35 Mouthwatering Snacks from Around the World You Need to Try

Are you looking for snacks with a flair for the international? I’ve got you covered.

Alfajores delicious traditional Argentine sandwich cookies

I love bringing global cuisine into my home kitchen. In this article, I’ll share my top snacks from nations across the globe, and you can discover a new favorite!

Experience a taste of the Caribbean with Jamaican Coco bread, dig into hearty Australian meat pies, or try sweet French pain au chocolat.

Whatever you’re looking for, I’m here to bring you the best of dozens of nations’ cuisines.

Best Snack Foods From Around the World

Read on to discover the best snacks from around the world today!

Argentina: Alfajores

Alfajores are a traditional South American sweet made of two cookies filled with dulce de leche and covered in chocolate, coconut, or powdered sugar. 

Plate full of cornstarch alfajores filled with dulce de leche

They are a popular snack and dessert in Argentina, and the treats have a sweet, indulgent flavor.

Try them at your next party or small gathering.

Australia: Meat Pies

Australian meat pies are a popular snack or meal with a savory filling of meat, gravy, and vegetables.

Cooked meat pie cut in half on a wooden cutting board

You wrap the whole thing in a flaky, buttery pastry crust that falls apart in your fingers. 

I like to eat them with a side of tomato sauce or spicy chutney.

Brazil: Coxinha

Coxinha is a Brazilian snack made of a deep-fried ball of dough filled with shredded chicken, cream cheese, and vegetables.

Coxinha of chicken, Brazilian snack

I like to add a side of hot sauce or ketchup. 

Coxinha is a popular snack in Brazil, and you’ll find it at most Brazilian street fairs and restaurants.

Canada: Poutine

Poutine is a delicious and hearty snack, perfect for a cold day.

Canada poutine

It includes French fries, cheese curds, and gravy and is a popular snack in Canada, where you can pick it up at most fast food chains. 

I like how versatile poutine is, and you can make it with different types of cheese curds, gravy, and toppings.

Chile: Completo Italiano

Completo Italiano is a Chilean hot dog topped with mashed avocado, diced tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Chilean Completo Italiano

It’s a colorful food, with toppings resembling the colors of the Italian flag. 

Completo Italiano is a popular street food in Chile, and I like to pick some up at local food stalls or make it at home.

China: Xiaolongbao

Xiaolongbao is a Chinese soup dumpling ideal for appetizers at your next gathering.

Close up of Chinese steamed dumplings

They are made with a thin dumpling skin and filled with a flavorful pork and broth filling. 

Traditionally, you steam Xiaolongbao in bamboo baskets and serve them with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce and vinegar.

Colombia: Pan de yuca

Pan de yuca is a type of bread made from cassava flour.

baked pandebonos

It is a popular street food in Colombia, and the bread is soft and chewy with a slightly sweet flavor. 

I like to make pan de yuca when I need an easy gluten-free option at a party.

Denmark: Smørrebrød

Don’t miss Smørrebrød, a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich.

Traditional delicious Danish snack called smørrebrød

It’s a versatile and easy snack with rye bread and your choice of topping, from cheese to fish to eggs. 

Smørrebrød is a popular lunch and dinner food in Denmark, and I like to enjoy the sandwich with a cold beer.

Egypt: Ta’ameya

Ta’ameya is one of my favorite snacks, a traditional Egyptian street food made from ground fava beans, herbs, and spices.

egyptian food taameya

You shape the mixture into small patties and deep fry them, creating a crispy, indulgent snack. 

It’s a great vegan or vegetarian snack and packs well in lunches.

France: Pain au Chocolat

Traditionally, French schoolchildren eat pain au chocolat as a snack after getting home from school.

assortment of french pastries

It’s a buttery, flaky pastry filled with dark chocolate that melts in your mouth. 

Adults can enjoy the sweet, tasty dessert too, and I like to pick up a batch from my local French pastry store.

Germany: Halve hahn

Halve Hahn from Germany is a popular snack or light meal in the Rhineland region.

It’s a small sandwich with Gouda cheese on rye, and I like to enjoy this savory snack with a glass of Kölsch beer. 

Consider adding mustard or pickles for an extra tangy flavor.

Greece: Koulouri

Koulouri is a Greek sesame bread ring popular throughout the country and often served alongside tea or coffee.

Greek koulouri traditional snack

You can find it in shops or from street vendors in Greece, and I always pick some up when in the area. 

It’s a dish you can’t miss, and you’ll love the savory, nutty flavors.

Iceland: Harðfiskur

Take your tastebuds on a journey to Iceland and try Harðfiskur, a snack made from dried fish.

It’s a high-protein food that is low in calories and fat, and I like to grab some on a busy day when I don’t have much time. 

Harðfiskur has a strong, salty flavor that some people consider an acquired taste.

India: Vada Pav

Vada Pav, also known as Wada Pao, is a vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra. 

vada pav street food

It consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling in a bread bun sliced in half, and I like to add chutney and green chili pepper.

Israel: Halvah

Halva is a sweet, sesame-based confection popular in Israel and throughout the Middle East, but you can make it at home by grinding sesame seeds into a paste and then mixing it with sugar and water. 

Sunflower halva

I like to flavor Halva with chocolate, pistachios, and honey and serve it as a dessert or snack.

Italy: Arancini

Arancini are Sicilian rice balls stuffed with ingredients such as meat, cheese, or vegetables, then coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

Arancini Italian fried rice balls with mozzarella and fresh parsley

They are popular street foods in Italy, specifically in Sicily and the south and are typically served hot, making them ideal for a satisfying snack on a temperate day. 

I like to enjoy some arancini with my afternoon glass of wine.

Jamaica: Coco Bread

Try coco bread, a snack popular in Jamaica and throughout the world with the diaspora.

pan de coco bread

It’s a soft, fluffy bread with a slightly sweet flavor and hints of coconut, and it’s ideal as a breakfast food, snack, or to make sandwiches. 

The wheat-flour-based bread is hearty and also works as a dinner side.

Japan: Senbei Rice Crackers

Senbei rice crackers are a light, healthy snack popular in Japan.

Senbei, Japanese rice crackers

They have a lightly sweet flavor and are ideal for snack trays or alongside a plate of fish. 

The crackers are a healthier snack option because they are grilled rather than fried.

Senbei can have many flavors, such as soy sauce, seaweed, and sesame seeds.

Malaysia: Bahulu

Malaysia is home to bahulu, a type of sponge cake. It’s a simple dish you can make at home, and it’s kid-friendly and popular with adults who like something sweeter. 

bahulu displayed in plate

I like to make the cakes the traditional way, using pans with molds shaped like flowers or animals.

Mexico: Elote

I’m a big fan of elote, a creamy corn dish from Mexico.

Elote or Mexican grilled corn on the cob served with cotija cheese

It’s a snack made with grilled corn on the cob slathered in a creamy sauce with flavors of chili and lime. 

It is a delicious and refreshing snack or side dish, perfect for a summer barbeque party.

Morocco: Harcha

Harcha is a fried Moroccan flatbread made with semolina flour, and the snack is super easy to make at home.

Moroccan Harcha Semolina pan fried

The crispy, golden brown snack is popular in Morocco and delicious with toppings such as honey, jam, or cheese. 

The snack is high in fiber and carbs, making it indulgent and filling.

Netherlands: Stroopwafel

Stroopwafel is a Dutch snack you have to try.

Stroopwafels or Dutch Waffles with caramel

They are Dutch waffles filled with caramel syrup and were traditionally a handmade dish but are now common in many stores worldwide. 

Stroopwafels are a popular snack or dessert with afternoon tea, and I also like to enjoy them with coffee.

Nigeria: Puff puff

Puff puffs are a crispy Nigerian snack ideal for desserts. I like to enjoy them alongside a bowl of ice cream. 

Tasty Nigerian Puff Puff Served at a Party ready to eat

The light and airy fried-dough snack is cheap and easy to make, a crowd-pleaser that only requires a deep fryer. You can add toppings like honey or powdered sugar.

Peru: Ceviche

If you’re looking for a light snack with a seafood flair, try ceviche from Peru.

Seafood ceviche, typical dish from Peru

It’s a raw fish dish marinated in citrus juices, giving it a tangy and savory flavor. 

It’s ideal as a late-afternoon snack alongside a tropical cocktail or coconut water, and you can try it at your next gathering.

Philippines: Lumpia

Try Lumpia from the Philippines, a savory dish of spring rolls filled with meat, vegetables, and spices.

deep fried spring rolls

Street food markets are common in the Philippines, where you’ll find fried Lumpia if you visit the markets. 

I like to try meat Lumpia like pork and chicken, but there are also dessert varieties like chocolate.

Poland: Pierogies

Pierogies are a Polish dish of stuffed dumplings, hearty and warming for a cold winter’s day.

Homemade polish pierogis

I like to make them for holiday parties or as gifts, and the customizations are endless with fillings like cheese, potatoes, meat, or sauerkraut. 

Boil or steam these snacks and add sauces of your choice, like sour cream or gravy.

Russia: Pirozhki

Pirozhki are a dish of small pies filled with fillings such as meat, cabbage, potatoes, and cheese.

Piroshki russian baked puff pastry with cabbage fillings

Typically baked or fried, the pies are household staples in Russia and throughout Eastern Europe. 

You can serve pirozhki as a snack or a light meal, and the bites keep well in the fridge.

South Africa: Biltong

Biltong is a snack from South Africa, where cured meat dishes are staples.

Biltong is often used as a snack in South Africa

The dried meat has a similar texture to beef jerky, but many people make it with game meat like venison or ostrich. 

Serve the hardy snack the traditional way, alongside a beer.

Spain: Pintxos

Pintxos are a type of tapas or Spanish finger food. The dish includes small, open-faced sandwiches, typically served on a toothpick. 

Galician Octopus a la Gallega tapas pinchos recipe from Spain with potatoes

They are a popular snack in Spain and are common in bars and restaurants nationwide. 

Pintxos are delicious with a glass of wine and feature savory ingredients like cheese, ham, chorizo, and tuna.

Thailand: Nang kai thot

Thailand is famous for its street food, and nang kai thot is my favorite.

The crispy, fried chicken wings pair with traditional sweet and sour sauce to make an indulgent snack great for satiating hunger fast. 

You can turn the street food into a meal by adding rice or other meat, like beef.

Turkey: Borek

Many European countries are home to stuffed pastries, but Turkey’s signature dish has to be one of my favorites. 

Turkish style meat and cheese stuffed filo dough borek served with tea

Borek is a dish of savory pasties with fillings such as cheese, spinach, meat, and vegetables. They are typically baked or fried. 

I like to enjoy borek as a snack or a light meal.

UK: Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are a classic British dish of sausage meat wrapped in pastry and baked or fried.

two sausage rolls on a blue painted rustic background

They are a popular snack in the UK, and you might see sausage rolls alongside an afternoon tea tray with tea or coffee. 

Many British people often pick up sausage rolls on their way to work at a place like Gregg’s or Pret a Manger.

Ukraine: Holubtsi

Holubtsi is a Ukrainian cabbage roll dish featuring ground meat, rice, and vegetables.

cabbage rolls with chopped meat

The snack has a strong, savory, umami flavor and is often an acquired taste. 

I enjoy holubtsi in a bowl with tomato sauce and a dollop of sour cream to add a creamy dipping sauce.

Venezuela: Arepas

Don’t miss Venezuelan arepas, a great snack popular as street food.

Venezuelan typical food, Arepa

Arepas are cornmeal pancakes with cheese, meat, and vegetables, and you can eat the snacks for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

I enjoy arepas for breakfast and experiment with other types, such as those made with wheat flour or cassava.

Vietnam: Bot Chien

Bot chien is a Vietnamese spring roll dish. The handheld treats make an ideal snack.

Bot chien vietnamese cuisine

Or, you can whip up a tray of hors d’oeuvres for your next party. 

Bot chien is a light, healthy snack with shrimp, pork, and vegetables, and many Vietnamese recipes include a dipping sauce like soy or peanut butter.

What’s Your Favorite Snack?

Have you tried these snacks from around the world?

Tell us about your favorite international snack or favorite snack foods in general in the comments!

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