashew butter sandwich. I like to make cashew butter and blueberry sandwiches.

Eating cashews or cashew butter also showed researchers that these nuts can drop cholesterol levels.

Cream Cheese 

You might think cream cheese is only for bagels, but this spread compliments plenty of sandwiches too.

Try replacing the cheese in your sandwiches with cream cheese, as it makes the sandwich creamier and brings in a nice smooth texture. 

Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, sometimes called tea sandwiches, are popular and very fresh-tasting.

I tried a salami and cream cheese sandwich before, and to my surprise, I loved it!

Honey Mustard 

Honey mustard works well with most lunch meats and tastes delicious in club sandwiches and grilled or fried chicken sandwiches.

It’s on the sweeter side, so if you don’t like the vinegar taste from yellow or dijon mustard, you’ll probably like this. 

I like to spread a little honey mustard on my turkey club sandwiches, as it compliments the turkey, especially if it’s honey glazed.

Hot Sauce 

Hot sauce isn’t just for chicken wings! Spicy hot sauce is a great way to get bold flavors and acidity into your sandwiches.

While you can choose to put hot sauce on any sandwich you want, I think it tastes best on either grilled or fried chicken sandwiches.

You could even add it to grilled cheese to make a spicy grilled cheese. 

Check out the world’s hottest hot sauces if you want a seriously spicy sandwich!


Relish isn’t always the sweet pickle-based one that many put on burgers.

There’s a range of relishes available, including pepper, artichoke, onion, tomato, and many more.

Relishes are acidic, so I like to pair them with neutral sandwich fillings such as plain turkey, plain ham, or mild cheese. 

I find that pickle-based relish goes best on hamburgers, hot dogs, and tuna sandwiches.

I think other relishes, such as sweet pepper or tomato, taste best with turkey, ham, or chicken sandwiches.

The Best Sandwich Spreads 

  1. Hummus
  2. Avocado
  3. Mayonnaise 
  4. Pesto Sauce
  5. Fruit Jam or Preserves
  6. Butter
  7. Aioli
  8. Cheese Spreads
  9. Truffle Spread
  10. Mustard
  11. Hot Pepper Spread
  12. Almond Butter 
  13. Barbecue Sauce 
  14. Cashew Butter 
  15. Cream Cheese 
  16. Honey Mustard 
  17. Hot Sauce 
  18. Relish 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes sandwiches can get boring, especially if you eat them often for lunch. Luckily, it’s easy to dress your sandwiches up and add more flavor to them by simply adding a spread.

Use this list of the best sandwich spreads as a starting point for your sandwich-making creativity. Try them all, and let us know in the comments below which ones you liked the most.

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