27 Tasty French Toast Recipe Ideas

Waffles and pancakes get way too much credit. 

Sure, I’ll never turn down a heaping plate of flapjacks, and I appreciate the little syrup pockets offered by a fluffy Belgian batter, but French toast is the archetype of a perfect breakfast. 

tower of french toast with fried plantain and berries

What’s better than thick slices of bread slathered in cinnamon egg custard, then pan-toasted to perfection? Nothing. It’s the physical manifestation of coziness and comfort, and I can’t get enough. 

In most things, I’m a firm believer in, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but these French toast recipes prove that sometimes a little innovation can be a great thing. 

Best French Toast Ideas

Whether you like classic flavors or more unique toppings, check out these impressive french toast recipes.

Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

Ooey, gooey Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast is sinfully delicious.

The filling is a cream cheese icing tucked between two pillowy slices of cinnamony-sweet Texas toast

In my humble opinion, this is technically a sandwich, making it a perfectly viable option for lunchtime. 

Crunchy French Toast

A famous saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Crunchy French Toast is the exception to the rule.

It starts with Texas toast slathered in an eggy batter, followed by a dusting of crushed cornflakes or crispy rice cereal.

The resulting slice of breakfast brilliance is crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside. 

Churro French Toast

Rarely will you find French toast recipes that don’t include a heavy-handed sprinkle of cinnamon, but Churro French Toast ups the ante. 

You’ll need to hunt down a thick Challah bread because it’s dense enough to handle the spicy sweet crust and cream cheese drizzle. 

Cinnamon Roll French Toast

Cinnamon Roll French Toast might make getting out of bed in the morning a little easier, especially after you spend the entire night dreaming about this sweet treat

The recipe ups the cinnamon in the custard and features thick swirls of cream cheese icing on top.  

Coconut Crusted Stuffed French Toast

Tropical, toasty coconut is the star of Coconut Crusted Stuffed French Toast, but its cream cheese filling certainly shines. 

My favorite little touch in this recipe is replacing milk with cream of coconut in the batter, which only adds to the intense, nutty flavor radiating from every bite. 

Bacon Stuffed French Toast

If someone told me that one day I would have the incredible opportunity to nosh on Bacon Stuffed French Toast, I would have called you a liar.

In all of the close-minded culinary ponderings of my youth, I never would have believed something so magical existed. 

I am enthusiastically willing to admit how wrong I was between bites of this salty-sweet gift from the gastronomic gods. 

French Toast Roll Ups

Fruit Rollups walked so that French Toast Roll Ups could run.

These grab-and-go sticks showcase their signature swirl of cinnamon sugar in all of its glistening glory.

Better yet, their dippable shape makes achieving the proper syrup-to-bread ratio easier, a crucial aspect of proper French toast consumption. 

French Toast Casserole

Casseroles typically evoke images of soggy vegetables, dry chicken, and over-baked cheese topping, at least until French Toast Casserole came through to change the game. 

Not only does it give you a use for stale French bread that’s not croutons, but it also includes plump, juicy berries that make this scoopable confection even more indulgent. 

Fruity Pebbles French Toast

I waxed poetic on Crunchy French Toast a little earlier, but only because I forgot about the upgraded version: Fruity Pebbles French Toast. 

While the plain, crispy rice version is an excellent vehicle for syrup, I prefer this one with a little dollop of whipped cream as a topping instead. It lets the cereal flavor shine without making it overly sweet. 

Creme Brulee French Toast

Creme brulee is the quintessential luxury dessert, featuring a creamy custard with a caramelized sugar topping that cracks when you tap it.

Now, you can skip the lobster dinner and fancy clothes to enjoy a cakey slice of Creme Brulee French Toast in your favorite pair of pajamas.

Leave the syrup in the pantry because you’ll want to enjoy the crunchy topping in all its torched goodness. 

Pumpkin French Toast

Pumpkin spice is more than a seasonal Starbucks flavor. It’s a way of life. 

As such, it deserves a spot on your breakfast menu in the form of Pumpkin French Toast, a gourd-geous twist on classic French toast recipes that includes pumpkin puree, brown sugar, brioche bread, and, of course, pumpkin spice.

Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast

Brioche, blueberry, and butter come together in perfect harmony, along with a musical accompanying act by cream cheese. 

Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast is a symphony of flavor that deserves an encore performance, followed by a standing ovation. 

French Toast Waffles

By trading in your skillet for a waffle iron, you get the best of both worlds with French Toast Waffles. 

We’re talking about all the cinnamon-spiced taste of French toast covered in butter-catching pockets, just begging for a hearty pour of warm maple syrup. Yum. 

French Toast Bake

If “buttery bliss” were an entry in the dictionary, French Toast Bake would be the picture next to it. 

Much like a coffee cake, the brown sugar crust melts into the bread, creating a textural landscape you’ll want to explore over and over again—journey on into culinary greatness, pioneer. 

Cannoli Stuffed French Toast

Cannoli Stuffed French Toast is an Italian twist with a mascarpone filling you’ll be licking off your plate. 

The only thing slowing you down from drinking the stuff is the mini chocolate chips studding the stuffing, a feature that encourages you to slow down and genuinely enjoy this powdered sugar-dusted delight. 

Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast

If the Golden Girls knew about Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast, I can only imagine they’d be tucking into a tall stack on the lanai on every episode. 

Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? I don’t know, but I’m more than willing to eat it for both meals. 

French Toast Balls

French Toast Balls are all the flavor of your favorite breakfast packed into a one-bite shape, perfect for hectic mornings when sitting down to eat isn’t possible. 

I recommend giving them the donut shop treatment by shaking them in powdered sugar while they’re still piping hot. 

Sour Cream French Toast with Brown Sugar Peaches

If southern hospitality had a flavor, it would be Sour Cream French Toast with Brown Sugar Peaches.

Every component of this sweet-as-pie dish is an adventure, from the baked brioche foundation to the tangy sour cream topping. 

Peaches are an absolute stunner in this dish, with fresh slices in the caramelized sauce and the fruit-infused syrup. 

Baked Butter Pecan French Toast

Baked Butter Pecan French Toast skips the pan frying in favor of oven baking, giving the bread enough time to soak up all the buttery, Gran Marnier goodness in the custard. 

As if that wasn’t mouthwatering enough, the bourbon syrup brings out all the toasted nuttiness in the pecans for even more depth and complexity. 

Caramel Apple Stuffed French Toast

Are you trying to improve your brunch skills? Show your friends that you’re the hostess with the mostest by serving Caramel Apple Stuffed French Toast. 

No one will be able to resist Gala apples and butterscotch caramel nestled between two slices of Challah bread, cementing your status as brunch royalty once and for all. 

Crispy Banana French Toast

Most home chefs don’t reach for their box of panko breadcrumbs before lunchtime, but Crispy Banana French Toast brings these unique Japanese breadcrumbs to your breakfast table.

I particularly love the addition of mashed bananas in the batter because it enhances the creamy interior texture that pairs so beautifully with the crisp outside. 

Croissant French Toast

If you thought the cronut was as good as it gets in the world of breakfast mashups, I’m delighted to introduce you to Croissant French Toast.

All those buttery, flaky layers soak up the syrup like no other bread can, proving that France knows what it’s doing with crave-worthy cuisine. 

Hawaiian Roll French Toast

Hawaiian Rolls are the peak of bread evolution, offering a light-as-air crumb and subtle sweetness that makes them the perfect foundation for French toast. 

Of all these French toast recipes, this one’s the easiest to pull off successfully. Just dunk your store-bought rolls in your custard mix, let them sizzle in the pan, and enjoy!

Pound Cake French Toast

Whenever I’m feeling pessimistic, I like to conjure up the image of a Pound Cake French Toast in my mind, which reminds me of how beautiful the world can be. 

If you thought brioche was the king of French toast bread, think again.

Pound cake soaks in more custard than I thought possible, creating an almost pudding-like interior worthy of its own Michelin Star

Apple Pie French Toast

Not since the American Revolution has there been such a majestic partnership between France and America. 

Apple Pie French Toast looks complicated, but it’s as simple as baking a French toast casserole while mixing up a homemade apple pie topping.

Once it’s hot and bubbly, serve it a la mode with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Banana Foster French Toast

Banana Foster is a classic New Orleans dish, so it’s reasonable to assume that a French Quarter favorite would pair perfectly with another la République native. 

The combination of caramelized bananas, brown sugar, and a splash of rum is indulgence at its finest, made even better with brioche French toast slices. C’est tres bien!

French Toast Sticks

After digging into a new world of French toast ideas, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy your favorite breakfast dish without all the pomp and circumstance. 

French Toast Sticks offer everything you adore about the classic but in a stay-crispy shape, perfect for dipping in warm maple syrup. We love this as a comfort food breakfast!

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with any of these delicious french toast recipes.

Find other great brunch dishes to make on our blog, or find the right juice to add to your mimosa bar.

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  1. Everything in this sounds so delectable. I love a gooey cream cheese french toast the best, the tangy flavor of cheese counterbalances the sweetness of the cinnamon-spiced toast

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