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Cowboy Chicken’s Latest Addition: Irresistible Chicken Wings

Cowboy Chicken, a name synonymous with delectable wood-fired rotisserie chicken for over 40 years, has expanded its culinary horizons with the introduction of chicken wings. Marking December 26 as the nationwide launch date, these wings arrived just in time for the football playoffs, adding a new dimension to game-day feasting.

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Available in four enticing flavors – lemon pepper, BBQ, Buffalo, and Nashville hot – these wings are more than just a treat for the taste buds. They reflect Cowboy Chicken’s unwavering commitment to quality. Sourced from local U.S. farms, the chicken used is all-natural, free from hormones and steroids, ensuring a health-conscious and guilt-free indulgence.

To cater to diverse tastes and dining preferences, Cowboy Chicken has introduced the Six Wings Meal and Wing and Tender Combo, perfect for both solo enjoyment and group gatherings. This expansion isn’t just about variety; it’s about accessibility too. With comprehensive catering and delivery options, these wings are ready to grace any event or casual dining experience.

Cowboy Chicken’s venture into the world of wings is a testament to their dedication to evolving with culinary trends while maintaining the essence of their traditional cooking methods. The introduction of wings aligns with their goal to offer a broader range of options to their loyal customer base and new visitors alike.

Cowboy Chicken continues to stand out in the fast-casual dining sector, combining tradition with innovation. These new wings, cooked to perfection and packed with flavor, are an invitation to customers to experience the fusion of classic cooking techniques with modern culinary trends. Whether it’s for a big game or a family dinner, these wings are set to become a new favorite on Cowboy Chicken’s menu.

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