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MrBeast Box Meal Arrives at Zaxby’s

Today marks a significant milestone for both Zaxby’s and fans of YouTube sensation MrBeast, as they join forces to unveil the highly anticipated MrBeast Box meal. Available starting today, May 16, 2024, at Zaxby’s locations nationwide, this collaboration promises to redefine the dining experience for enthusiasts craving a taste of something truly special.

At the heart of the MrBeast Box are Zaxby’s renowned 4 Chicken Fingerz, featuring tenderloins marinated for 12 hours and hand-breaded to perfection. Paired with Zaxby’s Crinkle Fries, golden and crispy with just the right amount of seasoning, this meal is a testament to quality and flavor.

But the feast doesn’t stop there. The MrBeast Box also includes Zaxby’s Cheddar Bites, bite-sized delights of White Cheddar cheese, and two slices of Zaxby’s Texas Toast, served with a delectable garlic spread. Complementing these savory delights are two signature sauces from Zaxby’s saucefolio: Zax Sauce and Ranch, adding the perfect finishing touch to every bite.

However, the highlight of the MrBeast Box is MrBeast’s latest creation: the Feastables Milk Chocolate Bar. Made with simple, high-quality ingredients, this chocolate bar provides a deliciously sweet conclusion to an extraordinary meal. Exclusive to Zaxby’s, the Feastables Milk Chocolate Bar showcases the innovative spirit of this collaboration.

Packaged in collectible boxes co-designed by MrBeast himself, adorned with his signature Beast colors and iconic panther logo, the MrBeast Box is more than just a meal—it’s a statement. It represents a partnership built on shared values of quality, creativity, and a commitment to delivering the best to fans everywhere.

But this collaboration is just the beginning. As MrBeast and Zaxby’s begin a year-long partnership, fans can expect to see more exciting endeavors on the horizon, including video integrations and social media content that promise to delight and inspire.

So, whether you’re a longtime fan of Zaxby’s or a dedicated follower of MrBeast, the MrBeast Box meal is an invitation to experience something truly extraordinary. Available for a limited time starting at $12.99, don’t miss your chance to feast like a beast at Zaxby’s today.

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Written by Brian Nagele

Brian attended West Virginia University, then started his career in the IT industry before following his passion for marketing and hospitality. He has over 20 years experience in the restaurant and bar industry.

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