Krispy Kreme Presents: The Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection

Krispy Kreme has teamed up with the legendary Dolly Parton to introduce a delightful new treat for doughnut lovers everywhere. The “Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection” brings together the flavors of the South in a unique assortment of four delicious doughnuts, available for a limited time at select Krispy Kreme locations.

The collection features an array of delectable flavors, each with its own distinctive twist. The Dolly Dazzler Doughnut, featuring an Original Glazed base, is adorned with a strawberry icing glaze and accented with gold, pink, and white glitter sprinkles. Completing its charming appeal is a delightful chocolate butterfly piece, making it a visually stunning and delicious addition to the collection. On the other hand, the Peachy Keen Cobbler Doughnut offers a delightful combination of an unglazed doughnut filled with real peach filling, dipped in brown sugar icing, and finished with a crunchy cobbler garnish.

For fans of classic Southern desserts, the Banana Puddin’ Pie Doughnut is sure to be a hit. Filled with banana pudding made with wafers and banana pudding KREME, and topped with a yellow icing glaze and a wafer cookie, it’s a rich treat that captures the essence of homemade comfort food. Meanwhile, the Chocolate Crème Pie Doughnut offers a decadent experience, with a swirl of chocolate brownie cream, vanilla whipped topping, and a sprinkling of chocolate cookie crumble atop an Original Glazed doughnut base.

To celebrate the launch of the Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection, Krispy Kreme is inviting fans to join in the fun on Saturday, May 18, 2024. Customers who come dressed in their best Dolly-inspired attire will receive a free Original Glazed Doughnut, while those who prefer to serenade the staff with their favorite Dolly Parton song can also claim a complimentary treat.

In addition to the in-store offerings, fans can also enjoy the Dolly-inspired delights with a limited-time Krispy Kreme 6-pack, featuring three of the collection’s most popular doughnuts: the Dolly Dazzler, Banana Puddin’ Pie, and Chocolate Crème Pie. These packs are available at select grocery stores for a convenient way to enjoy the sweet treats.

So whether you’re a die-hard Dolly fan or simply someone who appreciates a good doughnut, be sure to stop by your nearest Krispy Kreme location and treat yourself to a taste of the South with the Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection. But hurry – these sweet treats won’t be around for long!

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