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How Many Fries Does Five Guys Give You?

Do you like the fries from Five Guys? How many fries are included in your order, do you ever wonder? If so, you are not by yourself. When they order from Five Guys, many folks are curious how many fries they will get. Drivin’ & Vibin’ claim that Five Guys is renowned for serving their patrons copious amounts of fries.

The exterior of Five Guys Tower Bridge branch

A standard order of fries from Five Guys, they claim, is frequently enough for two individuals to split.

Therefore, if you’re dining alone, you might want to think about getting a small size.

You might want to be careful how many fries from Five Guys you eat if you’re managing your calorie consumption.

A small dish of Five Guys fries has 530 calories, but a big size has a staggering 1,310 calories, according to Mashed.

Therefore, even though the fries may be tasty, it’s crucial to be mindful of the calories and consume them in moderation.

Five Guys: A Brief Overview

Burger and fries fans frequently choose Five Guys when it comes to fast food restaurants.

Worker at the french fries cooking in multiple deep fryer mat machines - Five Guys

Jerry Murrell and his family established the chain in Arlington, Virginia, in 1986.

Today, Five Guys serves its renowned burgers, hot dogs, and of course, fries in more than 1,500 locations across the world.

Five Guys’ dedication to using fresh ingredients is one element that sets them different from other fast food restaurants.

Their fries are produced from freshly harvested potatoes, and their burgers are made entirely from fresh beef.

In fact, each establishment has a sign identifying the country of origin of the potatoes being served.

The personalized menu at Five Guys is another distinctive feature. For your burger, you can choose from a range of toppings, such as bacon, mushrooms, and jalapenos.

You can choose between standard or Cajun-style fries, and you can even add cheese or bacon to them.

Overall, Five Guys has developed a devoted clientele as a result of their dedication to high-quality ingredients and flexible menu alternatives.

It’s definitely worth checking out Five Guys if you’re in the mood for a burger and fries.

Understanding Five Guys’ Serving Sizes

You could be pleasantly surprised by the quantity of fries you get when you order them at Five Guys.

Fries are no exception to the fast food restaurant chain’s reputation for large servings. What you should know about Five Guys’ serving sizes is as follows:

  • Five Guys offers two sizes of fries: regular and large. The regular size is suitable for one to two people, while the large size is intended for sharing among three to four people.
  • According to Mashed, Five Guys has determined that generously loading customers with an abundance of fries creates the perception of receiving greater value for their money. So, when you order fries at Five Guys, you can expect to receive a lot of them.
  • A small serving of Five Guys fries contains 530 calories, while the large size contains an impressive 1,310 calories, according to Taste of Home. Keep this in mind when deciding which size to order, especially if you’re watching your calorie intake.
  • Five Guys’ fries are made with fresh potatoes, which are cut in-house and cooked in peanut oil. This gives them a distinct flavor and texture that sets them apart from other fast-food fries.

Overall, Five Guys’ portions are made to be substantial and satisfying. You can count on getting a lot of fries, whether you’re ordering them for yourself or to share with friends and family.

Just keep in mind how many calories they contain and consume them in moderation.

Factors Influencing Fry Quantity

You might question how many fries you’ll truly get when you purchase fries at Five Guys.

There are several variables that can affect how many fries you get, thus the solution to this question is not simple.

Size of the Order

The most obvious aspect that affects how many fries you’ll get is the amount of your order. You will often receive more fries the larger your order.

For instance, if you request tiny fries instead of large fries, you will receive a reduced serving. Little, Regular, Large, and Five Guys Style are the four various fries sizes that Five Guys offers.

The Five Guys Style fries come in a brown paper bag that is loaded with fries and are the biggest size available.


The amount of fries you get at the Five Guys restaurant might also vary depending on where it is. The portion sizes vary between restaurants. Some are larger than others.

For instance, some customers claim that they receive noticeably more fries at some locations than at others.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that this might differ significantly from location to location, and there is no assurance that you will receive more fries at one site than at another.

Time of Day

The quantity of fries you get from Five Guys may vary depending on what time of day you go.

The restaurant might be busier and more hurried during busy times, such lunch or dinner, which might lead to lesser serving sizes.

On the other hand, the staff might be more generous with their portions if you go during a slower period of the day, like mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Special Requests

The quantity of fries you receive may also change if you make any specific requests while purchasing them.

For instance, if you request more salt, you might get less fries in order to make up for the increased seasoning.

The amount you receive may also change if you request that your fries be cooked longer or shorter than usual.

Comparison with Other Fast Food Chains

Five Guys stands out among other fast food franchises for the quality of its fries.

Although most establishments offer small, medium, and large-sized fries, the quantity you receive can vary greatly.

Five Guys is a popular pick for fry enthusiasts because it reportedly provides customers the most fries, according to a Mashed article.

In fact, ordering a lesser size at Five Guys than you would at other franchises can save you money.

One to two people can be fed by a tiny fry, two to four people by a normal fry, and four to six people by a large fry.

Comparatively speaking, Five Guys’ portion sizes are larger than those at McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s.

For instance, a small fry at McDonald’s weighs 71 grams and has 230 calories, yet a same size fry at Five Guys has 526 calories and weighs 227 grams.

Fries are available at Popeyes, KFC, and Checkers as well, however the portions are considerably lower than at the other restaurants.

Of all the chains compared in an Insider story, Checkers’ fries are renowned for having the finest flavor, texture, and shelf life.

In terms of nutrition, Five Guys’ fries are healthier than most other fast food restaurants since they contain more calories, fat, and sodium.

According to an Eat This, Not That article, purchasing a small size is still the best choice if weight loss is your objective.

Overall, Five Guys distinguishes themselves from competing fast food franchises by providing more fries and greater meal sizes.

If you’re seeking healthier options, you might want to think about other chains that have smaller portions and fewer calories.

Consumer Reactions and Reviews

The fries at Five Guys are frequently the highlight of the meal. The substantial portion sizes and the crisp, fresh texture are greatly praised by customers.

Additionally, many individuals value having the flexibility to add other toppings like malt vinegar or Cajun flavor.

Some reviews complain that there are too many fries; one LADbible writer claimed to have gotten “two portions of fries” for every burger they purchased.

The majority of consumers, on the other hand, appear to value the extra fries, and some have even claimed to order a smaller burger just to have more room for the delectable sides.

Overall, it appears that Five Guys’ fries are a crowd favorite since many people consider them to be among the greatest fast food fries available.

Some patrons even contend that the fries are the primary reason to begin with when visiting Five Guys.

Fries are always served in a paper bag, which some customers find bothersome.

To assist keep the fries warm and crispy for as long as possible, this packaging option was made on purpose.

Clearly, Five Guys is a terrific option if you enjoy crisp, fresh fries.

These fries will satisfy even the pickiest fast food gourmet because of their large serving sizes and variety of toppings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fries do you get at Five Guys?

Five Guys is known for giving their customers a generous amount of fries. According to Drivin’ & Vibin’, the amount of fries you get at Five Guys varies depending on the size of your order. Here’s a breakdown of the number of fries you can expect to receive:
Number of Fries
220 grams
369 grams
528 grams

Why does Five Guys give you so many fries?

Five Guys is known for giving their customers extra fries. According to Mashed, the idea behind giving customers so many extra fries is to make them feel like they’re getting a great deal. The extra fries are also a way to ensure that customers don’t feel like they’re being shortchanged on their order.

Are Five Guys fries healthy?

Five Guys fries are cooked in pure, cholesterol-free, 100% peanut oil. However, they are still considered to be a high-calorie food. According to Mashed, a small serving of Five Guys fries contains 530 calories, while the large size contains an impressive 1,310 calories. It’s important to enjoy Five Guys fries in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Can you get Cajun-style fries at Five Guys?

Yes, you can! Five Guys offers Cajun-style fries, which are seasoned with a blend of spices that give them a slightly spicy kick. According to Five Guys, their Cajun-style fries contain 962mg of sodium, which is higher than their regular fries. If you’re watching your sodium intake, you may want to opt for the regular fries instead.


Finally, Five Guys is renowned for including copious amounts of fries with all of its burgers and hot dogs.

Depending on the quantity of your order and the establishment you visit, you may or may not get a specific number of fries.

However, you should count on getting a sizable serving of fries with your meal.

To ensure they have the proper texture and flavor, Five Guys exclusively uses potatoes that are cultivated in Idaho above the 42nd parallel.

Additionally, the corporation doesn’t believe in freezers, therefore the fries are never frozen.

The flavor of their fries reflects their dedication to using high-quality products and using fresh cooking methods.

It should be noted that the fries at Five Guys are not the healthiest item on the menu. Fries come in small and big sizes, with the large one packing an astonishing 1,310 calories per serving.

You can request a lesser portion or omit the fries entirely if you’re searching for a healthy choice.

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