The Best Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Items For The Ultimate Dinner

Trader Joe’s has Thanksgiving on lock.

Can you think of anywhere else that loves pumpkin that much? Or that understands the true importance of limited edition seasonal flavorings?

Thanksgiving can be a stressful meal, so we have all the best shortcuts, ready-made’s, and ready to be improved basics, to make your day easier.

The Best Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Items for the Ultimate Dinner

Impress your guests with your cooking and with how cool, calm, and collected you are.

What else makes Thanksgiving easier? Being able to do all you’re shopping at Trader Joe’s! So get a pen (and a snack), and be ready to make a list.


Cranberry Chèvre Goats Cheese

A classy addition to any cheese plate. Spread this on bruschetta or crackers for a treat.

Puff Pastry

These pre-made puff pastry sheets are a time saver. Whip up a few fancy hors d’oeuvres by adding goats cheese and cranberry sauce for a festive appetizer.

The adaptable pastry can also be used for sides and desserts.

Hold the Corn! Appetizers

They aren’t the most festive of options, but they’re easy to hold, easy to serve, and delicious.

The rice flour cone holds a mixture of sweet corn and vegetables, seasoned with a spicy, garlicky, lemongrass mixture.

Something different before the barrage of pumpkin and cranberry (not that we’re complaining).

Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips

The easiest appetizer possible is opening a bag of chips. Arranged in a fancy bowl and dipped in cranberry sauce, these can be surprisingly sophisticated.

Leave a few bags hanging around after dinner for that moment when you’re not quite as full as you think you should be.

Main Course

Turkey and Stuffing En Croute

The best way to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner is to actually sit down and enjoy it.

This turkey tenderloin is covered in cornbread stuffing, wrapped in buttery puff pastry, and ready to go (once it’s been defrosted and heated).

It also comes with pouches of cranberry sauce and even  gravy. Perfect for smaller families, and for those who like a stress-free Thanksgiving.

Breaded Turkey-Less Stuffed Roast with Gravy

It may be Turkey-Less, but this is in no way the lesser option.

Although it might not have the exact flavor of turkey, this vegan entrée has enough texture and taste on its own to please even devout meat-eaters.

Trader Joe’s Fresh Turkeys

If you prefer to keep things traditional, TJ’s also does a good range of fresh, minimally processed, birds.

Get them with or without the brine, and roast up for the ultimate Thanksgiving centerpiece. These birds are big enough to feed all your guests – or for a small family who really love leftover sandwiches.


Turkey Gravy

Save some time cooking (for more time eating), by using this gravy in the box. It tastes just as nice as homemade, and is so much easier.

Riced Cauliflower Stuffing

The addition of cranberries gives this an extra festive touch.

Ideal for people who might be avoiding carbs – and if you cut the carbs here, that means you can have another slice of pie, right?

Cornbread Stuffing Mix

If you aren’t carb counting (it’s Thanksgiving!), then this cornbread stuffing mix is the best thing. You can even make it on the stove top, to save precious room in the oven.

Kick it up a notch by adding your own extras, like bacon or sausage. It comes gluten-free as well.

Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese

It’s not quite Thanksgiving dinner without mac and cheese, and that’s final.

This butternut squash version is super festive, creamy, and delicious. With a blend of Parmesan, Gouda, and cheddar, it’s fancy as well.

Mashed Sweet Potato

This bag of frozen, fully cooked, mashed sweet potato is the best base.

Leave as is, make into a pie, shape into fritters, or just stir in as much butter as you can handle. 

Brussels Sprout Stalks

Not yet a brussels sprout fan? Try the TJ’s brussels sprout stalk roasted with cranberries and maple syrup to change your mind.

Or chop it up and fry with bacon and chestnuts. Or boil and slather in a cream sauce. They’re so versatile, you’re bound to find something you like.

Cranberry Sauce

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without the addition of cranberry sauce.

The tangy, sharpness cuts through the richness of the butter-drenched sides, and leaves you refreshed for more.

Trader Joe’s comes in a jar, which is definitely fancier than a tin.

Gourmet Fried Onion Pieces and Condensed Cream of Portabello Mushroom Soup

Take your green bean casserole up a notch with these additions.

The portabello mushroom soup is deep-bodied and rich, while the fried onion pieces are the ultimate mix of crispy, crunchy, and salty.

Cheesy Scallopini Potatoes

Four cheese make these scalloped potatoes a side that is literally perfection. You might want to buy extra, just to be sure.


Gluten-Free Pie Crust

Pie crusts may not be exciting, but they are a real time saver. Stuff these with a filling of your choice and dessert is ready without the hours of prep. 

Gingerbread Turkey Trot Cookie Decorating Kit

Gingerbread men, but turkeys! These fun cookies can keep little hands busy while you’re working in the kitchen.

Alternatively, break them out after dinner as a low-key wind-down activity (that can be eaten).

Made in advance, the cute designs can also be used as table markers or decoration.

Pumpkin Ginger Hold the Cone!

Mini-sized ice cream cones are the perfect handful for after a big dinner.

For that moment when you’re too full to sit up, but still have room for something sweet. 


Sparkling Cranberry Flavored Juice Beverage

Tart, sweet, and suitable for children. This sparkling cranberry drink is a fun and bubbly twist on cranberry juice.

With all these options you can create a Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving that pleases everyone.

From the basics to the luxuries, get your day sorted easily, so you have time to relax. Is it too cheesy to say this year I’m thankful for Trader Joe’s?

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