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KFC Discontinued Items To Order

Do you enjoy the food at KFC? If so, you might be sad to learn that the fast-food restaurant company has over the years stopped serving some of its most cherished meals. KFC has said farewell to a number of its most recognizable menu items, including the Double Down and Little Bucket Parfaits.

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The Double Down, which debuted in 2010, is one of the most well-liked discontinued products.

Instead of bread, this sandwich had two slices of fried chicken in the middle, with bacon, cheese, and sauce.

The Double Down was subsequently dropped from the menu despite being widely popular.

The Little Bucket Parfaits, which were tiny cups of tiered dessert composed with cookies, chocolate, and whipped cream, were another fan favorite that was eliminated.

If you’ve been a KFC patron for a while, you might probably recall some of the restaurant’s earlier, no longer available offerings.

For instance, the KFC Snacker finally took the place of the Chicken Littles, which were a popular menu item in the 1980s.

Fries have taken the place of the traditional potato wedges that were served as a side dish.

Despite these modifications, KFC still has a wide selection of delectable menu items that will satisfy your hunger.

The History of Discontinued Items at KFC

Over the course of its more than 90-year existence, KFC has seen numerous modifications.

KFC Hamburger and Fried Chicken set at fast food restaurant

The removal of some menu options is among the most noticeable alterations.

Some items were simply replaced with newer, more in-demand ones while others were discontinued owing to low sales or cost-cutting initiatives.

KFC has discontinued a number of menu items throughout the years, including the KFC Snacker, the Double Down sandwich, and the Chicken Littles sandwich.

A common food item was the Double Down sandwich, which included two pieces of fried chicken sandwiched together with bacon, cheese, and sauce.

The KFC Snacker was a smaller, more cheap variation of the Chicken Littles sandwich, which itself was a smaller version of the traditional KFC sandwich.

A number of sides and desserts, including the BBQ Baked Beans, the Potato Wedges, and the Lemon Cake, have also been dropped from the KFC menu.

Due to low sales or to create place for newer, more in demand items, these items were either eliminated.

Despite eliminating some dishes, KFC has also continuously expanded its menu, introducing things like the Nashville Hot Chicken, Georgia Gold Chicken, and Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits.

Customers seem to like the newer offerings, which has kept KFC viable in the very competitive fast-food sector.

Overall, KFC’s history of canceled goods is a reflection of how quickly and frequently the fast-food sector changes.

While some things may be missed by devoted fans, KFC’s capacity for innovation and adaptation has contributed to the chain’s long-term success.

Famous Discontinued Items

Over the years, KFC has had its share of products that were discontinued. Others were staples that were eliminated from the menu because of poor sales or to make place for new dishes.

KFC chicken popcorn bucket at local KFC store

Some of these items were only offered for a brief period of time. The most well-known products that KFC lovers still miss are listed below:

  • Double Down Sandwich: This sandwich was a game-changer when it was introduced in 2010. It consisted of two fried chicken fillets with bacon, cheese, and sauce in between. It was a hit with customers, but was eventually discontinued in 2014.
  • KFC Snacker: The KFC Snacker was a popular item on the value menu. It consisted of a small chicken fillet, lettuce, and mayo on a sesame seed bun. It was a great snack or light meal, but was discontinued in 2013.
  • Potato Wedges: KFC’s potato wedges were a staple of the menu for many years. They were a popular alternative to fries, but were removed from the menu in 2019 in favor of fries.
  • Popcorn Chicken: KFC’s Popcorn Chicken was a fan favorite for many years. It was made with 100% premium white breast meat and was a step above chicken nuggets. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2023.
  • Nashville Hot Chicken: Nashville Hot Chicken was a limited-time item that was introduced in 2016. It was a spicy take on KFC’s classic fried chicken, and was a big hit with customers. However, it was only available for a limited time and has not returned to the menu since.

Despite the fact that these foods are no longer on the KFC menu, you might still be able to find some of them at particular restaurants.

There is also always something new to sample because KFC constantly adds new things on its menu.

Reasons for Discontinuation

Although KFC is well-known for its wonderful fried chicken, several of its most well-liked menu items have been removed over time.

KFC fast food restaurant.

KFC discontinued some of its products for the following reasons, to name a few:

Poor Sales

Poor sales were one of the main factors in KFC’s decision to withdraw certain of its products.

Every so often, the restaurant analyzes its menu and gets rid of any things that aren’t doing well.

As an illustration, KFC stopped selling their Double Down sandwich in 2014 owing to poor sales.

High Costs

High prices are another factor that led KFC to stop selling several of its products. It’s possible that some menu items were either unprofitable or too expensive to create.

For instance, KFC stopped selling their Grilled Chicken in 2017 because of the high cost of manufacture.

Health Concerns

Due to health concerns, KFC also removed some of its menu items. The restaurant’s high-calorie and high-fat menu items have drawn criticism, and some products have been removed to better the health of its patrons.

For instance, KFC stopped selling its Potato Wedges in 2020 and replaced them with the Secret Recipe Fries, a healthier alternative.

Limited-Time Offerings

Finally, because they were only offered for a brief period of time, some KFC menu items were eliminated.

KFC frequently tests consumer demand by introducing new menu items as limited-time promotions. After the limited-time deal expires, if the product is not sufficiently popular, it will be withdrawn.

For instance, KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken was a seasonal item in 2016, however it was removed once the campaign was over.

In general, KFC removes products due to a number of factors, including as weak sales, excessive expenses, health issues, and limited-time offers.

Impact on KFC’s Business

For any restaurant company, discontinuing menu items is never an easy choice. It may have both favorable and unfavorable effects on the company.

KFC Fast Food Meal with Chicken Nuggets, French Fries

The following are some ways that the items’ withdrawal has affected KFC’s business:

  • Reduced Menu Complexity: By removing items from the menu, KFC can streamline its operations and focus on its core menu items. This can lead to quicker service times and more efficient kitchen operations.
  • Decreased Sales: Discontinuing popular menu items can result in a decrease in sales, especially if customers come to the restaurant specifically for those items. For example, KFC’s decision to discontinue its popcorn chicken and wings in 2023 may have disappointed some loyal customers and led to a decrease in sales.
  • Increased Innovation: Discontinuing items can also create space for new menu items and innovations. KFC has been known to launch new menu items regularly, and the discontinuation of some items may provide an opportunity to introduce new and exciting items to the menu.
  • Brand Reputation: Discontinuing items can impact a restaurant’s brand reputation. If customers are disappointed or upset about the discontinuation of a favorite menu item, it can lead to negative reviews, social media backlash, and a decrease in customer loyalty.

The effect of dropping menu items on KFC’s profitability is a complicated matter overall.

While it might result in a more simplified menu and more creativity, it might also cause sales to fall and harm the brand’s reputation.

When deciding which items to eliminate and which new ones to add, KFC will need to carefully weigh these criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

KFC is the world's second largest restaurant chain

Why does KFC discontinue menu items?

KFC discontinues menu items for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s because the item is not popular enough to justify keeping it on the menu. Other times, it’s because the ingredients are no longer available or too expensive. KFC also discontinues items to simplify their menu and focus on their core offerings.

Can I request KFC to bring back a discontinued item?

Yes, you can request KFC to bring back a discontinued item. KFC has brought back some of their discontinued items in the past due to popular demand. You can reach out to KFC on social media or through their customer service channels to express your desire for a discontinued item to return.

Are there any plans for KFC to bring back any discontinued items?

KFC has brought back some of their discontinued items in the past, so it’s possible that they might bring back more in the future. However, KFC has not announced any specific plans to bring back any discontinued items at the moment.

What are some of the most missed KFC discontinued items?

Some of the most missed KFC discontinued items include the KFC Snacker, Double Down, Hot Wings, and Potato Wedges. These items were popular among KFC fans and have been missed since they were discontinued.

Can I still find discontinued KFC items in some locations?

It’s unlikely that you’ll find discontinued KFC items in any locations. Once an item is discontinued, it’s removed from all KFC menus across the country. However, some franchise locations might have leftover ingredients to make discontinued items, but it’s not guaranteed.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant logo close up


The Double Down Sandwich and Popcorn Chicken are two of the many menu items that KFC has dropped throughout the years, despite being favorites of customers.

Although it may be frustrating to lose certain menu items, it’s crucial to keep in mind that KFC is constantly looking for ways to enhance their menu and give customers the best possible experience.

If you enjoy KFC, don’t panic; their menu still offers a wide variety of delectable selections.

KFC provides something for everyone, whether you’re craving a traditional bucket of fried chicken or something a little more daring like the Nashville Hot Chicken.

Despite the fact that some of the discontinued items may have been well-liked, it is important to remember that they may have been eliminated owing to poor sales or the necessity to make place for new menu items.

Since KFC is always experimenting with new flavors and menu items, it’s likely that some of these foods that have been dropped in the past will return in the future.

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