Costco Is Increasing the Prices of These Popular Items

With inflation ever-present and the consumer price index rising, everyone is talking about the price changes at the grocery store. You may have noticed expenses increase on your favorite items when shopping.

Costco Wholesale storefront

Costco Warehouse Club is known for offering its members low prices on name-brand products, but they have announced that select Costco goods will increase in price in 2023.

The following list includes which goods are rising in cost, although this can vary based on location.

Costco Items Increasing in Price

Keep reading to discover the Costco price increases on items in 2023 so that you can update your shopping cart.

12-Pack Kirkland Signature Croissants

The 12-Pack Kirkland Signature Croissants are a staple in many households because the flaky rolls are ideal for sandwiches, snacks, and events. Or, enjoy one for breakfast with a side of fruit and orange juice.

costco croissants

I like to pick up these croissants for my family to save time on busy days.

It’s easy to make a meal by slicing the croissants, adding meat and cheese, and serving them with chips.

The Costco bakery makes the croissants fresh every day, and you can pick up a pack by heading to the bakery section.

Unfortunately, the Kirkland Signature Croissants are rising in price in 2023.

6-Pack Kirkland Signature Muffins

Another bakery item that’s usually in my pantry is the 6-Pack Kirkland Signature Muffins.

costco blueberry muffins

Costco makes these from scratch in their in-store bakery, and the oversized muffins taste homemade.

They’re not too sweet, and the muffins are hearty enough to make a great breakfast.

They’re ideal for busy mornings or packing in your bag to eat later in the day.

Purchase the classic blueberry, my favorite muffin flavor. Or, you can try the chocolate chip muffins or the tangy lemon poppyseed flavor.

Costco is increasing the price of their beloved Signature Muffins, but they’ll likely remain a popular item.

Costco Forever Stamps

Stamps often fluctuate in price, and Costco’s stamps are no exception.

They sell Forever stamps, which you can use to mail a standard one-ounce letter, regardless of the stamp’s original cost.

Pick up some Forever stamps at the Costco checkout. All you need to do is ask a Costco team member, and they’ll add Forever stamps to your order.

Forever stamps are rising in price in 2023 from 60 cents to 63 cents, and they may continue to fluctuate upward as the year progresses.

Pick up some Forever stamps at your local Costco soon, as you can keep using them after they increase in price.

Half-Sheet Birthday Cakes

Costco’s Half-Sheet Birthday Cakes are a great way to celebrate any occasion.

I like to order specialty cakes for birthday parties, but you can also use the cakes for graduations, anniversaries, corporate events, or family gatherings.

There are two ways to purchase Costco’s Half-Sheet Birthday Cakes. The easiest way is to head to the bakery and grab a premade cake.

You can even ask the bakers to personalize it with iced wording. Or, order a custom cake ahead of time for more personalization.

The cakes will increase in price in 2023 due to the rising cost of flour.

Kirkland Danishes

Increased flour prices mean that Costco’s Kirkland Danishes will increase in price soon.

The tasty baked goods are a staple in many homes and offices, and I love grabbing one for breakfast or a quick bite while working.

The savory danishes have a crispy outside and buttery inside, but they’re not overly sweet.

They are light and flaky, and the treats come in three flavors. Try the crunchy almond danishes, the sweet cherry variety, or the classic cream cheese.

Costco’s Kirkland Danishes come with four danishes per package, and they sell them in the bakery department. Costco bakers make them fresh daily.

Costco Fountain Drinks

Sometimes I time my Costco trip with meal time because the warehouse is well-known for its low-price food court.

costco fountain soda

I love grabbing a Costco Fountain Drink when I’m at the store. You can order it alone or with a classic hot dog and enjoy free refills.

Grab a soda at the Costco food court and stay refreshed through your long shopping trip.

The soda fountains typically include choices like Pepsi, Brisk Tea, Mountain Dew, and diet options.

Costco is increasing its soda prices nationwide in 2023. However, Costco’s 20 oz sodas typically stay under $1.

They probably won’t hike beyond that in the coming months.

The Costco Chicken Bake

The Costco Chicken Bake is a fast food dish you can purchase at most Costco chain supermarkets.

costco frozen chicken bakes

You can find it in the food court, usually at the front of the store, as well is in the frozen section to take home.

This handheld snack is similar to a calzone, a stuffed pizza roll.

It’s a baked dough treat filled with chicken and cheese, and it’s a great snack to munch on while shopping or after your Costco haul.

The Costco Chicken Bake began increasing in price in 2022.

The cost continues to rise slightly in 2023, but the tasty Chicken Bake is a snack I can’t resist at Costco.

Costco Items Increasing in Price

  1. 12-Pack Kirkland Signature Croissants
  2. 6-Pack Kirkland Signature Muffins
  3. Costco Forever Stamps
  4. Half-Sheet Birthday Cakes
  5. Kirkland Danishes
  6. Costco Fountain Drinks
  7. The Costco Chicken Bake

Prepare For Inflation at Costco!

Inflation is affecting grocery prices everywhere, including Costco. While these items will cost more, Costco still has some of the best deals!

Check out Costco’s Kirkland signature liquor for more discounted prices.

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