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40 Popular Cheesecake Factory Recipes To Recreate

A palace of infinite dishes awaits those who make a pilgrimage to that hall of legend, the Cheesecake Factory.

Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Cheektowaga

While yes, there are plenty of cheesecakes available in all flavors and varieties, the restaurant is also known for a staggering variety of delicious dishes from all corners of the planet.

The tragedy of such a large menu is that returning to old favorites means never exploring new waters, and straying from the familiar means never revisiting the harbors you once cherished. Internet sleuths to the rescue! 

These Cheesecake Factory copycat recipes have been crafted by devoted fans making sure that once you’ve gotten to try one of the many offerings of the Factory, you’ll be able to expand your journey to the rest of the menu while still reveling in your past discoveries.

Which Recipe Will You Make First?

Work your way through Cheesecake Factory’s huge menu by making these recipes at home!

Check out other copycat recipes from your favorite restaurants, like Cracker Barrel recipes or KFC recipes!

40 Popular Cheesecake Factory Recipes

40 Popular Cheesecake Factory Recipes

Whether you’re craving the brown bread or chicken madeira, these Cheesecake Factory copycat recipes are what you need to make them at home. 

Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes



    1. Choose your favorite recipe.
    2. Gather the necessary ingredients.
    3. Prep and cook your recipe.
    4. Enjoy!

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