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Burger King’s 70th Anniversary Brings New Dessert and Deals

Burger King, the iconic fast-food chain known for its flame-grilled burgers and commitment to customer satisfaction, is gearing up for a grand celebration of its 70th anniversary. In a nod to seven decades of serving up delicious food and memorable dining experiences, Burger King is introducing an array of exciting offerings to delight its loyal customers.

Kicking off the festivities on May 13, 2024, Burger King will unveil its latest addition: the Birthday Pie Slice. This delightful dessert promises to please palates with its creamy birthday cake filling nestled within a delicious cookie crumb crust. Adorned with a burst of rainbow-colored sprinkles, cake bites, and a generous dollop of whipped topping, the Birthday Pie Slice is sure to be a hit among dessert enthusiasts nationwide.

But the celebration doesn’t stop there. From May 28 to June 3, Burger King will be rolling out the red carpet for its Royal Perks members, offering a week-long extravaganza of exclusive offers and giveaways. Starting on National Hamburger Day, May 28, customers can sink their teeth into a complimentary hamburger with any purchase of $0.70 or more. As the week unfolds, the festivities continue with an array of freebies.

On May 29, kick-start your morning with a free Croissan’wich when you spend $0.70 or more. Quench your thirst on May 30 with a refreshing medium soft drink on the house with a purchase of $0.70 or more. On May 31, enjoy the flame-grilled goodness of a free cheeseburger with any purchase of $0.70 or more.

As Burger King officially turns 70 on June 1, join the celebration with a free Birthday Pie Slice alongside a purchase of $0.70 or more. The party keeps going on June 2 with a complimentary Original Crispy Chicken Sandwich with any purchase of $0.70 or more. Finally, on June 3, wrap up the festivities with a free Whopper Jr. when you spend $0.70 or more. From savory burgers to delectable desserts, Burger King’s week-long celebration is a feast fit for royalty.

So mark your calendars and join Burger King in celebrating 70 years of flame-grilling excellence. Head to your nearest Burger King restaurant starting May 13 to enjoy the Birthday Pie Slice and take advantage of a week full of Royal Perks offers. Don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity to join the celebration and savor the flavors of Burger King’s 70th birthday bash.

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Written by Brian Nagele

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