7 Best Gluten Free Brands of Parmesan Cheese

When I discovered I was gluten-intolerant, one of the most challenging adjustments I made was investigating the food I ate. 

Gluten free parmesan cheese chickpea pasta

I knew gluten was in wheat, so the first change I made was in the bread and pasta I chose. Little did I know, many other foods I would never have thought of, like cheese, also contain gluten. 

It turns out that many parmesan cheese brands include gluten.

Luckily I found out that there are many gluten-free parmesan cheese brands to choose from, so I don’t have to skip out on cheese–or add more parmesan to the top of my pasta! 

Gluten-Free Parmesan Cheese

Here are some of my favorite gluten-free parmesan cheese brands, so you can take care of yourself and keep to your gluten-free diet without missing out on all the melty, salty goodness parmesan has to offer. 

Andrew & Everett Hormone Free Grated Parmesan Cheese

Andrew & Everett hormone-free grated parmesan cheese is not your typical bottle of shake on parmesan. 

This cheese uses hormone-free milk from self-sustaining, U.S. family-owned farms. The parmesan is aged over ten months, which gives it that sharp, fully developed flavor.

With no fillers or additives, it’s a clean and natural cheese. 

Because it is a fresh and natural cheese without additives, make sure you refrigerate it after opening. 

I love to cover the top of my spaghetti with this delicious parmesan or sneak a little bit of it into my Sunday veggie omelet. 

Kraft Parmesan Grated Cheese

Few things bring me back to childhood faster than the green bottle of Kraft Parmesan grated cheese. 

It might not be the most gourmet parmesan on this list, but it has been the standard for decades.

The shaker bottle makes it easy to add parmesan to anything that needs a little extra salty tang. Make sure to refrigerate after opening. 

Transitioning to a gluten-free diet means that I’ve had to cut out so many of my favorite nostalgic foods. I am delighted Kraft parmesan grated cheese is gluten-free.

My favorite way to use it is to liberally shake this cheese on top of pizza or even my mashed potatoes. 

Mama Francesca Premium Classic Parmesan Cheese: Best Budget

Mama Francesca Premium Classic Parmesan Cheese is aged over ten months, resulting in a nutty-tasting cheese.

The cheese is also rBST-free, non-GMO, and contains no artificial colors or flavors. 

This brand is an excellent choice for premium cheese produced by a family business in small batches.

It is available in 8-ounce containers and16-ounce containers for a price lower than many of its competitors. Stock up and never have to skimp on parmesan. 

My favorite way to use this cheese is in an asparagus and bacon quiche, sprinkling the parmesan before and after I bake it for maximum cheesiness. 

Milano’s Parmesan Cheese

I love variety and having as many choices as possible. Milano’s Parmesan Cheese, made from 100% cow’s milk, is available in domestic and imported versions.

Several varieties include full moisture, dehydrated, sriracha, and white truffle. 

Milano’s offers their parmesan cheese in five different cut choices: grated, fancy shredded, feather shredded, ribbon shaved, and classic shaved. You can use this parmesan for anything and everything. 

I love dropping handfuls of the classic shaved over a caesar salad or spreading out a layer of the feather shredded over a pan of macaroni and cheese right before I slide it into the oven. 

Whisps Cheese Crumbs – Italian Herb & Buffalo

Whisps cheese crumbs are a gluten-free mixture of real baked parmesan cheese, herbs, and spices. 

Whisps cheese crumbs are an entirely different way to use and experience parmesan.

You can use them the same way you use breadcrumbs, but they are more versatile and have 13 grams of protein per serving. 

Available in Italian herb or buffalo flavors, you can sprinkle these over a green salad or on top of a potato salad for a little extra protein and an unexpected crunch and zing of flavor. 

Whenever I’m trying to cut down on carbs or do something differently, I love using these to bread chicken. I am dying to try them for onion rings. 

Al Amin Foods Organic Parmesan Grated Cheese 1 Jar NT. WT. 18 oz. By CELLO

If you prefer your grated parmesan to be certified organic, check out Al Amin Foods Organic Parmesan Grated Cheese By CELLO. 

This brand is devoted to the heritage of Italian cheese making. Their parmesan is aged for ten months, resulting in a  bold, nutty flavor that finishes with the taste of crushed apple.

A sophisticated option with a more complex flavor profile than other jarred, grated parmesans, this cheese is ready to go places you wouldn’t take every parmesan. 

One of my favorite ways to enjoy it is over a plate of chicken fettuccine alfredo with my favorite glass of white wine, but it is also wonderful sprinkled over anything made with a brown butter sauce. 

Go Veggie Dairy-Free Grated Topping

Whether vegan, lactose-intolerant, or trying to cut down on fat, or cholesterol, Go Veggie Dairy-Free Grated Topping is a delicious and affordable parmesan option. 

Go Veggie’s Plant-Based Grated Parmesan Topping is dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. 

Just because you can’t have cheese doesn’t mean you should have to live without cheese. Unlike other plant-based cheese substitutes, this tastes like real cheese. It’s a good-tasting option that never leaves me wanting.  

I love using it on top of some linguine with fresh pesto or over the top of a homemade veggie pizza during meatless dinner nights.

With Go Veggie’s Dairy-Free Grated Topping, I never feel I have to be careful of how much parmesan I’m layering. 

Gluten-Free Parmesan Cheese

  1. Andrew & Everett Hormone Free Grated Parmesan Cheese
  2. Kraft Parmesan Grated Cheese
  3. Mama Francesca Premium Classic Parmesan Cheese: Best Budget
  4. Milano’s Parmesan Cheese
  5. Whisps Cheese Crumbs – Italian Herb & Buffalo
  6. Al Amin Foods Organic Parmesan Grated Cheese 1 Jar NT. WT. 18 oz. By
  7. Go Veggie Dairy-Free Grated Topping

Final Thoughts

Parmesan cheese isn’t just a garnish. It’s a delicious addition to a dish that livens it up and kicks up the yum factor. No one should have to live without that. 

In this article, I’ve introduced you to some of my favorite gluten-free parmesan cheese brands. I hope you find some that you love to use for all the many ways you use parmesan cheese. 

Whether you are looking for an affordable parmesan, one that is organic, dairy-free, or available in different flavors. Eating gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to live without your favorite cheese. 

If you’re more worried about dairy than gluten, check out the best dairy free milk options!

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