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Pieology’s Latest Menu Innovation: Craft Your Own Calzone

Get ready to take your pizza night to a whole new level! Pieology, the beloved fast-casual pizza chain, is introducing an exciting addition to its menu: the Craft Your Own Calzone. Now available at all Pieology locations nationwide, this customizable menu option allows you to personalize your calzone with up to five toppings, ensuring that every bite is a delicious adventure.

Pielogy Craft Your Own Calzone

So, what exactly is the Craft Your Own Calzone? Imagine your favorite pizza toppings – from savory meats to fresh veggies – folded into a warm, doughy pocket of goodness. With this new offering, you have the freedom to mix and match your toppings to create a calzone that’s uniquely yours. And to add even more flavor, you get to choose a side sauce for dipping – because who can resist a perfectly dunked calzone?

To celebrate the launch of the Craft Your Own Calzone, Pieology is treating its loyal customers to a special promotion through its Pies and Perks rewards program. For a limited time, Pie Life Members who purchase a Craft Your Own Calzone or Pizza can unlock Pies and Perks status until the end of the year. This means free daily side items with every pizza or calzone purchase – whether you’re craving a refreshing beverage, a crisp side salad, or a sweet treat like a cookie.

What makes Pieology stand out is its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By introducing the Craft Your Own Calzone, they’re giving pizza lovers the chance to get creative and customize their dining experience. Whether you prefer classic combinations or bold flavor experiments, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting your perfect calzone.

Gather your loved ones and rush to your closest Pieology spot to savor the Craft Your Own Calzone firsthand. Whether you’re in for a quick snack or a relaxed dining experience, now’s the prime moment to relish in a taste of pizza paradise.

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