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IHOP’s Sonic-Inspired Menu Arrives

In an exciting fusion of breakfast and nostalgia, IHOP has teamed up with SEGA to bring Sonic the Hedgehog straight to your breakfast table. Visualize a menu bursting with lively flavors inspired by the beloved characters from the Sonic universe, promising a thrilling culinary journey unlike any other.

IHOP Sonic The Hedgehog

Launching with all the excitement of a Sonic spin dash, IHOP’s new Sonic-inspired menu hit the scene with a splash. The collaboration, unveiled with much fanfare, offers patrons the chance to delve into a realm where iconic video game characters meet delectable breakfast delights.

Sonic’s Blue Blur Special leads the charge, a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes adorned with a double dose of juicy blueberries and your choice of blueberry syrup. This breakfast sensation promises to whisk you away on a journey as fast-paced and exhilarating as Sonic himself.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich emerges as a sleeper hit, boasting crispy chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and buttermilk ranch nestled between two slices of golden perfection. It’s a taste sensation that hits all the right notes, raising the humble chicken sandwich to new heights.

Tails’ 2x2x2 offers a classic diner experience, with two eggs, two pancakes, and your choice of bacon or sausage. It’s a no-frills option that delivers on flavor without the need for extravagant embellishments.

IHOP Tails 2x2x2

Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakes take delight to the next level, with a decadent stack of chocolate chip-studded pancakes topped with a cloud of whipped cream. It’s a symphony of rich, flavorful layers that will leave you craving more.

Amy’s Sweet Strawberry Delight offers a sweet finale to your breakfast adventure, with a golden-brown waffle crowned with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. It’s a treat worthy of the most discerning of dessert enthusiasts.

Dr. Eggman’s Benedict rounds out the menu with a flavorful twist, featuring black forest ham, poached eggs, and creamy hollandaise sauce atop a toasted English muffin. Add a side of golden onion rings to make it “Sonic Style” and enhance your breakfast experience.

Available for a limited time only, IHOP’s Sonic-inspired menu promises a culinary journey that will delight fans of all ages. So prepare for a breakfast adventure like no other, because at IHOP, the blue blur reigns supreme.

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