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What is Roman-Style Pizza?

Roman-style pizza, also known as Pizza al taglio originated in Rome during the 1960s. Now, the popularity of this pizza is fairly widespread.

It is enjoyed in Central Italy and its popularity is also on the rise in the United States. 

classic roman style pizza

As you are likely aware, there are lots of different types of pizza in Italy. Although they may be shaped and topped differently, they have something in common – they all taste great. 

Now you may be wondering what makes Roman Style pizza different from any other type of pizza that you can get in Italy. We have identified the characteristics of this pizza below.

The Consistency Of The Pizza Dough

Perhaps the most noticeable characteristic of this type of pizza is the crumbliness of the dough. This is achieved by using authentic ingredients and cooking it in a certain way.

Italian flour is combined with water, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt to create the thin dough and crust.

After making the dough, it needs to be set aside and left to rest for approximately two days in the refrigerator until it starts to develop air bubbles.

Full 72 hour pizza dough fermentation method. Roman style pizza slice

It’s these air bubbles that give the dough the light but crumbly consistency that it is known for. 

As the third day approaches, the dough can then be added to a pan and left to sit at a warm/room temperature for around 8 hours longer.

During this time, the dough will then begin to rise, however, if the temperature is not regulated and it gets too warm there is a risk of the dough rising too much.

Once the dough has risen it can then be removed from the pan and shaped. Remember that Roman-style pizza has a rectangular-shaped base that you want to try and replicate.

After shaping the dough, it can then be transferred to an Italian steel pizza pan.

What Toppings And Sauce Are Used?

Similar to most other pizzas, the base of a Roman pizza is topped with a tomato sauce. This sauce is made using vine-ripened tomatoes. There is an equal balance of different textures and tastes and the toppings are added in a similar ratio. 

Of course, the toppings can be added according to your preference. Typically, a generous amount of cheese is added and accompanied by meats such as pepperoni or sausage.

Other popular toppings include basil, anchovies, pepper, and pecorino cheese. 

There are many recipes available that you can follow. Whether you enjoy meat-loaded pizzas or those that combine the tastes of different Italian cheeses, there is bound to be something that accommodates your preferences.

What Type Of Pan Is Roman-Style Pizza Cooked In?

To create the perfect Roman-style pizza you will need to use a rectangular shaped pan. The pan that you use will also depend on the size of the pizza that you want to make.

When it comes to making pizza, blue steel pans are a particularly popular choice. Without using the right pan, you are going to struggle to achieve the desired shape of the pizza. 

What Is The Meaning Behind Al Taglio?

Pizza al Taglio is traditionally cooked in rectangle pans and sold by the weight and unlike American culture which is by the slice.. After cooking your pizza and removing it from the pan you will need to use some pizza scizzas to cut it into square-shaped slices.

Pizza al Taglio

A great thing about these scissors is that they can cut through the crumbly crust without breaking it or shifting the toppings out of place.

You will find it difficult to cut through the pizza using a regular cutter. 

How Do You Cook Roman-Style Pizza?

Preparing your pizza isn’t going to require a lot of effort on your part.

The initial stages involve setting the dough aside and allowing it to rise before shaping it using a rolling pin. You will then need to set the temperature of your oven to 500 degrees.

After inserting the pizza, let it cook until the toppings and the crust look golden brown and the cheese is nice and melted. Usually, this will take a maximum of 14 minutes.

To make sure all of the toppings are cooked through evenly, you should rotate the pan regularly as it bakes.

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