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Potbelly Launches New 6-Pack Cookie Box

Potbelly, the beloved neighborhood sandwich shop, has unveiled a delightful addition to its menu that is sure to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth. Say hello to the new 6-Pack Cookie Box, a bundle of joy packed with Potbelly’s famous cookies, baked fresh daily right in their shops.

Potbelly 6-Pack Cookie Box

Cookie enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as Potbelly unveils a convenient new option to savor their beloved treats. Whether your taste buds crave the timeless delight of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, the decadent richness of a Chocolate Brownie cookie, or the comforting sweetness of a Sugar Cookie, there’s a treat for every palate in this box. This delectable offering is already available for purchase, so don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in these irresistible cookies.

What makes Potbelly’s cookies stand out? It’s not just their delicious flavors; it’s the commitment to freshness and quality. Each cookie is lovingly baked in-shop daily, ensuring that every bite is warm, fresh, and bursting with flavor. It’s a testament to Potbelly’s dedication to providing their customers with nothing but the best.

Potbelly understands that sharing is caring, which is why they’ve made it easier than ever to spread the joy. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, share with friends and family, or save some for later, the 6-Pack Cookie Box has got you covered. And for those looking for even more perks, Potbelly encourages joining their Potbelly Perks program, where members can unlock special offers and rewards on the entire menu.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Potbelly’s website, app, or visit your nearest shop to get your hands on the new 6-Pack Cookie Box. Indulge in sweet bliss and turn any ordinary meal into a memorable experience with Potbelly’s irresistible cookies.

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