7 Best Burger King Vegan Options

Can’t ever seem to find any good vegan-friendly fast-food options around you? Don’t worry! Burger King is about to change that for you, as the popular fast-food chain has rolled out some great vegan options for its customers.

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Burger King has made an active effort of introducing many vegan-friendly options on its menu to ensure that it can provide a memorable restaurant experience for all customers.

From the drool-worthy Impossible plant-based patty to the mouthwatering French toast sticks, Burger King has got your back with vegetarian options that provide high nutrition value without breaking the bank.

If you’re leading a vegan lifestyle or just trying to reduce your animal product intake, you don’t have to give up fast food.

Let’s get creative with some of my favorite Burger King vegan options.

Impossible Whopper

Unlike other grand fast-food joints, Burger King has made an effort to consider the dietary wants of all its customers, regardless of whether they are vegan or not.

Accordingly, they introduced the plant-based version of their famous Whopper sandwich.

I understand how difficult it can be to find real vegan-friendly options when dining out –  especially at fast-food restaurants, so I’ll cut to the chase.

The Impossible Whopper is one of the only fast-food menu items at any establishment that is specifically designed for a vegetarian/vegan audience, even though meat-eaters will still enjoy it.

The Impossible burger patty is made entirely from plants and is 100% vegan. The burger contains soy and potato protein along with coconut and sunflower oil.

That completes the nutritional value of the burger. Other than that, to give the patty a meaty flavor without compromising on the customer’s ethical ways, Burger King uses heme iron derived from yeast extract’s fermentation. 

If you are going for a 100% vegan meal, request that the burger is either served without mayonnaise or with vegan mayo only. 

The ingredients include 

  • Plant-based patty.
  • Tomatoes. 
  • Lettuce. 
  • Pickles. 
  • Onions. 
  • Ketchup and Mayo.

French Toast Sticks

This one is by far one of my favorite Burger King vegan options.

Unlike traditional French toast made from eggs, milk, and butter, these French toast sticks use a combination of vegan-friendly alternatives. 

The French Toast sticks at Burger King come in a pack of either three or five, with a side of breakfast syrup. Don’t worry – the syrup is 100% vegan.  

You will often find me at Burger King in the mornings, grabbing some French Toast Sticks for breakfast.

There is just something about these light, golden-crisp French toast sticks that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. After all, who doesn’t love some sweet French toast to grab on the go? 

The ingredients include

  • Toasted bread. 
  • Eggs. 
  • Almond Milk. 
  • Vanilla extract and sugar. 
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice

French Fries

I dislike going to fast-food restaurants only to find out that they have vegan-friendly burger meals but no vegan-friendly French fries.

If you are a true food fanatic, you know that the burger-fries combo is a match made in heaven! 

Luckily for us small percentage of vegan customers, Burger King cooks their French fries using vegetable oil.

For this, we have to appreciate Burger King for truly complying with providing vegan-friendly meals to their customers. Many other fast-food establishments fry things in beef fat, so they aren’t vegan.

Tip: You can ask for ketchup or mustard as dips, considering both of these are labeled as vegan friendly. 

Hash Browns 

For many, including myself, the perfect breakfast is incomplete without hash browns.

This simple breakfast option at Burger King is vegan-friendly and a perfect breakfast side dish. These nugget-shaped hash browns are made with potatoes fried in vegetable oil to ensure that a wide group of customers can indulge in Burger King’s exciting food range without much hassle. 

While I wouldn’t consider hash browns as a full meal, these are a pretty good source of fiber. So, if you are looking for a light vegan-friendly quick breakfast option, grab these on the go. 


Another vegan-friendly breakfast option at Burger King is the oatmeal bowl.

Not only is it vegan, but it can help you meet your other nutrition goals, too, as one of the healthiest items on the menu.

I have personally had it for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Thank God for all-day breakfast menus. 

Burger King uses water-based oats, which is fortunate for us, as it means that there are no milk, creams, or other non-vegan dietary ingredients. 

Apple Sauce

While apple sauce isn’t a full meal option, I thought of adding it to the list only because it is one of the greatest add-ons I have had at fast-food restaurants. 

Being vegan-friendly, I have almost always purchased this with my French toast sticks, as they pair up well together.

If you are looking to try new things, you can always dump some over your oatmeal or maybe kick in some sweet-and-salty combinations with French fries.

Plus, apple sauce is always a hit when you have kids with you!

Garden Side Salad with Golden Italian Dressing 

Crunch into the extremely fresh, healthy, and most importantly, vegan-friendly Garden Side Salad served at Burger King! 

With all the very best dietary requirements of a filling and healthy meal, this Garden Salad gives you the option of staying true to your ethical vegan-friendly diet while cutting calories – but not flavor.

Even if you are not too bothered about eating healthy, this salad makes a great light lunch or dinner to grab now and then. 

The ingredients include 

  • Lettuce and iceberg lettuce
  • Tomatoes and Onions
  • Corn
  • Croutons 
  • Vegan-friendly golden dressing 

Everyone knows that choosing the vegan lifestyle isn’t always an easy choice. However, for many of us, it is the most ethical choice.

Although there are a lot of compromises, many fast-food restaurants – like Burger King – are slowly but surely expanding their regular menus to be more vegan friendly. That will help them attract a whole new audience. 

Surprisingly, unlike most competitors, Burger King offers an exclusive vegan-friendly menu. These Burger King vegan options render this large fast-food chain one of my favorite spots to go to for a delectable, vegan-friendly meal. Plus, it’s affordable!

After all, what is better than grabbing a quick, vegan-friendly option that is both convenient and easy on the wallet after the end of a long, hectic day at work? Give some of these Burger King vegan options a try, and keep on the lookout for more specifically plant-based products in the future

If you’re not following a plant-based diet, check out all of Burger King’s most popular items!


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  1. Proud of Burger King. They have me as a happy customer. Please note that French toast sticks are not vegan. They contain eggs. A vegan would not eat eggs
    nor would most vegetarians.

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