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McDonald’s is Finally Offering Big Mac Sauce on the Side

Big Mac Sauce fans, it’s time to celebrate. McDonald’s most popular sauce, offered only on their Big Mac burger, is finally available as a side.

mcdonalds big mac sauce announcement
Source: McDonald’s

McDonald’s announced yesterday that they will be rolling out Big Mac Sauce dip cups that you can order on the side of your Big Mac, to dip your fries in, or for your McNuggets if you like. 

After years of only being able to enjoy Big Mac Sauce on a Big Mac, it’s finally available as a separate item. 

There is one caveat: to get the Big Mac Sauce dip cups, you have to order through the McDonald’s app.

mcdonalds big mac sauce
Source: McDonald’s

The Big Mac Sauce will be available at no extra charge with any order of Chicken McNuggets, or you can order it a la carte to go with any other McDonald’s items you’re ordering.

The dip cups will be blue and silver as an homage to the original Big Mac wrapper from 1968.

When Can I Get Big Mac Sauce Dip Cups?

The Big Mac Sauce dip cups will be available starting on April 27, 2023 – but only for a limited time, and at participating restaurants. McDonald’s did not announce which restaurants or locations would be participating. 

If you love Big Mac Sauce, you’ll have to order from your local McDonald’s quickly to make sure you get a chance to get the sauce!

Don’t forget – you have to use the McDonald’s app to get the promotion.

It’s not actually the first time McDonald’s has made Big Mac sauce available – in 2017, McDonald’s bottled and gave away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Sauce to enthusiastic customers.

Other News from McDonald’s

This news comes right after McDonald’s announced changes to its burger recipe, including more Big Mac sauce and more melty cheese. 

They also recently announced big news about the Chicken Big Mac.

McDonald’s is making clear efforts to revamp their offerings without making any major changes, and offering the Big Mac Sauce in a dipping cup is an easy way to give customers what they want.

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