The Best French Candies To Try

French candy making has been a longstanding tradition for centuries.

White nougat with almonds on wooden table

From fruit-forward jellies with a tart aftertaste to slightly bitter confections made with pure cocoa, there are options to please any sweet tooth, no matter your preferences. 

Luckily, you don’t need to go to France to sample these delicious sweets.

Most are available to order for delivery right to your door. Some may be coming all the way from France, so practice patience, but trust me, they’re worth the wait.

Let’s look at some of the best French candies you can try the next time you deserve a treat!

Anis de Flavigny

This French candy starts with a simple aniseed, the fruit from the Anise plant, dipped in layers of flavored syrup.

Anis de Flavigny comes in several varieties, including my favorite flavor, rarely seen in American candy, violet.

Anis de Flavigny has been produced for centuries with no signs of stopping soon.

Carambar Caramel

Carambar Caramel is a type of caramel candy stretched into a long roll.

The ingredient list is small and simple, mixing syrup with milk, sugar, and Carambar’s signature cocoa powder.

Many caramel candies use flour as a thickening agent, but Carambar’s sweets are gluten-free. These treats are one of my favorite caramel options.

Eiffel Apple Bon Bons

A uniquely textured candy with a slightly crunchy outside and softer inside, Eiffel Apple Bon Bons are a French classic.

My first time trying these was in a middle school French class, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since!

These apple-flavored bonbons are small, the perfect snacking size for a sugary but tart bite.

Maxim’s Jellies Caramels

Maxim’s of Paris has produced gourmet foods of several varieties, including candy, since 1893.

If you want the perfect combination, I recommend the assortment pack. Maxim is famous for its gift boxes, filled with jellies and caramels.

You’ll also find other tasty options, like nougat and the famous French calisson.

Lutti French Candy Arlequin

Another French candy company making confections for over a century, Lutti, created their Arlequins in 1993.

The candy makers named Lutti French Candy Arlequin treats for their distinctive colors, similar to a harlequin!

What I love most about these hard candies is that they aren’t too sweet and pack a tangy punch.

La Pie Qui Chante Michoko

La Pie Qui Chante Michoko is the brand’s most indulgent and famous creation.

Michoko takes soft caramels and dips them in dark chocolate creating a delicious treat.

La Pie Qui Chante launched the original  Michoko in 1936, but my favorite variation adds another layer of chocolate at the center of this luxurious snack. 

Krema Batna Licorice Candy

Krema Batna Licorice Candy combines soft, chewy candy with a big licorice flavor.

These tasty treats have been on the market since 1961, but the brand is a few decades older.

Batna candy increased the notoriety of the brand exponentially. If you’re a licorice-lover like me, you must try these wildly popular candies.  

La Vosgienne Pine Drops

The hard candy comes in several flavors, but the first is the most distinctive.

La Vosgienne Pine Drops combine the intense ingredients of a cough drop in the form of a sweet treat.

Pine provides a unique taste not used in most American candies. Besides the individuality, the best part of purchasing these sweets for me is their iconic tins.

Krema Regal’ad Fruit Chewy Candy

Another favorite from the Krema brand, Krema Regal’ad Fruit Chewy Candy, hit shelves in 1961 as the sister product to the Batna.

These sweet chews showcase fruit flavors like lemon, strawberry, cherry, and apricot, my personal favorite.

Each Regal’ad candy displays the perfect texture balance between soft and toothsome.

Gavottes Crispy Lace Crepes

Though these crunchy treats aren’t quite what most would consider candies, they are a decadent indulgence you won’t want to miss.

Created accidentally by over-toasting crepes, Gavottes Crispy Lace Crepes make the perfect topping for other sweets.

They’re outstanding on their own too, which is my favorite way to enjoy these thin biscuits.

Calisson d’Aix

The creation of the calisson dates back centuries, and the Calisson d’Aix shares a heritage with the city that perfected it, Aix.

These sweets combine candied melon and orange peel with ground almonds cooked in a sweet syrup with additional flavoring.

Calisson d’Aix reminds me of marzipan but with a one-of-a-kind fruity taste.

French Almond Dragees

American audiences know this treat but might be more familiar with its other name, Jordan Almonds.

French Almond Dragees follow the same model: sugar-coated almonds with a colored outer shell.

These candies have been around for a long time and are traditional favors for events like weddings and baptisms.

Dragées de Verdun

Dragees de Verdun is a high-end take on the dragee and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

People have been making dragees in Verdun for centuries, and locals consider it the only spot making real dragee.

The Dragee de Verdun serves as a symbolic gift and has been given to many notable figures like Napoleon I and President Charles de Gaulle.

Bêtises de Cambrai

Betises in English translates to mistake or nonsense. My favorite interpretation calls these candies the blunder of Cambrai.

The name suggests, and the story goes, that these sweets were created by accident.

Bestises de Cambrai are sweet little candies with a mint flavor in the traditional style. In more recent takes, caramel centers have become common.

Another example on this list that isn’t quite a candy but is still worth checking out is Michel et Augustin Gourmet Cookie Squares.

These shortbread cookies filled with chocolate ganache are individually wrapped so you can eat them like candy.

In my opinion, one of the best things about Michel et Augustin, the company responsible for these cookies, is its expansion to the United States. That means treats are easier to find than others on the list!

Pierrot Gourmand Salted Caramel Lollipops

These lollipops enjoyed by kids and adults boast a unique shape and a distinctive caramel flavor.

Pierrot Gourmand Salted Caramel Lollipops share nearly the same recipes as the first lollipops manufactured by the brand starting in 1892.

The company has updated some of its business practices, focusing on sustainability with wooden sticks and paper wrappers.

L’Abeille Occitane Honey Pearls Candy

An export of Provence, these candies are made traditionally in copper cauldron.

What I love about L’Abeille Occitan Honey Pearls Candy is the sweetness level.

Even though the candy contains honey and sugar, they’re not overly sweet. Choose from a variety of flavors like lemon, mint, violet, and cranberry.

Babeluttes de Lille

A regional candy made in Belgium near the country’s shared border along the coast with France.

These little toffees use honey for extra flavor and sweetness. Along the North Sea, Babeluttes de Lille have been sold for decades.

The texture has improved over time, resulting in what I consider one of the best-textured candies on the list!

Berlingots de Carpentras

A hard candy made from fruit syrup, Berlingots de Carpentras, are a specialty of Vancluse.

These treats started as a medical product sold at apothecaries. Today, manufacturers focus on fruit flavors, which in my opinion, are more distinct than most.

The triangle-shaped candies are translucent and always marked with white stripes.

Canasuc Paris L’Envie En Rose

Canasuc Paris L’Envie En Rose are beautiful rose-shaped candies in various shades of pink.

These are one of my favorite candies to look at, and they make for a visually stunning gift.

The molded sugar candies are mostly pure sugar, so they may not be the most flavorful snack. Most people stir them into hot tea or coffee.

Chocmod Truffettes de France

As a chocolate-lover, this is one of my favorite options on this list!

The Chocmod Truffettes de France are decadant but sourced responsibly without controversial ingredients like palm oil.

The use of the best ingredients available creates a deliciously rich chocolate bite. Coating all of the chocolatey goodness is a fine dusting of cocoa power.

Nougat de Montelimar

A traditional nougat with almonds and honey, Nougat de Montelimar is a regional creation and a longstanding favorite.

Dozens of French candy manufacturers make this candy there today in the same style that was used centuries ago.

The Nougat de Montelimar earned Protected Geographical Indication in 2003 to protect its heritage.

Rendez-Vous Mini Blocs Des Vosges

While I enjoy the intense flavor of these candies, the combination of honey and licorice might not be for everyone.

There are a few to choose from, though, like crowd-pleasing honey and pomegranate cranberry.

Rendez-Vou Mini Blocs Des Vosges are sweet too! Some hard candies tend to be hard on the throat, but these little candies go down easy.

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