Top Vegan Meal Delivery Services to Try

What meal delivery services to use if you are following a vegan diet.

Veganism is a style of diet that has skyrocketed in popularity in the past decade, or so. In the past, it was rare for someone to follow a vegan diet, and this was generally something that most restaurants did not cater to. But now, more than 3% of the world’s population follow a vegan diet, and while this is still a niche market, it is nowhere near as rare as it once was. 

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Despite this, if you are a vegan, you might find it difficult to find meal delivery services that cater to your very specific dietary needs. To help you out, we’ve compiled this guide, where we have looked at 9 of the best meal delivery services for vegans and compared them to crown one of them the best. 

So, if you are looking for a vegan meal delivery service, you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find out the best options to consider. 

Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services

  1. Daily Harvest
  2. Veg Ready
  3. Chip and Kale
  4. Fresh n’ Lean
  5. Veestro
  6. Very Good Butchers
  7. Purple Carrot
  8. Sunbasket
  9. Green Chef

Daily Harvest

First up, we have Daily Harvest. This is a great delivery service, but they only offer smoothies, which is why we could not rank them any higher up this list. Drinking smoothies as a meal is something that has become very popular in recent years, and this is incredibly common when it comes to breakfast. When you are on the go, eating a physical meal can be difficult. But a smoothie allows you to get all the nutrients that you need, simply by drinking it. 

Daily Harvest uses organic fruits and vegetables to create their smoothies. The ingredients are delivered frozen, and this ensures that all the flavors and nutrients are preserved until you are ready to use them. They have a huge variety of flavors, and everything that this company offers is very affordable. 

To sign up for this service, you will have to enter your email address and zip code, then select the plan that you want. There are three options: small (9 cups), medium (14 cups), and large (24 cups). From there, you will be able to select the flavors that you want by looking at their appearance, nutritional facts, and the way that they are created. Select how often you want delivery (weekly or monthly), and pay, then your box will be sent to you in the post to enjoy!

Veg Ready

In contrast to Daily Harvest, Veg Ready is actually pretty different, and this is mainly because they offer a full menu. Not just a selection of smoothies. There are a lot of reasons why you may choose to follow a vegan diet, but Veg Ready definitely appeals to the vegans who have chosen this lifestyle for health benefits. This is because Veg Ready is incredibly healthy, offering nutritious meals free of preservatives. 

Veg Ready is great for people who want to use these meals immediately, but it is also good for those looking to stock up their freezer. The majority of their meals have a 12-month shelf life, and this means that you can enjoy your chosen dishes as and when you please. 

The company only has a small menu, and this is its main drawback. But, all the dishes that they do offer are incredibly flavorful. With every order that you place, you will select 8 different meals, and these will be delivered in separate boxes so that you can open them all separately. It isn’t the cheapest of services, but with every single order that you make, you know that you will be getting good quality foods that can be enjoyed at home or on the go.

Chip and Kale

The majority of delivery services that you encounter will expect you to sign up for a subscription as part of their service. But Chip and Kale does not, and this is why it is such a breath of fresh air. Sometimes you just want a single delivery, you do not want to sign your months away to a company that you do not know anything about, which is why Chip and Kale is such a great choice. 

Just like Daily Harvest, Chip and Kale is a frozen delivery box, which is excellent as it means you can keep the ingredients frozen until you want to use them. There is no rush for you to cook the meals that are delivered to you. All the ingredients included in a Chip and Kale box are non-GMO, and they also include lots of greens and grains to ensure that you get lots of nutrients from every single meal. 

As Chip and Kale isn’t a subscription service, you can simply order whatever meals you want and have them delivered to your home. You are not signing up for anything by simply giving this box a go. Chip and Kale is perfect for families, and equally great for people who like to meal prep, as every meal serves 4 people. Every week, the menu is renewed, and if you place an order, you will receive all 5 of these meals. So, if you fancy giving a meal delivery service a try, then Chip and Kale is a great place to begin. 

Fresh n’ Lean

Another great delivery service that offers vegan dishes is Fresh n’ Lean. But, it is worth noting that this company is not exclusively vegan, so when you choose your meals, you will have to read the information very carefully to ensure that they are vegan. However, despite this company not being exclusively vegan, they still offer a wide range of vegan options and have 2 menus on offer that are completely vegan. 

Fresh n’ Lean is one of the best meal delivery services in the USA, and it is easy to see why. The company offers a lot of different options, all of which are gluten-free and packed with good and healthy nutrients. Fresh n’ Lean is also the perfect choice if you are the only vegan in your house, this is because you can order a combination of vegan and non-vegan items for the members of your household. 

Of all the companies that we have looked at, Fresh n’ Lean is another which is fairly easy to order from. You can either choose a single box, or you can sign up for their subscription service. Then you simply have to select the menu that you want, and it will be delivered to your door. This means that Fresh ‘n Lean is a great choice if you want to give this box a go before signing up for a subscription. 


If you want to purchase your vegan meal box from a company that only sells vegan dishes, then Veestro is a perfect choice. Similar to quite a lot of the other companies we have looked at, Veestro is a frozen meal service. In every box, the portions, preparation, and scheduling are all done for you. So all you have to do is take the box out of the freezer and follow the instructions to cook it. 

Veestro was set up by a Costa Rican couple who wanted to make fresh and healthy home-cooked meals accessible to people that are on the go. Plant-based meals are very common in Costa Rica, and they wanted to take advantage of this to create flavorful meals that could convince the most enthusiastic of meat-eaters to give eating vegan a try. 

With a Veestro meal, you do not need to cook necessarily. The meals are all ready to go, all you have to do is heat them up. To set up a Veestro subscription, you have to enter your details, along with the subscription service that you wish, and then you can begin entering your choice of meals. There are lots of different options to choose from, and previous customers often leave reviews, which is a helpful feature when you want to cut your choices down. 

Very Good Butchers

If you choose to follow a vegan diet, exclusively for ethical reasons, then there is a fair chance that you still miss the meat that you once used to enjoy. A lot of people enter a vegan diet, even though they are not the biggest fan of vegetables. If this is you, then Very Good Butchers might be the perfect subscription box for you. 

Very Good Butchers is a Canadian company that creates meat-free products, all available in their subscription boxes. Very Good Butchers do not butcher meat, they are entirely a plant-based company. But, they still sell their subscription services in ‘butcher boxes’ making them perfect for those who follow a vegan diet but miss enjoying their favorite cuts of meat. 

Unlike some other meal delivery services we have looked at, Very Good Butchers does not offer complete meals, instead, they offer 5 assorted vegan meat boxes, alongside a vegan cheese box. The ‘meats’ are delivered frozen, so you can pick and choose when you eat them. We cannot rank this option any higher, simply because they do not offer complete meals. But if you need help when converting to veganism, Very Good Butchers is perfect. 

Purple Carrot

Another completely plant-based meal subscription service is Purple Carrot. This makes choosing your meals easy as you know everything is completely vegan-friendly, you also know that you are supporting a company that is actively helping the environment. Purple Carrot is also a little different from the other companies that we have looked at because they deliver fresh meals, not frozen ones like most vegan delivery services. 

Purple Carrot offers two different subscription services, one that is suitable for homes of 2 people, and one that is suitable for homes of 4 people. This is perfect as it means you can tailor it to your situation. If you are a single person, then you can order the 2-person box and keep the leftovers for the next day. Likewise, if you are in a household where only 1 or 2 of you are vegans, and the others are meat-eaters, you can order the 2-person box to reduce waste. 

Ordering your Purple Carrot subscription is simple, and the boxes are very affordable. They do not offer single boxes, you have to subscribe. But, you can cancel your subscription and skip boxes as and when you want to. Their menu is ever-changing, and this is great because it means you will never grow bored with your options, there is always something new to try!


If you want healthy and nutritious vegan meals at an incredibly affordable price, then Sunbasket is the perfect subscription service for you. All the meals that Sunbasket sells are completely organic and non-GMO, making them excellent quality and completely safe to eat. But this isn’t the best thing about Sunbasket, instead, this is the fact that they create dishes for the whole family. 

A lot of people expect only adults to be vegan, but this isn’t the case. There are a lot of children who follow a vegan diet, and for them, a lot of vegan meals are very boring. But Sunbasket caters to both adults and children, creating meals that are just as exciting for children as they are for grown-ups. 

Sunbasket offers a range of different subscription options which are easy to set up. With this in place, you can easily choose the meals that you want, and they will be delivered to your home. Sunbasket offers seasonal menus as well as meals that are available all year round. But it is worth noting that they do not ship to 5 American States, these are North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and some parts of New Mexico. 

Green Chef

Finally, we would recommend Green Chef. Green Chef is the perfect choice for vegans because it is packed with nutrients and vegetables to ensure that every single meal in these kits is healthy. But the best thing about Green Chef is how easy it is to order from this company. 

To set up a subscription with Green Chef, you have to input your details to check that they deliver to you, and then you can select the meals that you want to be delivered. With every meal that you order, you will be able to choose whether to have it delivered for 2 or 4 people. Additionally, you can choose keto or paleo-specific meals if this is a diet that you are currently following. 
Green Chef is not exclusively vegan, and for some people, this is a massive disappointment. But the vegan options that they offer, and the range of meals on their vegan menu, totally make up for this. So, if you are looking for a new vegan meal delivery service, we would definitely recommend giving Green Chef a try.

Final Thougths

Well, there you have it. This list sums up all of our favorite vegan meal delivery services. These meal delivery services for vegans are the absolute best when you need fresh, delicious vegan food delivered right to your doorstep.

Which meal delivery service do you like the most? Leave us a comment below so we can check it out!

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