24 Foods That Start With the Letter Q

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the letter Q appears once for every 500 letters used, making it the least commonly used letter in the English language. However, despite being so infrequently used, you may be surprised to learn that many popular foods start with Q.

Spicy quesadilla made of tortilla with sauce and herbs

From Tex-Mex favorites to traditional celebratory dishes, quite a few foods begin with this letter. 

For this list, we’ve compiled several categories of foods that start with Q. You’ll recognize popular brands’ offerings while other regional foods you may not already know.

Still, no matter what sent you looking for foods that start with Q, there are plenty of options for you to try and enjoy.

Food That Starts With Q

Check out these Q foods, from common to uncommon!


One of the foods that start with Q that many are already familiar with, quesadillas are as popular as they are versatile.

The basic form of this foodstuff is melty cheese between layers of tortilla.

For a more filling meal, add your favorite protein to the folded tortilla and serve it alongside a fresh salsa for a flavor contrast. 

Quail Egg

A quail egg is much smaller than standard eggs from chickens.

The outside of the shell is usually a darker cream color with distinctive spots. 

These eggs are considered a delicacy in some places where they are harder to find these eggs are considered a delicacy.

I’ve found them to be similar to chicken eggs in flavor, and you can use them anytime you would typically use a chicken egg. Check out other types of eggs to try!


Quinoa plants produce edible seeds many misidentify as a grain.

These seeds come in different colors that affect the texture and taste of the seeds when cooked. 

Quinoa has grown in popularity recently, providing a popular addition to meals because it is high in protein and fiber.

While many preparations serve quinoa warm, I enjoy it chilled as an addition to a salad.


A species of clam harvested along the Atlantic Coast, the quahog is also known as the hard calm.

These clams have a tougher texture which means they can tolerate more cooking than most, so they hold up well even in soups and chowders.

They are the star of most New England Clam Chowder recipes, which is my recommended way to sample these calms. 


This savory tart is French in origin, and the primary component is an eggy custard base in a pie crust.

From this starting point, a quiche can contain many ingredients. 

What I like so much about this dish is that it can be made to your preference, so you can add meat or keep it vegetarian. 


The fruit of an evergreen tree native to Australia, you can find the quandong in desserts like pies.

Quandongs can also be eaten raw and have a fleshy texture paired with a tart taste. 

Outside of Australia, it can be hard to get ahold of the fresh fruit, but many products from the fruit can be purchased globally, including my favorite jam made from the quandong. 


Quail is a type of poultry that tastes much like chicken but has a richer flavor.

Different varieties of quail exist worldwide, and the popular poultry is a part of many different global cuisines. 

Since the birds are quite small, the flesh is particularly tender.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy this bird is to fry it in the Filipino style for a deliciously crunchy bite. 


Another food that starts with Q and in the fruit family, the quince comes from trees related to apples and pears.

While some varieties of quince can be eaten raw, most are too hard or too strong in flavor to be rated this way. 

You can frequently find quince cooked into different products. If you’ve never tried a product using the fruit, I recommend starting with a sweet quince spread.


A sweet dessert from the Middle East, Quatayef serves as a sweet treat during the celebration of Ramadan.

These tasty bites remind me of a cross between a dumpling and a pancake. 

The outer edge is soft and wraps around fillings made from nuts and dried fruits.

Some of these are stuffed with soft cheeses and even whipped cream. 

Quadretti Pasta

Quadretti pasta is a traditional cut of pasta that comes in small square flakes.

They are particularly thin and complement delicate-tasting soups and sauces.

These are one of my favorite types of pasta, but in my experience, it can be hard to find. 


This unique dairy product isn’t quite cheese but isn’t exactly yogurt, either.

Quark is made by souring milk with bacteria and is often compared to cottage cheese.

Germanic-speaking groups have made the product for centuries.

One of the best ways to enjoy quark is by using the product in a German dessert similar to cheesecake. 

Queen of Puddings

A beautiful layered dessert, the Queen of Puddings is a traditional treat made commonly in Great Britain.

What I like most about this dish is the baked breadcrumb base of the dessert.

From here, fruit jam layers build this treat. Finally, meringue tops the pudding for an irresistible dessert. 


This popular dessert from Brazil combines egg yolks and ground coconut that acts as a custard on top of a soft cookie crust.

Quindim’s brilliant yellow color makes the little cakes look cheery and inviting. 

Enjoy them dusted with powdered sugar, or garnish them with a sweet herb like mint to add another layer of flavor. 


With a name like Quorn, I expected a corn-based product, but this meat alternative comes from a fermented fungus.

The texture of this vegetarian option is pleasantly similar to chicken and holds up well to different types of preparation.

The product is an excellent example of a sustainable protein product, as well as foods that start with Q!

Quarter Pounder

A quintessentially American option, McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is one of the brand’s signature hamburgers.

These classic sandwiches feature cheese, thinly sliced onions, and, my favorite, pickles. 

The combination of all these different flavors makes this food such an iconic one.

Melted American cheese binds everything for a delicious meal. 

Queen Tahiti Pineapple

While pineapples originated in South America, the Queen Tahiti Pineapple is a cultivar unique to the island of Moorea, north of Tahiti.

These particular pineapples are fresh but grilled and made into various sweet products.

I could only find this fruit while traveling in the region, so to try this pineapple, you might have to take a vacation.


Queenfish are a popular catch along the west coast of North America.

These fish travel in schools and are often caught right off the shore or on piers, especially in Southern California.

As for eating, Queenfish is a white fish with a firm texture without an overly fishy flavor. Because of the robust consistency of this fish, I like to grill it! 


Quenelle is a term that describes a particular dish and the shape of other foods that mimic the quenelle’s iconic shape.

The traditional dish combines a panade, a thick sauce made with fat and flour, and meat or fish.

The mixture is shaped into an oval and served with a richer sauce.

Queso Añejo

Flavorful queso añejo has a firm cheese generally made from goat’s milk.

The dense texture comes from the aging process, making this sharp cheese perfect for grating on top of dishes.

This Mexican cheese is a popular addition to dishes like burritos and enchiladas.

I love how salty this cheese is and its ability to make everything it’s to added taste better. 

Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats is one of the most recognizable brands regarding oats and other products using cereal.

While most of us have eaten oats for breakfast or incorporated them into a dessert, the versatile grain can also be used in savory preparations.

Try using plain oats instead of bread in meatloaf dishes to add a new texture to an old favorite. 


In Spanish, queso translates to cheese, but when folks in the United States reference queso, they’re usually talking about a creamy cheese sauce used for dipping.

My favorite style of this rich and cheesy sauce is chile con queso.


These potato-based deep-fried snacks come from Britain, where they are a popular choice for people looking for something crispy and crunchy.

Quavers come in several flavors, but the cheese variety is one of the most popular and my favorite.

Those looking for something more unique might enjoy the prawn cocktail flavor. 

Queens Cake

Queens Cake is baked in small tins to create these small cakes.

In addition to their small size, they are also a favorite for being easy to make with simple ingredients. 

These cakes are rarely frosted and usually dusted with powdered sugar, making them an excellent option for those looking for a lower-sugar option.

The currants inside are my favorite part of this dessert. 

Food That Starts With Q

  1. Quesadilla
  2. Quail Egg
  3. Quinoa
  4. Quahog
  5. Quiche
  6. Quandong
  7. Quail
  8. Quince
  9. Qatayef
  10. Quadretti Pasta
  11. Quark
  12. Queen of Puddings
  13. Quindim
  14. Quorn
  15. Quarter Pounder
  16. Queen Tahiti Pineapple
  17. Queenfish
  18. Quenelle
  19. Queso Añejo
  20. Quaker Oats
  21. Queso
  22. Quavers
  23. Queens Cake

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re hosting a Q themed party or just interested in learning about Q foods, try some of these items!

Did we miss a food that starts with Q? Let us know!

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