The Favorite Foods of the Royal Family

When it comes to the British royal family, there’s so much to admire, including their fashion sense, regal poise, opulent palaces, grand events, and even their food preferences! With access to the best chefs and ingredients, the royals have quite a diverse palate when it comes to food.

Royal Family at Buckingham Palace

However, have you ever wondered what their favorite foods are?

Despite their busy schedules and formal engagements, many royal family members are passionate about food and enjoy cooking and trying new dishes.

We’ll uncover some of the favorite foods and culinary preferences of various past and present royal family members.

So, let’s discover what dishes make the cut for the royal family’s favorite foods!

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-reigning monarch in British history and the second-longest reigning monarch in global history, with over 70 years on the throne before she passed away on September 8, 2022.

Queen Elizabeth II visits Liverpool Albert Dock

Her Majesty was known to enjoy various foods, including chocolate mousse, sausages, and salmon from the royal estates.

Chocolate biscuit cake was another favorite dessert, so it was served at various royal events over the years.

She also liked to have a glass of Dubonnet fortified wine mixed with a gin martini, a favorite of hers that she usually took after lunch.

Additionally, the Queen enjoyed jam-penny sandwiches and mineral water.

Reportedly, she and the whole royal family enjoyed roasted chicken, especially with accompanying traditional dishes like roasted potatoes and vegetables.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was married to the Queen for over 73 years and passed away in April 2021.

Prince Philip

Throughout his life, he was known for his love of food, including exotic dishes, spicy foods like chili, and French cuisine like frogs’ legs and stuffed bell peppers.

The prince also had a particular taste for Gaelic steaks with Marmite and salmon coulibiac, a Russian dish of salmon and rice wrapped in pastry.

Finally, the Duke was also fond of venison and pheasant and enjoyed game dishes.

King Charles III

King Charles III, formerly Prince Charles before Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, is the eldest son of the late Queen and now rules the British throne.

Prince of Wales at the 21st session of the UN Conference

His Majesty has a love for organic and sustainable produce, homegrown veggies, and game.

His favorites include seared lamb with wild mushroom risotto. Prince Charles also has a passion for organic farming and sustainable food.

In terms of drinks, he enjoys a glass of whiskey occasionally. And in terms of what he doesn’t like, he reportedly avoids zucchini and garlic to keep his breath fresh at public events.

Princess Diana

Many loved Princess Diana and admired her food preferences. She was the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry and passed away tragically in 1997 in a car crash.

princess diana

The Princess was famous for her philanthropic work, impressive fashion sense, and love of food.

She enjoyed poached chicken, British dessert bread, butter pudding, and creme brulee.

But her favorite dish was reportedly stuffed bell peppers, a Mediterranean-inspired dish typically made with ground beef, rice, and tomato sauce.

Presumably, to stay healthy and fit, she tended to avoid carbs in her diet.

Camilla Parker Bowles

The former Duchess of Cornwall and now the Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles is King Charles’ wife.

Camilla Parker Bowles visiting Cracow in Poland

She enjoys simple, traditional English meals made with locally sourced ingredients.

Fish and chips, roasted meats, and other classic British dishes are some of her favorites.

This passionate foodie also has a particular love for lavender shortbread and violet creams, and another one of her favorite dishes is canned beans on toast.

Finally, she’s a fan of French cuisine and has visited several Michelin-starred restaurants throughout her life.

Prince William

Prince William, the eldest son of King Charles and first in line to the throne, has a passion for sports and the outdoors.

Prince William

When it comes to food, he is a fan of traditional British dishes like shepherd’s pie but also has a fondness for lasagna, Swiss cheese, and sushi.

He does not enjoy overly spicy foods and instead reportedly has a sweet tooth, enjoying tasty treats like chocolate cake and ice cream.

Additionally, he is a fan of roast chicken, a dish that is popular in the royal family.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales and Prince William’s wife is always in the spotlight due to her stylish and sophisticated fashion sense.

kate middleton

In terms of her favorite dishes, she reportedly loves a classic British sandwich made with ham, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes.

She also enjoys healthy foods and green juices with spinach, coriander, kale, matcha, and berries. She also likes healthy grilled fish and salads.

Further, she thoroughly enjoys Indian food like curry and tends to cook these curries at home.

However, she does not have a sweet tooth like her husband and avoids eating sugary treats.

Prince George

Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and the Princess of Wales, seems to have an appetite for the same type of food as his father.

queen elizabeth and prince george

He enjoys Sunday roasts with gravy and roasted chicken but also likes a wide variety of foods, including cheesy pasta, spaghetti carbonara, pizza, and sushi.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte, the second child of Prince William and the Princess of Wales, loves something that not many children tend to enjoy – olives!

william, kate, price george and pricess charlotte

Like her brother George, she can’t seem to get enough of cheesy pasta, either. Plus, she has a fondness for strawberries.

Prince Louis

The youngest child of Prince William is Prince Louis, and while he is still very young, his parents have suggested that he enjoys a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables.

More specifically, he likes veggie soup containing healthy items such as carrots, beetroot, and beans.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is the younger son of King Charles and the late Princess Diana.

Prince Harry

In recent years, he has made his way into the press for his philanthropic work, highly publicized marriage to actress Meghan Markle, and the decision to leave the royal family.

When it comes to food, he is known to enjoy cottage pie with minced beef and mashed potatoes.

His favorite desserts include jam roly-poly and summer berry pudding.

Megan Markle

Megan Markle, the former Duchess of Sussex, has faced praise and scrutiny for her and Prince Harry’s departure from the royal family.

meghan markle and prince harry

Markle is a self-described foodie. Despite her claims of being a foodie, her staples include steel-cut oats with bananas and agave syrup, daily green juice, omelets with cheese, French fries, and pasta.

Although Markle is no longer a working member of the royal family, she and Prince Harry have continued to use their platform to promote important causes, including food insecurity and hunger.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne is the second child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and she is known for her love of outdoor activities and sports.

princess anne

She has competed in several equestrian events and has a passion for horse riding.

When it comes to food, Princess Anne prefers simple meals and enjoys eating locally sourced and organic produce.

Princess Anne has also revealed that she does not like exotic foods and prefers to eat familiar dishes like roast beef, salmon, bacon sandwiches, and shepherd’s pie.

She also enjoys fresh vegetables, fruits, and salads and loves cheese. She also has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

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