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Burger King Salads to Order

Burger King is one of the most well-known fast-food chains offering hamburgers for those looking for a quick bite at an affordable price. With over 12,000 restaurants around the globe, there’s no shortage of people coming in for their Whoppers and chicken fries.

One challenge many people face when ordering food from fast-food restaurants is finding healthier options. The crisp and fresh lettuce is an excellent substitute for those trying to cut back on greasier food with higher calories. 

Want to know which Burger King salads are available to order during your next visit? Check out my list below.

Does Burger King Offer Salads? 

For several decades, Burger King salads were a favorite health-conscious pick for those who preferred healthier fast-food options for a vegetarian or vegan diet or to reduce their daily calorie intake, using chicken as a healthier protein source to enhance their flavors. 

They used to serve Crispy Chicken Club Salads, Crispy Chicken Garden Salad, Garden Grilled Chicken Salad, and Side Garden Salad.

In 2022, Burger King removed most of their salads from its menu. Although several people enjoyed them, Burger King salads didn’t sell as much as their burgers and chicken entrees.  

Although Burger King discontinued salads from many US-based restaurants, some international branches, like Cyprus, offer salad entrees.

Crispy Chicken Club Salad

One of the most popular Burger King salads was their Crispy Chicken Club Salad.

Although it features common salad ingredients, like romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and radicchio, it’s not their healthiest salad option.

Its main sources of protein, bacon and crispy chicken, are tasty but increase its calorie count and make the lettuce extra salty. 

Without dressing, It contains about 540 calories and around 1,300 milligrams of sodium.

Despite being a salad, the meat and shredded cheese in it doesn’t make it the best option for vegan and vegetarian diets.

Its grilled chicken counterpart contains fewer calories but can contain over 500 calories if you add dressing.

Crispy Chicken Garden Salad

The Crispy Chicken Garden Salad is the perfect dinner or lunch option for Burger King fans who prefer a meal that satisfies their meat and greens cravings.

Its main ingredients include romaine lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and green leaf lettuce. 

This salad has a savory, salty flavor profile that overpowers the crisp and juicy properties of the lettuce.

This salad contains 440 calories without dressing but can add up to 870 calories if eaten with dressing.

It has under 930 milligrams of sodium, making it ideal for anyone trying to reduce their daily sodium consumption. I enjoyed eating it with a bit of ranch dressing.

Garden Grilled Chicken Salad

Next up on this list of Burger King salads is Garden Grilled Chicken Salad, the healthier alternative to its crispy chicken counterpart, containing 39 grams of protein.

It contains less fat than Burger King’s crispy chicken salads. The firm yet juicy grilled chicken complements the crisp and airy romaine lettuce. Other ingredients include tomatoes and croutons.

If you order this salad without dressing, it contains around 340 calories.

This salad is an excellent option for anyone looking for Burger King menu items under 500 calories.

A small amount of Lite Honey Balsamic enhances its flavor if you want to make your meal more filling. 

Side Garden Salad

The healthiest salad on this list that Burger King offered was their Side Garden Salad.

Although it’s not as flashy as some of the other salads Burger King used to offer to the public, its simplicity is enough to resonate with health-conscious diners.

Like most Burger King salads, its ingredients include lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Without dressing, this salad contains about 60 calories per serving.

It’s low in carbs, fat, sodium, and cholesterol, making it ideal for anyone trying to avoid high-calorie fast food. 

Although some people might not consider it as filling as other salads, I enjoy it as much as their chicken nuggets.

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Written by Brian Nagele

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