Can You Cook with Moscato?

If you enjoy wine, you may have wondered if you might include Moscato into your recipes. Moscato is a sweet wine with Italian roots. It is renowned for its fruity flavor and light body, which make it a great option for many different cuisines. But is Moscato suitable for cooking? Yes, it is the answer.

A bottle of Stella Rosa Moscato D'asti wine

Sauces, soups, pasta meals, and even desserts can all be made with moscato.

Due to its sweetness, it is an excellent alternative to other sweet wines like champagne and late-harvest ports.

Furthermore, Moscato goes well with a variety of cuisines, particularly Italian recipes.

Therefore, Moscato can be a great option if you want to give your dish a sweet and fruity flavor.

Understanding Moscato

Wines of the Moscato kind are distinguished by their sweet, fruity flavors.

Bottle of Moscato wine with bunch of grape

It is a wine that is often served as dessert and is produced from the Muscat grape.

Although moscato is frequently linked with Italy, it is also made in other countries, such as Australia, South Africa, and the US.

There are several varieties of moscato, including still, sparkling, and fortified varieties.

The two most popular varieties of Moscato are Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti, both sparkling wines.

Asti Spumante is a totally sparkling wine that is a little bit sweeter than Moscato d’Asti and has a higher alcohol concentration.

An adaptable wine that can be used in cooking is moscato. It can be used in savory recipes as well as sweet ones, such as sauces and marinades.

It is frequently used in sweets and fruit salads. Moscato may give food a sweet, fruity flavor. It can also be used to deglaze pans and give sauces depth.

It’s crucial to match the correct wine to the food when cooking with Moscato. A drier Moscato, like Moscato d’Asti, can be a better option for savory foods than a sweeter Moscato, such Asti Spumante, for sweet dishes.

Moscato is a sweet, fruity wine that can be used in cooking, to sum it up. It comes in a variety of varieties, such as still, sparkling, and fortified, and is frequently connected to Italy.

To create the required flavor when cooking with Moscato, it’s crucial to select the proper wine for the recipe.

Moscato in Cooking

Popular sweet wine type called Moscato can be used in cooking. It gives food a distinctive flavor and is frequently used in Italian cooking.

Girl adding white wine to a pan with mussels,

Here are several techniques for incorporating Moscato into your cooking:


In sauces, moscato can take the place of other sweet wines like champagne or late-harvest ports.

Its fruity, mild flavor pairs well with many other flavors, particularly those found in Italian recipes.

It works well in cream sauces, fruit sauces, and tomato-based sauces.


Desserts like cakes, crepes, and fruit salads go well with moscato.

It gives the dish a sweet, fruity flavor that blends well with the other ingredients. It can also be included into drinks or used to produce a fruit punch.

Meat Dishes

Pork or chicken meals can benefit from the flavoring of moscato. You can add it to the sauce or use it to marinade the meat.

It enhances the savory flavor of the meat by adding a sweet and tangy flavor.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Moscato is a sweet wine when cooking with it, therefore it’s better to use it sparingly.

A dish’s other flavors may be overpowered by a surplus of Moscato. Start with a little quantity and increase as necessary.

In summary, Moscato is a versatile wine that may be used in cooking to give foods a distinctive flavor.

The Moscato wine may be a wonderful addition to any meal, whether you’re creating a sauce, dessert, or meat dish.

Benefits of Cooking with Moscato

Cooking with Moscato wine can give your meals a distinctive and savory touch.

Man pouring in the pan

Here are some advantages of using Moscato in cooking:

1. Enhances Flavor

The sweet and fruity flavor of moscato wine can improve the flavor of your food. It can be used to provide a distinctive flavor profile to a range of foods, including sauces, marinades, and sweets.

2. Adds Complexity to Dishes

By counteracting the sweetness with acidity, moscato wine can enhance the richness of a cuisine. By offering a delicate aroma, it can also deepen a dish’s flavor profile.

3. Versatile

Because of its adaptability, moscato wine can be used in both savory and sweet meals. It goes nicely with pasta, chicken, fish, sweets, and even fish.

4. Affordable

A reasonably priced choice for cooking wine is moscato. It is often less expensive than other varieties of wine and is available at the majority of grocery stores.

5. Health Benefits

Antioxidants included in moscato wine may help lower the risk of heart disease and a few types of cancer. To avoid harmful health impacts, it’s crucial to consume Moscato in moderation.

In conclusion, using Moscato wine when cooking can give your meals a distinctive and savory twist. It is adaptable, reasonably priced, and when used moderately, it can be beneficial to health.

Popular Dishes with Moscato

Moscato wine is a favorite addition to many recipes because of how sweet and fruity it is.

The chef pours white wine into an Italian risotto

Here are some well-known meals that incorporate moscato:

1. Moscato Peach Sauce

A tasty and simple-to-make sauce that can be used on a variety of dishes is moscato peach sauce.

Peaches, sugar, lemon juice, moscato wine, and other ingredients are cooked together in a saucepan to create the sauce. Serve the mixture over chicken, pork, or ice cream after blending it until it’s smooth.

2. Moscato Sangria

Sangria made with moscato is a delicious, cool beverage that is ideal for summer. In a pitcher, mix moscato wine, sliced strawberries, peaches, and oranges to make moscato sangria.

After that, add some orange juice and brandy, and refrigerate the combination for a few hours in the refrigerator. Enjoy the dish served over ice!

3. Moscato Cupcakes

Cupcakes made with moscato wine are a sweet and delectable treat that are suitable for any celebration.

Combine moscato wine, butter, sugar, and eggs in a bowl to make moscato cupcakes.

Then, combine the salt, baking powder, and flour until the mixture is smooth. Using powdered sugar, butter, and moscato wine, bake the cake and then top with the icing.

4. Moscato Chicken

A tasty and flavorful dinner option is chicken marinated in Moscato. Cook chicken breasts in a skillet until browned to make moscato chicken.

When the sauce starts to thicken, add moscato wine, chicken broth, and garlic. Enjoy! Serve with spaghetti or rice.

The flexible ingredient moscato wine can be utilized in a wide range of recipes. Whether you’re preparing a savory supper or a sweet dessert, moscato wine may give your food a distinctive and delectable flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chef pouring white wine into a frying pan with sliced shiitake mushrooms

Can you cook with Moscato?

Yes, you can cook with Moscato. Moscato wine is a sweet wine that can be used in a variety of dishes. It’s important to note that the alcohol in the wine will cook off during the cooking process, leaving behind the flavor and sweetness of the wine.

What dishes can you use Moscato in?

Moscato wine can be used in a variety of dishes, including pasta, cakes, soups, sauces, pancakes, and chicken dinners. It can also be used for making fruit punch and can be added to cocktails.

Do you need to use a specific type of Moscato for cooking?

No, you don’t need to use a specific type of Moscato for cooking. However, it’s important to choose a Moscato that you enjoy drinking, as the flavor will come through in the dish you’re cooking.

Can you substitute Moscato for other types of wine in recipes?

Yes, you can substitute Moscato for other types of wine in recipes. However, keep in mind that Moscato is a sweet wine, so it may not be suitable for dishes that require a dry wine. If you’re unsure, it’s best to consult a recipe or a wine expert for guidance.

How much Moscato should you use in recipes?

The amount of Moscato you should use in recipes will depend on the recipe and your personal taste. As a general rule, you can use about 1/2 cup of Moscato for every 4 servings of a dish. However, it’s best to taste as you go and adjust the amount of wine accordingly.

Can you use Moscato in savory dishes?

Yes, you can use Moscato in savory dishes. It pairs well with chicken, pork, and seafood dishes. However, keep in mind that Moscato is a sweet wine, so it may not be suitable for all savory dishes. It’s best to experiment and see what works for you.

Chef is adding white wine to risotto, copy space


In conclusion, using Moscato wine in your cooking is a viable option and can give your meals a distinctive flavor.

The food preparations that call for a sweet and fruity flavor are best paired with moscato wine.

It can be included into many different foods, including spaghetti, cakes, soups, sauces, pancakes, and chicken dinners.

It’s vital to remember that Moscato is a sweet wine and may not pair well with all items when cooking with it.

It is preferable to use it sparingly and avoid making the other tastes in the meal overpowering.

The caliber of the Moscato wine you use is another crucial factor. While a poor-quality wine could detract from the flavor of your food, an excellent Moscato wine will improve it.

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