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7 Pizza Hut Secret Menu Items to Try

Diners at Pizza Hut know all about Personal Pan Pizzas and the many other items on the menu. Only Pizza Hut insiders know about Pizza Hut’s secret menu, but word is spreading. 

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Over-the-top pizza creations, a decadent dessert, and even a sandwich made this secret menu at Pizza Hut. It’s a secret no more, as we’re sharing Pizza Hut’s secret menu items so everyone can order like an in-the-know VIP at Pizza Hut. 

Not only are we sharing Pizza Hut’s secret menu, but we’re ranking some of the best items on the secret menu, from a heart-shaped pizza for the romantic at heart to tongue-tickling Garlic Buffalo Sliders. Try one, or better yet, try them all and see if you agree. 

Check out the secret items on Pizza Hut’s menu!

Remember, not every Pizza Hut employee will have knowledge of these menu items. You may have to request items separately and combine them together.

We make note of which orders are “some assembly required” so there’s no confusion. 

Heart-Shaped Pizza 

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, marriage proposals, anniversaries, or just to show your love, Pizza Hut’s Heart-Shaped Pizza shows love in any pizza combination.

Since Pizza Hut dough is made fresh to order, making a pizza in the shape of a heart is easy for Pizza Hut’s pizza chefs. 

Sometimes this Secret Menu item is advertised – usually around Valentine’s Day – but the Heart-Shaped Pizza is available all year on the Pizza Hut Secret Menu.

Cheese, pepperoni, onions, peppers, sausage, mushrooms – add whatever you’d like. Pizza Hut will make its Heart-Shaped Pizza in all your favorite flavors.

Order several for a Valentine’s Party – kids and adults alike will love them. 

With Pizza Hut’s Heart-Shaped Pizza, you can show your true feelings to your favorite pizza lover, celebrate Feb. 14 in style, or just enjoy the pizza flavors you love festively. 

Hotdog Stuffed Crust 

If you’re trying to decide whether to have hotdogs or pizza for dinner, this Pizza Hut Secret Menu item solves your problem.

This stuffed crust pizza is surrounded by a ring of hotdogs wrapped in dough. Even better, the Hotdog Stuffed Crust Pizza can have any toppings you’d like.  

Eating the Hotdog Stuffed Crust Pizza is the best of both worlds.

Most who order the Hotdog Stuffed Crust Pizza eat a slice pizza-style and then dip the Hotdog Stuffed Crust in their favorite dipping sauce.

It’s like getting two Pizza Hut treats for the price of one.  

Dessert Cake 

If you order the Dessert Cake from the Pizza Hut Secret Menu, be prepared for a bit of a do-it-yourself project.

The Dessert Cake involves getting the Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie, and a side of the white frosting that usually comes with Pizza Hut’s Cinnamon Sticks. 

To make the Pizza Hut Secret Menu Dessert Cake, you stack the Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie on top of the Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, holding your creation together with the side of white frosting spread between the two dessert layers. 

The result is the Pizza Hut Dessert Cake. A must-order for chocolate lovers, the Dessert Cake is the most decadent way to top off dinner at Pizza Hut, and it’s available anytime on Pizza Hut’s Secret Menu. 

Buffalo Cheese Sticks  

Imagine Pizza Hut Cheese Sticks topped with chicken and drizzled with Buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. Hungry yet?

If that tempting combination got your attention, order Buffalo Cheese Sticks off the Pizza Hut Secret Menu. 

Hearty enough to be a meal, Buffalo Cheese Sticks from Pizza Hut can also be a hot, cheesy appetizer the next time you eat indoors at Pizza Hut or pick up Pizza Hut takeout.

All the flavors of Buffalo chicken wings are here at this flavor party.

Customized Vegan Pizza  

Here’s another secret – Vegans love pizza, too. Thanks to the Pizza Hut Secret Menu, people who eat a vegan diet can enjoy Pizza Hut pizza, too.

All Pizza Hut crusts – regular, thin, and pan – are vegan, so all vegans need to do to finish their order is ask for vegan marinara and top it with vegan-friendly toppings. 

Even if you’re not vegan, getting a Customized Vegan Pizza can be a healthy way to enjoy Pizza Hut pizza since the Customized Vegan Pizza has less fat and calories than other pizzas on the regular Pizza Hut menu. 

Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza 

Here’s a sweet item on Pizza Hut’s Secret Menu – the Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza. A sweet barbecue sauce with just the right amount of heat makes the Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza buzzworthy.

A drizzle of ranch dressing tops the Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza, giving it just a touch of creaminess.  

Fans of the Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza, rejoice.

First available for a limited time on Pizza Hut’s regular menu, the Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza is available every day on the Pizza Hut Secret Menu.  

Garlic Buffalo Sliders 

One of the most inventive items on the Pizza Hut Secret Menu, Garlic Buffalo Sliders require some assembly.

The Buffalo, garlic, garlic, and blue cheese flavors you get will be worth the effort. 

When you order Garlic Buffalo Sliders, you will get an order of Pizza Hut Breadsticks, an order of Buffalo Boneless Wings, and a side of blue cheese dressing.

To assemble, split the Breadsticks open and insert a Boneless Buffalo Wing.

Top with blue cheese dressing, and you get all the delicious flavors of Buffalo wings in a slider. 

Pizza Hut’s menu offers myriad pizza combinations and sides. If you find yourself getting bored of their traditional menu, you can delve into the Pizza Hut Secret Menu for even more unique treats you can only get at Pizza Hut. The Pizza Hut Secret Menu offers new ways to enjoy old favorites and provides different twists on its iconic pizzas. 

Now that you know these seven can’t-miss orders from the Pizza Hut Secret Menu, you, too, can dine like a Pizza Hut insider every day of the year. 

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