12 Famous Bosnian Dishes You Should Try

Bosnian cuisine is an interesting fusion of traditions in and of itself.

Grilled meal on barbeque with pickled cucumbers and fresh lemon

Traditional Bosnian food consists of diverse dishes represent both a fusion of western and eastern European cultures and historical influences from the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

An exploration of Bosnian cuisine is a lesson in history and a delicious one at that.

You may recognize many of the most popular Bosnian foods as a part of the Mediterranean cornucopia. Other dishes are unique to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Read on to discover an eclectic list of the most popular Bosnian food.

Popular Bosnian Food

Final Thoughts

Bosnia is both a Slavic and a Mediterranean country, comprised of three ethnic groups that share cultures and religions with Europe and the Middle East.

Such ethnic diversity is especially apparent in Bosnian cuisine.

Popular Bosnian food encompasses a broad range of stews, meat, appetizers, and desserts that draw from their Mediterranean flavors and a collection of recipes from ancient empires.

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