Gordon Ramsay’s Least Favorite Foods

Gordon Ramsay is a famous, world-renowned chef known for his exquisite taste and impeccable culinary skills. He has been a judge on several popular cooking shows, such as “MasterChef” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” and has been awarded numerous Michelin stars.

Gordon Ramsay at the Fox TCA After Party at Soho House

However, like most people, there are certain foods that he doesn’t particularly enjoy. This article will examine and explain Gordon Ramsay’s least favorite foods.

Pineapple Pizza

One dish that has become increasingly popular over the years but has yet to win over Gordon Ramsay’s taste buds is pineapple pizza.

Tropical Hawaiian pizza with pineapple slices and ham

This Hawaiian-inspired pizza, typically topped with pineapple, ham, and tomato sauce, has become a polarizing, controversial food trend, with some people loving it and others hating it.

Gordon Ramsay is firmly on such pizza toppings’ “hate it” side. 

He’s mentioned that putting pineapple on pizza is simply something you shouldn’t do.

Also, Ramsey explained that he prefers savory dishes and does not like to mix sweet and savory flavors.

So, while many enjoy the combination of pineapple and ham, Ramsay is not a fan.

Airplane Food

Airplane food – any hot, premade dishes you might get handed on a more extended flight – is notorious for being subpar, and even Chef Gordon Ramsay is not a fan.

Menu in business class on medium haul flight.

Ramsay filmed a segment for a British television show where he critiqued plane food, and his review was not favorable.

He stated that the food was unappetizing and lacked flavor, which is unsurprising given the constraints of “cooking” on a plane.


Insects like crickets and mealworms may be a popular food trend, demonstrating the eater’s courage, curiosity, and boldness.

Set of Grasshopper edible insect crispy mixed with pandan,

However, Gordon Ramsay is off the board with this trend.

He has stated that he does not believe insects belong on a plate and finds eating them unappetizing.

Frozen Food

Frozen meals are a convenient option for many people, but they are not a favorite of Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Plastic bags and containers with different frozen vegetables

He does not like the texture of frozen food and that it lacks flavor. Like many professional chefs, Ramsay prefers to use fresh ingredients in his dishes and believes frozen food cannot compare in taste.


Hakarl is a traditional Icelandic dish that consists of fermented shark meat.

Specialty of iceland called hakarl

While some people enjoy this delicacy, Gordon Ramsay certainly does not.

He has stated that the smell alone is enough to put him off and that the taste is not much better.

Deep Fried Turkey

Deep-fried turkey is a popular dish during the holiday season in the United States.

Pulling a deep fat fried turkey out of the peanut oil

However, Gordon Ramsay does not enjoy this particular preparation method.

He believes that the turkey ends up dry and that the deep-frying process masks the meat’s natural flavor and could use ingredients such as truffle oil.

Bacon with Chocolate

Bacon and chocolate are two popular food items, but when combined, they are not a favorite of Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chocolate Covered Bacon with Caramel

The high level of sweet and savory flavors combined does not work for him, and perhaps he believes that the texture combination is also unappealing.

Shark Fin Soup

Shark fin soup is a controversial food yet a delicacy in some parts of the world, and Gordon Ramsay simply can’t get behind the appeal – primarily due to environmental concerns.

shark fin soup on on the blue plate mat

He has spoken out against the dish, stating that finning sharks is cruel and that the soup lacks flavor.

With that, Ramsay has also advocated banning shark fins’ sales.

Pan Seared Chicken

While pan-seared chicken may seem simple and agreeable to many, Gordon Ramsay has stated it’s one of his least favorite foods.

Woman cooking and frying chicken breasts and chicken filet in a pan

He believes the dish is often overcooked and lacks flavor, depth, or intrigue.

Ramsay prefers to use more complex cooking techniques and spices in his dishes.

He prefers other choices, such as Italian meats and parmesan cheese toppings. 

Carrot Gratin

Carrot gratin is a dish consisting of thinly sliced carrots layered with cream and cheese and then baked until golden brown.

vegetable casserole of patissons, zucchini, carrots in a ceramic form on a light wooden table

Gordon Ramsay is not a fan of this dish, perhaps because it’s sweet and the flavor of the carrots is lost in the cream and cheese.

Soup of the Day

Another dish that has failed to impress Gordon Ramsay is the Soup of the Day.

Delicious pumpkin soup with heavy cream on dark rustic wooden

While this may seem relatively harmless, Ramsay has criticized even the most innocuous-sounding soups.

While Ramsay has not elaborated on his dislike of soup in general, it’s clear that he has high standards for flavor and expects his savory dishes to pack a punch.

Seafood Crepe

Moving on to seafood, Gordon Ramsay also disapproves of Seafood Crepes.

seafood crepe cut in half and covered with sauce

This French-inspired dish is made with thin pancakes stuffed with a creamy mixture of seafood, such as shrimp or crab, and then baked.

Despite its fancy presentation, Ramsay thinks this dish is bland.

Overly Salty Foods

Overly salty foods are dishes that contain an excessive amount of salt, making them unpleasant to eat for some people.

female hand pouring salt to water boiling on electric stove

Gordon Ramsay has often expressed his distaste for overly salty foods.

He has been known to send dishes back to the kitchen if they are too salty.

This is because, as a chef, he believes that the right balance of seasoning is crucial for a dish to be enjoyable.

In an episode of “Hell’s Kitchen,” Ramsay tried a mac and cheese dish, then immediately spat out the macaroni due to how overly salted it was, calling it “disgusting.” 

Ramsay explained he dislikes overly salty foods because they can mask the dish’s natural flavors and make it difficult to appreciate the nuances of the ingredients.

Plus, consuming too much salt can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, so Ramsay is mindful of using salt.

When It Comes to Food, Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t Hold Back

In conclusion, Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef known for his high standards, uncompromising attitude toward food, and newer food trends.

While his criticisms may be harsh, his discerning palate has helped him become one of the most respected chefs in the industry.

As food trends continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see which dishes will make it onto Gordon Ramsay’s list of favorites in the future.

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