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Pizza Hut and Keith Lee Partner Up for FamiLEE Community Pizza

Pizza Hut has ignited a spark of excitement with its latest culinary creation, the FamiLEE Community Pizza, a delectable collaboration with renowned TikTok food critic Keith Lee. This innovative pizza offering, born out of Pizza Hut’s commitment to supporting local communities, promises not only a delightful taste experience but also a heartwarming touch of community spirit.

Crafted with care and inspired by Keith Lee’s family favorites, the FamiLEE Community Pizza features a hand-tossed crust adorned with the classic combination of pepperoni and bacon. But what truly sets this pizza apart is its ability to cater to individual tastes, thanks to Pizza Hut’s $12ANY promotion, allowing customers to customize their toppings and crust preferences without breaking the bank.

What makes this partnership even more special is its focus on giving back. In a demonstration of solidarity with underserved communities, Pizza Hut and Keith Lee have pledged a generous donation of $50,000 to Southfield ANT and OakHills High School, reflecting Lee’s deep-rooted commitment to education and community service.

The FamiLEE Community Pizza isn’t just about tempting taste buds; it’s about fostering connections and making a positive impact. As it rolls out nationwide for a limited time, it serves as a reminder of the power of collaboration and the joy of giving back to those in need.

So, next time you’re craving a slice of pizza, why not opt for the FamiLEE Community Pizza? Not only will you be treating yourself to a delicious meal, but you’ll also be supporting a worthy cause and spreading a little love in your community.

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Written by Brian Nagele

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