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Hardee’s Introduces New Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wraps

Hardee’s, a renowned name in the fast-food industry, has recently launched an exciting addition to their menu – the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wraps. Available in three flavors – Ranch, Honey Mustard, and Spicy – these wraps are a fusion of deliciousness and convenience, perfect for any meal.

Hardees Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wraps

Firstly, the Ranch Tender Wrap, a combination of crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, cheese, and creamy ranch sauce, all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, offers a classic taste that’s hard to resist. For those who enjoy a hint of sweetness, the Honey Mustard Tender Wrap is a delightful option. It pairs the crispy chicken with the sweet and tangy flavor of honey mustard sauce, along with lettuce and cheese.

The Spicy Tender Wrap is a standout choice for those who prefer a bit of heat. It features the crispy chicken with a spicy seasoning, pickles, mayonnaise, lettuce, and cheese, creating a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Hardee’s is committed to providing value to its customers. They have introduced special offers, including a remarkable deal for My Rewards Members, making these wraps an affordable indulgence.

Hardee’s new Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wraps offer a versatile and tasty option for anyone looking for a quick and satisfying meal. Whether you’re in the mood for something classic, sweet, or spicy, these wraps cater to every palate, reaffirming Hardee’s position as a go-to destination for flavorful fast-food choices.

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