29 Discontinued Cereal Brands You Won’t Find in Stores

When you think of breakfast food, cereal is the first thing that pops into most people’s heads. Sure, breakfast sandwiches, donuts, and waffles are delicious, but cereal is so diverse, which adds to its popularity. 

Variety of cold cereals in white bowls

From sweet to healthy options, there’s a cereal everyone will love.

There are dozens of options on the shelves at your local grocery store, but what about those flavors you remember eating before school or on a Saturday morning watching cartoons?

Discontinued Cereals We Miss

Even though they’ve been discontinued, they’ll live on forever in our hearts. Take a look at some of the most popular discontinued cereals. 

Cinnamon Mini Buns

Cinnamon Mini Buns was one of the most sought-after cereals in the 90s. It was essentially little cinnamon buns. 

Kellogg stopped making the cereal years ago, but it was one of the tastiest. It was the best of both worlds: cereal and cinnamon buns. 

The good news is that you can make mini cinnamon buns at home to recreate this cereal if you want. 


Anyone who was obsessed with Star Wars in the 80s, and even those who weren’t, will remember C-3POs. 

It came out after the trilogy ended and didn’t last long, but the honey-flavored cereal was delicious. 

While it wasn’t overly complicated, the recipe tasted sweet but not overly sweet. 

T Cereal

Mr. T Cereal was iconic. In 1984, this Kellogg’s cereal took the country by storm. 

The flavor was somewhere between Cap’ n Crunch and Cornflakes and was a huge hit. The box featured Laurence Tureaud as his character Mr. T from Rocky III. 

It was on shelves for almost a decade before it was discontinued. 

Smurf-Berry Crunch

Kids loved Smurf-Berry Crunch in the 1980s. 

The Smurfs were popular characters, and this delicious cereal features blue and red pieces. The flavor wasn’t overly crazy, but since it was predominantly sugar, kids went crazy for it. 

Unfortunately, as the Smurfs declined in popularity, the cereal did too. 

Yummy Mummy

If you haven’t noticed, General Mills loves monster cereal. Case in point, their Boo-Berry and Count Chocula cereals. 

This cereal was out in the late 1980s to the early 1990s and was a favorite among many. It featured marshmallow bats and almost resembled Halloween Lucky Charms. 

Vanilly Crunch

Taking it back further than the 1990s and late 1980s into the 1970s, we have Vanilly Crunch. 

While the name isn’t anything spectacular, the flavor definitely was.

It tasted like eating a bowl of birthday cake for breakfast, and who could complain about that? 

Powdered Donutz

Another popular cereal from the 1980s was Powdered Donutz.

The cereal looked almost identical to Cheerios, but they were far more popular with younger people than Cheerios, thanks to their sweet flavor. 

The cereal tasted like eating those powdered sugar donuts you know and love and came in chocolate flavor! 

Ghostbusters Cereal

Ghostbusters Cereal was only on the shelves for five years (1985-1990), but it has had a lasting impact on anyone who tried it. 

The cereal had circle-shaped pieces in different colors and tasted fruity, but the best part was the marshmallow ghosts. 

Sprinkle Spangles

If you love sugar cookies, then you would’ve loved this cereal. Sprinkle Spangles was a 90s cereal that was simple but tasty. 

It was corn puffs that the manufacturer rolled in rainbow sprinkles. Who didn’t love eating what felt like dessert for breakfast? 

Marshmallow Krispies

Leave it to Kellogg’s to come up with another cereal masterpiece that didn’t last. 

This 1980s cereal was a simple recipe, toasted rice cereal, and marshmallows. It was a Rice Krispy treat but in cereal form. 

Since Rice Krispies are still popular today, it’s hard to say why they discontinued this breakfast cereal.  

S’mores Crunch

S’mores are one of the best camping, or really anytime, treats. 

Over the years, several different kinds of cereal have tasted like s’mores, but S’mores Crunch has me feeling nostalgic. 

It’s from the 80s and consisted of Golden Grahams with chocolate and then added plenty of marshmallows. 

Fruit Brute

Fruit Brute was another one of General Mills’ monster cereal creations. 

The cereal could be spotted a mile away since the pieces were bright red. It was on the shelves from 1975 to 1983, and I wish it were still around. 

The flavors were cherry and lime, and then they added marshmallows because why not?


Nothing beats fresh waffles for breakfast, but not everyone has the time.

Waffelos was the perfect solution to this issue in the 1970s and 1980s. The cereal had little pieces that looked like tiny, crunch waffles! 

The best part is that it still had that delicious maple syrup taste you crave with waffles.


Another huge hit in the 80s was Pac-Man, so there had to be a cereal featuring this character. 

Like most other cereals of this time, it was just corn puffs that were sweetened and marshmallows. 

Even still, those who loved Pac-Man saw him on the box, and that was enough to drive sales. 

Crazy Cow

Crazy Cow was one of my favorite cereals to eat. 

Not only was the cereal delicious and tasted like eating dessert, but it would turn your milk into either chocolate or strawberry, depending on which one you bought. 

As fun as this cereal was to eat and drink the milk afterward, it didn’t last very long. 

WWF Superstars

Ralston was the mind behind this 90s cereal. 

WWF Superstars featured wrestlers on the box and was a popular choice for anyone who loved wrestling. Since most people choose their cereal by the box, it’s no wonder why this was a popular option. 

As for the flavor, it was just vanilla but in star shapes. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cereal

Everyone knows the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ popularity in the late 80s and early 90s. 

Anyone who was a fan during that time has tried this cereal at least once. The cereal pieces were supposed to be nets, but to me, they looked like Chex. 

The marshmallows were the star of the show in various shapes, including pizza. 

Reptar Crunch

Do you remember Rugrats? If you do, then you’ll remember Reptar. 

Reptar Cereal was based on the popular show and featured dinosaur-shaped cereal pieces. 

Much like other cereals from the 1990s, it was a sweet cereal that got most kids out of bed because it didn’t taste overly healthy. 

Rainbow Brite Cereal

Rainbow Brite was a widely popular doll in the 80s, and this cereal is the epitome of the 80s. 

It was beautifully multi-colors like the Rainbow Brite doll, and the packaging was just as vibrant. 

As for the flavors, it wasn’t anything to write home about, but back then, all kids cared about was that the cereal was sweet and the box looked cool.

Hidden Treasures

I remember being so excited when I could have Hidden Treasures for breakfast. Just like the name suggests, there were “hidden treasures” within the cereal. 

All the pieces looked the same, but some had a fruity center! 

The best part was that not all of them did, making eating breakfast a little more fun. 

Banana Frosted Flakes

Who doesn’t love a bowl of Frosted Flakes? It’s a classic cereal, but in the 1980s, Banana Frosted Flakes were a huge hit. 

It made the classic cereal just a little bit better and even had pieces of bananas in addition to the banana flavoring. 

Parents loved it because it had fruit, and kids loved it because it was sweet. 

Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal

Ralston wanted to capitalize on the donuts for breakfast idea by making donuts into cereal. 

That’s when Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal was born. It was available in the late 1980s and featured cereal pieces shaped like donuts. 

You could buy it in chocolate or in a glazed donut flavor. I loved mixing the two. 

Nerds Cereal

If you’re looking at the name of this cereal and wondering why on Earth someone would make a cereal out of sour candy, you’re not alone. 

Despite the odd idea, it was still widely purchased until officially discontinued. The cereal pieces looked like Nerds candy and included pieces of sour candy

Choco Donuts

Quaker has had a few “oops” kinds of cereal they’ve released throughout the years that have been popular, and Choco Donuts is one of them. 

They looked like tiny chocolate donuts that apparently were made by accident, so they rolled with it, adding sprinkles, and then sold it to cereal lovers. 

The cereal was chocolatey and perfect any time of the day. 

Cupcake Pebbles

Cupcake Pebbles might be one of the most recent cereals on this list, and I’m still upset it’s no longer available. 

You could buy Cupcake Pebbles from 2010 to 2011 before Post took them off the shelves.

The flavor was cake batter, and it coated rice cereal. It honestly tasted like dipping your finger in a cake batter. 

Donkey Kong Crunch

Ralston only released this cereal for two years total, but I still remember Donkey Kong Crunch. 

It kind of reminds me of Cap’n Crunch. It was barrel-shaped corn cereal and had a slight sweetness to the flavoring. 

Magic Puffs

From the 1970s, I introduce you to Magic Puffs. 

Kids loved this cereal because it was the perfect sweet breakfast and included different magic tricks they could learn. 

Some say people only bought it for the magic tricks, but it had to taste pretty good to stay on the shelves even for a little bit. 

Mini Trix

Trix is still popular today, but in the mid-2010s, Mini Trix came out. It was exactly what it sounded like. 

They were original Trix pieces but smaller. Some say it was discontinued because the small size made it soak up the milk too quickly and become soggy. 

Oreo O’s

Lastly, we have my favorite, Oreo O’s. This cereal tastes like an Oreo cookie in a bowl. 

The cereal is black and resembles an Oreo, and when you add milk, you’ll get that delicious filling flavor that all Oreos have. 

The great news is that Oreo O’s were recently brought back to grocery store shelves! I tried them again recently and they’re just as good as I remember, although not the healthiest breakfast cereal.

Discontinued Cereals We Miss

  1. Cinnamon Mini Buns
  2. C-3PO’s
  3. Mr. T Cereal
  4. Smurf-Berry Crunch
  5. Yummy Mummy
  6. Vanilly Crunch
  7. Powdered Donutz
  8. Ghostbusters Cereal
  9. Sprinkle Spangles
  10. Marshmallow Krispies
  11. S’mores Crunch
  12. Fruit Brute
  13. Waffelos
  14. Pac-Man
  15. Crazy Cow
  16. WWF Superstars
  17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cereal
  18. Reptar Crunch
  19. Rainbow Brite Cereal
  20. Hidden Treasures
  21. Banana Frosted Flakes
  22. Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal
  23. Nerds Cereal
  24. Choco Donuts
  25. Cupcake Pebbles
  26. Donkey Kong Crunch
  27. Magic Puffs
  28. Mini Trix
  29. Oreo O’s

Which Cereal Do You Wish Would Make a Comeback?

Do you miss a cereal from your childhood? Tell us which discontinued cereal flavors you wish would come back to grocery store shelves!


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  1. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR CEREAL THE ORIGINAL ONE that had the green and purple alien spaceship with the purple shaped aliens

    The original cinnamon frosted flakes that where brown flakes..

  2. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal what happened just disappeared I would give up every cereal I ever thought I liked for this one to be back on the shelves.

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