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McDonald’s Unveils Adorable Squishmallows Happy Meal

Get ready to add some squishy joy to your McDonald’s experience! Starting December 26, 2023, McDonald’s is introducing a special Squishmallows Happy Meal in the U.S. This delightful offering features twelve unique Squishmallow characters, including the lovable Cam, the charming Fifi, and even a surprise mystery character. Each of these plush characters is not just a cute companion but also comes with a unique twist.

Mcdonals Squishmallows Happy Meal

In an exciting partnership with Universal Music Group, each Squishmallow character in the Happy Meal is linked to a specially curated playlist. Imagine enjoying your meal while listening to tunes that complement your new plush friend! Accessing these playlists is easy – just scan the QR code on the Happy Meal box, and you’re all set for a musical adventure.

This launch is more than just a treat for kids; it’s a fusion of fast food culture and the latest trends in collectibles. The inclusion of Grimace, a classic McDonald’s character, in the Squishmallows lineup shows a blend of nostalgia with modern-day excitement. Whether you’re a parent buying for your child, a collector, or simply a fan of these squishy delights, McDonald’s has created an experience that goes beyond the ordinary Happy Meal.

McDonalds Squishmallows Happy Meal

The Squishmallows Happy Meal is a limited-time offer, available only while supplies last. So, mark your calendars for December 26th and get ready to experience the joy and whimsy of McDonald’s latest offering. Whether it’s for the adorable Squishmallow, the fun playlists, or the joy of collecting, this Happy Meal is set to make the end of 2023 a memorable one for McDonald’s fans of all ages.

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