7 Keto Ice Cream Brands That Taste Great

Being on a diet can be hard, especially with all that you’re giving up. Ice cream is no different; it can feel depressing to be restricted from that delicious treat. 

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While there are always substitutes out there, they aren’t always what you expect and rarely satisfy those cravings. And sometimes they can be quite expensive—it’s frustrating to pay the price, especially if you don’t end up enjoying it. 

You should never compromise on ice cream, and with these keto-friendly ice creams, you don’t have to.

These will satisfy you while allowing you to keep your diet intact, so you can treat yourself to a bowl without guilt every time. And never limit yourself to boring flavors; you can have your cake and eat it too with these seven brands. 

Keto-Friendly Ice Cream

I’ve rounded up the top seven keto-friendly ice creams out there, sure to find a place in your heart above regular ice cream. 

Halo Top

Halo Top has an impressive variety of keto-friendly ice creams.

There are six assorted flavors for their pops, with notable favorites being the Mint Chocolate Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate cheesecake, and sea salt caramel. 

In their pints, enjoy Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie and Chocolate cheesecake again, but also Turtle Cheesecake, Brownie a la mode, Banana Cream Pie, Vanilla bean, and four more rich and satisfying flavors.

Halo Top is creamy, indulgent ice cream. Once you have one spoonful, you’ll never want to go back, and the best part is that each pint is only 5g-10g of carbs. Sounds heavenly to me! 

Enlightened Keto

Enlightened Keto is just what it says—enlightened!

I love everything about Enlightened Keto—the flavors are busy, not boring, and keep that low-carb balance almost effortlessly.

I never feel bad about dipping a spoon into a pint from Enlightened, and neither should you. 

The carb-heaviest ice cream is the smooth red velvet at 7 grams. The rest of the flavors have between 1 gram, 2 grams, or 3 grams of carbs.

While their pints are delectable, the Enlightened bars can’t be ignored. Flavors like Vanilla Double Dough, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Caramel Dark Chocolate Peanut vie for your attention.

Dessert has never been more fun. 


REBEL ICE CREAM is the place to go. There are too many flavors in their pints to count that are keto-friendly, so I’ll have to name just a few; otherwise, we’d be here for days. 

REBEL has the classic flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Then you can find Snickerdoodle, Banana Peanut Butter Chip, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Coconut Almond, and many, many more. 

REBEL not only has a pint line but a collection of four sorbets and ice cream sandwiches.

Never miss out on an ice cream sandwich because of your diet again with a pack of Triple Chocolate, Double Peanut Butter, or Double Chip Mint. 

Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero is perfect not only for keto and carb counters but also for those with vegan diets and gluten-free restrictions. GMO-free, this is as healthy as ice cream can be. 

Arctic Zero creates non-dairy, plant-based ice cream using fava beans. Better yet, each pint is only 160 calories total, with 11 grams of carbs per serving. Just sit back and indulge.

Though the flavors are a little limited, they are all you’ll ever need. You have your classics, like vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio.

And then there is cake batter, mint, chocolate peanut butter, and a few more. 


It’s amazing how many flavors are available at SO DELICIOUS. Something cool about their products is that they are all dairy free, free of GMOs, and vegan certified.

These different frozen desserts are made with different kinds of dairy-free milk, like cashew, oat, almond, coconut, and soy milk.

They also come in different varieties; try ice cream sandwiches, sundaes in premade cones and bars, and even use them as toppings on other desserts. 

Each flavor sounds irresistible. Peanut butter brownie made from cashew milk will melt right on your tongue, while a dipped coconut almond bar will have you doing a happy dance. 

Breyer’s Carb Smart

Breyer’s Carb Smart is another alternative to cutting down carbs rather than cutting ice cream altogether.

With 3-5 net grams of carbs and between 60-150 calories, you can still enjoy a sweet treat that makes you feel good. 

Breyer’s Carb Smart line offers your regular flavors of vanilla and chocolate but expands to include newer flavors like Mint Fudge Cookie and Brownie a la Mode.

Those who love ice cream coffee shouldn’t miss Breyer’s Coffee Cookie Crunch. 

You can also never go wrong with an ice cream bar—vanilla, almond, and fudge are the current flavors I always recommend to my friends.  


NICK’S is the last stop on our keto-friendly ice cream journey, and there’s no better place to end.

NICK’s has seven tasty keto-friendly flavors, with each pint being between 3-5 grams of net carbs and only 250 calories for the pint. 

Sink your spoon into Swedish pistachio, Swedish vanilla, salted caramel, strawberry swirl, birthday cake, butter pecan, or a Swedish Lemon bar.

You won’t regret it; your bites will never feel like a compromise at all.

Best of all, NICK’S has a special deal where if you like one, you can order them all. So get six pints at one time to try all the satisfying flavors.

Keto-Friendly Ice Cream

  1. Halo Top
  2. Enlightened Keto
  4. Arctic Zero
  6. Breyer’s Carb Smart
  7. NICK’S

Final Thoughts

The ice cream on this list proves that it’s never necessary to sacrifice great flavor and options for your keto diet. Try any of these flavors from any of these brands, and you’ll realize that you can have the best of both worlds; a  diet and a dessert that is both tasty, delicious, and fun. 

Never restrict yourself to substitutes like frozen yogurt or frozen fruit pops. Instead, check out the multiple options available to see what works best for you.

With a variety of pints, bars, ice cream sandwiches, gelatos, and more, don’t feel trapped by your diet. 

Embrace and indulge in these top keto-friendly brands. They’ll be sure to satisfy you while keeping you where you want to be. 

Learn more about different kinds of ice cream or find other popular desserts to enjoy!

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